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Dark.Pariah 06-03-10 09:34 PM

1000 Chaos Marines (Foot-slogging)
So, over the summer I might try and relight a bit of WH goodness - but being short on time and money I have been going through the various codexi and making footslogging lists - so no mech. basically. Dreadnoughts and whatnot are allowed but that's about it. Needs to be fairly low model count for afore-mentioned reasons. Anyway, here's chaos' go - any radical changes people can see? Positive comments or constructive criticism wanted . No comments simply like - well the Prince needs Warptime and a Mark - without telling me how to get the points from elsewhere .


Daemon Prince: Wings, Mark of Nurgle (150)


7 Plague Marines: 2 Meltaguns, Plague Champion, Power Fist, Icon (226)

7 Plague Marines: 2 Plasma Guns, Plague Champion, Power Fist (231)

6 Plague Marines: 2 Plasma Guns (168)

Heavy Support:

3 Obliterators (225)

Salio 06-04-10 03:36 AM

This has a lot plague marines for such a small point list. While that is good (I love plague marines!), it doesn't leave a lot of room for much else. To maximize the support the oblits give i would break them up into smaller squads (a squad of two and a lone oblit, or three lone oblits), yes this adds more KPs, but you already have a very low KP list so it won't make a big difference.

I see the icon on the first PM squad is probably for deepstriking oblits, but if you keep them in one squad, you are really going to want them on the board from the first turn to provide support. It would be a tough game if you didn't have heavy support for the first couple turns.

This is a fairly radical change, but you could drop the last PM squad for 2 more oblits and warptime for the prince. This will give you signifigantly more support, and really makes the prince that much more deadly (although there won't be a lot that will be able to fight him at 1k points)

These are all just suggestions, feel free to take them or leave them. I hope I was able to help!

Dark.Pariah 06-04-10 08:05 AM

Yes and no - Icon was just a spare 5 points to offer a degree of Tactical flexibility.

I've been wondering whether the list had enough punch and debating what to do about it... That swap doesn't quite work - two points short for Warptime even if I drop the Icon. Hmmm...

I could drop Icon, Mark of Nurgle and small PM squad for 5 Terminators: 4 Combi-weapons, Twin LCs, Chainfist? Or just go for the two Oblits.

If I go the Termi route I could take a TLC + Khorne Termie Lord for 140 - and find 10 points/lose Khorne (instead of the Prince).

Yep I'm defintely going to split them up - I just left as 3 for ease of reading (there should be an attached note really - 'in a config. suitable to game being played').

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