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general 06-02-10 02:32 PM

Descent into madness - generals 40K Chaos log
As my Tau are done (at least for the moment, see the log in my sig), I'm going back to my choas. My current chaos army is a Worldeater/khornate army. Squads of eight, no psykers, no havoks (although I do have ohne obliterator, because in competitive games their so useful). I started the army when I first returned to the hobby in 2007/2008. Its currently up to around 4,500 points. Currently, it has all the units I need for normal gaming, but I still intend to add a few more units which I've got conversions in mind for, which will take it to around 7,000 points.

I'm currently working on a jump pack lord with lightning claws to lead my raptors in my next apoc game. Here he is with the red basecoat:



Finally, a few pics of my zufor from forge world. This is one of my better painted models, mainly because I liked it so much, I was willing to spend more time on it. The cloack looks a lot better in person, as it were. For some reason the shading issn't coming out in the pics, also for some reason my camera has made some of the pics a bit yellow. The book behind is meant to be white.






I'll hopefully get pics of the rest up when I get them all out for repair/repaint before apocalypse.

Thanks for looking

Viscount Vash 06-04-10 05:58 AM

Good use of the Necromunda wings.
I planned on using them on a Slaanesh lord so it will be interesting to see how they sit on your Khornite chap.

shaantitus 06-05-10 02:26 PM

I love the zufor model. It has to be one of the best sculpts ever. Sling some devlan mud wash on the reds and golds on the zufor model.

general 06-09-10 01:49 PM

Justy a quick update. Hopefully a bigger one tomorrow, as I need to get out all my stuff and repair any broken minis in time for apocalypse (yay!).

Anyway, heres the jump pack lord.



This is still a WIP. To finish I need to:

1. Touch ups (mainlt near the belt buckle).
2. Tidy up the skulls.
3. Devlan mud and baal red washes
4. Coat of purity seal

For some reason the zufor pics seem to have washed out a lot of the shading on the armor plates. The had devlan mud wash in the recesses, but it doesn't show up on the pics.

Until next time!

general 06-10-10 03:58 PM

Big update!. I dug out all my infantry today to fix it all for my apoc game, so without further ado, heres the pics!

Bezerkers squads 1-3

Bezerkers squad 4-6

Champions. I try to make sure they are easily distinguished from the others. All have some level of conversion, two have bare heads, and one is based off a fantasy champion.




Lord on foot:


Terminator squad



terminator champio


Bike squad











For some reason the varnish on the terminators has made them look a bit odd, but it can't be helped. Vehicles hopefully today or tomorrow!

general 07-08-10 07:32 PM

I've started a project I've wanted to do for a while, a remote control land raider. Using bobpandas excellent RC raider for inspiration, I've begun work on my own (using the same sherman donor).



The side armor (not pictured) is removable to allow acess to the tracks. The side sponsons will move using the turret turning mechanism, although the positioning of the motor has meant that the heavy bolter mount will be stightly redesigned. The underneath is a removable plate, so allow acess to the electrics, but stop damage to the circuit board when in use. This will eventually be for a TSons army I want to start to use in the 2011 student nationals in shefield.


LiamDawson27 07-09-10 06:51 AM

RC land raider is awesome. makes tank shock more realistic:grin:

general 12-12-10 03:55 PM

Update time! Been a while.

Firstly, I'm taking a break from the RC raider ATM, as the panel gaps were annoying me.

I felt it was a waste to chuck the top half of the sherman, so with the help of some plasticard I give you the chaos dominion assault vehicle. LR assault hatch, as I intend to use t.sons doors on the other one. Uses modified LR stats in apoc.





I also had spare tracks and a floor panel. So with the help of some lego for the superstructure, LR leftovers, some broadside SMS and a random dragon head I made this. Once again, for apocalypse use, as a chaos artillery piece (no name yet) using basilisk stats.




I also put together some chosen for my khone army. The halberds are magnetised so they can be easily packed in a case. Two meltas and some paint and the squads finished!




I also picked up some bloodletters on the cheap at a wargames fair, and nicked an old school thirster from my brother, who was goung to throw it away.


In addition, I managed to scrounge some cheap valerie wings which I'm going to use as the basis for some chaos fighters. I've removed the jet things on the end of the wings, as well as the feet attachment points to make them look sleeker. The second round of filler has been applied, and should hopefully be sanded within the next few days, then I've got the scratch build a fuesalage from plasticard. Pics when I've got somewhere with it!

Thanks for looking,

general 09-01-13 06:22 PM

A VERY long overdue update!
Hello again heretics. It's been a while. Life has been a bit crazy for the last two/three years, so not a lot of 40K time, but I have finally managed to get some time.

Current project is a blood slaughterer. I love this model, and its been sitting in a box for about 18 months, waiting to be put together. Probably used as a maulerfiend in 'normal' games.

Currently done basecoats. Next steps are final assembly and washes. I've also experimented with a marbling technique. Its come out best on the shoulder guards, but I'm pretty happy with the overall effect. May tweak the ones on the main body at a later date though.

All the bits:


Main body:



Shoulder guards:


I think the marbling was better here.



Blade arms:


Rear legs:


Again, the marble effect seems to have come out better on these.

Haven't got the front legs, as they look similar to the rear, but without the marbling (not enough armour).

Given how easy it would be to break the claws, I want to sort out a base. Can anyone tell ne what size base the maulerfind uses, as I think this would be about right.

In terms of other stuff I mentioned last time I posted.

RC landraider: Panel gaps were a nightmare. Now circuit board has stopped working. Think this needs a
rethink, but not sure how. Sadly, raider model I used is a bit knackered!

Flyers: Made and painted. may add chaos symbols at a later date. Hopefully pics to follow.

Basilisk/random converted tanks: Need painted, but have started.

Bloodthirster: Awaiting finishing touches.

Chosen: Need to get hold of more bits.

Cheers and thanks for looking.


general 09-01-13 07:43 PM

Bits and pieces
Just done the first washes on the blood slaughterer then remembered the washes take a while to dry, so thought photos!

Firstly the blood thirster. Essentially basecoats, then washed and highlighting.



Scratch built flyers. Inspired a bit (in my head at least!), by stargate F303 fighters. Wings, icons, muzzles from kits. Guns, fuselage, bombs, engine are scratch built. Heavy drybrush of grey, with a lot of washes of black.

Two together;


Topview of one:


Plastic structure. Plating made of thin plasticard. Rivets are drilled.



Hole in the underside for the stand.

Wing wepons:


Bombs are pen, with a chaos gun muzzle and plasticard fins. Autocannons are plasticar tube. Muzzles are card. Ammo hoppers are made of plasticard and plasticard rod used to detail bullets/ammo chains.

Front view:


Lascannons are pens, with chaos muzzles and sprue to make the support underneath.

Side view:


Rear view


Engine is a thin slice of pen for the base ring, with plasticard rod for detail/jets.

In flight



Bases are wood, with large 'crates' (wood blocks detailed with plasticard.) to help anchor the stand.

Bezerker 'barry' in front for a sense of scale.

WIP demon Prince of Tzneetch





Robes took a bit of filling and sanding to get rid of fingerprints. I'm hoping it will be smooth once undercoated. The wings are from an old hippogriff. Heavily pinned to get him upright. The tail is from an old dark elf dragon. Modified base to keep him balanced.

Thanks for looking.

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