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Gubnutz 05-22-10 06:07 PM

New Army. Back to Chaos. Pure 1K Sons
Well I have played a couple of flavors of CSM in my day. I played pure cult Worldeaters for a time and they were a lot of fun. I moved from them and then played a very flavorful Word Bearers list with as much theme as possible. This was also a lot of fun to play. I have played a Deathguard list that also followed the cult theme to the letter. I always told myself that after I had been in the hobby for 10 years I would play a pure 1K Sons list. I got away from the hobby for some time but now i am back and have been working on a Sister of Battle list. During this project my mind wandered back to the 1K Sons so here I am. I have not bought anything at this point and want to keep my costs to a minimum, though I realize that this will be a bit pricey. Looking to get a nice 1500 point list and I intend to stick with the cult theme.

Here is what I am thinking of at the moment. I realize that the Oblits would be a great choice but I would really like to stay away from them due to fluff reasons. In addition, I have read on the termicides, but I do not like them as the number is low, not arguing the effectiveness just not wanting to run them.

DP with MoT, DB, Warp Time, Wings 185
Should allow me to deal with tanks and tie it up with most units, has some range and has the ability to get where I need him to be

8 1K Sons marines
1 Aspiring Sorcerer w/ DoomBolt and melta Bombs
Rhino with Demonic Possession 314

8 1K Sons marines
1 Aspiring Sorcerer w/ DoomBolt and melta Bombs
Rhino with Demonic Possession 314

8 1K Sons marines
1 Aspiring Sorcerer w/ DoomBolt and melta Bombs
Rhino with Demonic Possession 314

Pred with lascannons all around, Demonic Possession 185

Vindicator with Demonic Possession 145

Leaves me a few points to play with. was thinking I could upgrade the Sorcerers to have Bolt of Change for some more AT or I could add Combi Meltas to the Rhinos. I think that the BOC would be the better bet but I am open to suggestions at this point. I have not bought anything but I intend to pretty soon. Want to get this force together and on the table ASAP. I like the idea of it being a small elite force. I have thought of taking some Lesser Demons to be cheap objective holders but was not sure. could tweak the points some to do this if need I think.


angelXD19 05-22-10 06:33 PM

Drop the possession on the rhinos. give them extra armor. if you change all of them you can get a combi melta on one if you really want or even a bolt on a sorcerer.

Gubnutz 05-22-10 06:42 PM

That is an option. That will free up 15 points. Would you suggest taking the single combi melta or the Bolt on a Sorc? I figure the bolt gets multiple shots in theory whereas the Combi melta only gets one unless it gets popped before it gets a chance. Seems the Bolt would be the better bet. Open to suggestions.

What about the rest of the list? Solid. I realize I limit myself with the pure cult theme but I guess that defilers and Dreads are options even with the theme. Would I better off grabbing those or are the current HS options working?


angelXD19 05-22-10 06:58 PM

it's better to go with the bolt you do get more shots but it's going to be hard to still pop raiders and the front of the heavy tanks.

I would try to get a defiler instead of the pred. that's to many points for that. plus getting a defiler with 2 CCW would free you up enough points to give another sorcerer bolt or even give the DP bolt

Syko515 05-24-10 11:47 AM

presonally i would take the 15 and upgrade the prince to have bolt instead of doombolt. with a BS of 5 and rerolls thanks to warptime your garunteed that it will be sucessful every turn.

Gubnutz 05-24-10 04:42 PM

I think that the addition of the Bolt over Doombolt would be good but the DP will have no issue dealing with Armor thanks to being the MC that he is. Does it seem redundant to have him shooting tanks when he can crush them?

What is the feeling on havoc racks for the rhinos? They seem to be a good choice allowing for them to fire and the Bolter to fire as a defensive weapon.

Things are coming along with the list thanks to the input. Keep it coming. My noob is showing with the Tsons but i think I ma learning.


Malgron 05-24-10 05:05 PM

I think the best reason to use Havoc launchers is on outflanking rhinos or units in reserve. Say a melta-chosen squad waits until the last turn to outflank from reserves but your opponent gets to decide which table edge. If he puts them somewhere useless, at least you have a 48" S5 small blast with re-roll on scatter.

On the table the rhino is an easy anti-tank target and the havoc will likely be destroyed, increasing it's survivability with extra armour will almost double its cost.

bunji213 05-24-10 11:06 PM

my 1500 point 1k sons list runs as follows,

DP, tzeentch, wings, warptime, wind of chaos 205

8 Tsons, sorcerer, wind of chaos, rhino, 314
8 Tsons, sorcerer, wind of chaos, rhino 314
8 sons, sorcerer, doombolt, rhino 299

vindicator 120
vindicator 120
vindicator 120

some of my points totals might be out but thats what i run and it usually covers all bases pretty nicely, its good to have an army that you rarely have to change, when moving up to 2000 points consider dreads with eccw, another prince, more sons, possesion for your vindicators... a squad of vannilla marines wit melta in a rhino can be bloody usefull aswell!

Syko515 05-24-10 11:22 PM

the idea behind bolt on a prince is that when the bolt pops the tank the prince can then assault the unit that was inside instead of being fired upon by them and then being assaulted. as for havocs? i find them to be hugely useful agenst any kind of foe, as they make up for my lack of decent mass wound capable firepower.

Gubnutz 05-25-10 03:52 AM

Makes sense I guess. Might have to look at trying it out.


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