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MidnightSun 10-08-10 05:56 PM

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My problem is things expanding into malicious rumours when you didn't intend them to. For example, there's a black kid in my maths class who I don't like very much (He's a bit of an arse), so when my friend said 'Do you like *Kid X*' (Not mentioning names here) I said 'No, not really'. He said, Oh my God your a racist you don't like sitting next to black people. Now half the year group don't know my name, just know me as 'The Racist'. It pisses me off that people are so touchy about a subject they know very little on.


Professor Pumpkin 11-01-10 06:00 PM

Retards don't know what racism is most of the time. Take this:

Kid 1: Not to be racist or anything, but you're not black you're kind of brown.

Yeah, as if I didn't notice that. To be classed as "non-white" do I have to paint myself dark black?

Lord Sven Kittyclaw 11-01-10 06:12 PM

sort of seems like you took that statement out of context. Had you been saying your black? because most people that are black, are in a literal sense, brown, in terms of skin tone at least.

Emet, Paladin of Truth 11-02-10 09:52 PM

some jackass on a political site was saying that the word Goyim was racist.

it is not, it's calling a spade a spade. I say "race X are all Y," that's racist. I say "all christians celebrate christmas" it's not.

I say "all mexicans are lazy" that's racist and wrong. I say "all mexicans are from mexico" that is not

I say "all christians are douchebags" that's racist and wrong. I say "all christians are not jews" that's not

goyim literally means "nations," and has the connontation of meaning "other nations" so yes, that's exactly what I'm doing when I say Goy, are you of the jewish nation? no. then you are of another nation- goy.

Aramoro 11-03-10 11:26 AM


I say "all christians are douchebags" that's racist and wrong
Christians are not a race. You'll find that's sectarian not racist.


darklove 11-03-10 02:10 PM

Sometimes a religion is a race, sometimes not. In the case of Christianity it is certainly not a race.
It has being argued in the British courts that being Jewish does not mean someone is a Jew, that there is a distinction between the faith and the people. Even in Israel this seems to be a problem.

People are always going to find new ways of separating 'them' from 'us', something about the human brain and irrational fear.

Emet, Paladin of Truth 11-03-10 02:53 PM

"racist" here being used as synonomous with "bigoted"

Jack Jack 11-03-10 04:53 PM

I don't know what Bigoted means, but there is certainly no reason to discriminate between the various forms of us/them ideologies.

Emet, Paladin of Truth 11-03-10 05:47 PM

racist is being bigoted specifically towards race.

there is a need for suchh discrimination, otherwise terms like "christian" are meaningless.

in other words: an X (christian, jew, muslim, etc.) is defined as one who subscribes to Y ideology (christianity, judaism, islam, etc.) and profoms Z acts relatet to Y (celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, ramadan, etc.)

so, if we don't make the distinction "all X does Z" what good is classifying in terms of X?

Jack Jack 11-03-10 06:02 PM

Agreed, of course.

What I meant is, there is no need to discriminate between [racism] and [homophobia] for exemple.

Both these behavior use exactly the same cognitif processes and biases and are harmful for the same reason, just not to the same people. But as all people are equal in value, being harmful to Steve is exactly like being harmful to Janet.

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