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Chocobuncle 05-19-10 11:54 PM

Racism: Do you experience it?
So I was just chilling with my friend at the park while at a birthday party couple days ago. Hes black and Im mexican and since I was kinda bored since the party was pretty lame dude so I just said "Your black.". Then he started to tell me how much shit he deals and goes through everyday because hes black and I thought he was just joking.

Not even a minute later another friend came up to us and gave him a cookie because it the shape reminded her of africa. It had to be the funniest coincidence to ever happen and I just busted out laughing.

After the party we ate chicken and waffles at his house.

Good day

NoiseMarine 05-20-10 12:25 AM

Did you drink grape juice too?

The Wraithlord 05-20-10 01:05 AM

I work with a Jamaican dude who is the coolest mofo when it comes to that shit. In fact when something goes down at work like one person gets a fan replaced but he still has the same one as always you will never fail to hear the rest of us white assholes yelling out "it's because you're black", "what do expect them to do, help out a Jamaican", and "better hit that speed dial to Jesse man (Jackson for those unsure). Dude takes it like a champ and gives it back full on, laughing all the way. I have lost count of the number of times I have been called a cracker or some other ridiculous name by him lol. There is only one thing that is a no no with him and that is the word nigger which I can completely understand and I have to give the guy credit for coming out and letting us know that in advance.

Everything else goes though and I do mean everything, both ways. Hilarity always ensues.

It is too bad that so many people take this shit seriously, or honestly feel that a person of a different culture/background is inferior to them. I don't get it.

SIDE NOTE: Let's not let this devolve into a bitch fest ABOUT rasicm. That type of discussion belongs in the WNCE forum more than here but I am willing to let it go for a decent discussion so long as we all keep our cool. I will NOT tolerate flame posts in this thread, period. It will be an immediate infraction/ban to anyone breaking this condition. You are warned.

deathbringer 05-20-10 01:15 AM

That is exactly as it is in india. I lived there for two years and they give it and take it just as good. Thats the best thing about casual racism, if it goes both ways then its funny but if someone takes offense then it becomes edgy and uncomfortable.

As for the word nigger I follow this rule

Varakir 05-20-10 01:46 AM

There's a guy who is one of the technical managers in my company who is Bulgarian. He's one of the nicest, hard working and straight up guys i've ever met, as well as being very technical and massively interested in gadgets. We both have kids the same age, so we chat quite a bit while he is visiting our site.

He often goes to car boot sales, looking for parts for projects and stuff he can fix up, and at the last one he went to he saw a guy selling old mobile phones. The guy was selling a phone that he recognised as a collectible , and the guy was selling it about 6 times cheaper than you'd get for it on ebay.

He didn't have enough cash on him to buy it, so he kindly gave the guy the tip off and suggested he stick it on ebay. The guy thanked him with ' why don't you sell it yourself, then you can buy a fucking ticket home'.

I just seriously don't understand how you could be that rude to another human being you don't know.


Everything else goes though and I do mean everything, both ways. Hilarity always ensues.
The relationships where you can take the piss are always the best, whether it's race, age, height whatever. When you know someone well enough to call them anything, because you know that they know your joking.... That's pure harmony :grin:

The Son of Horus 05-20-10 02:52 AM

I put up with a surprising amount of crap for being Jewish. Now, I find racist jokes to be pretty funny, and my friends and I can always laugh about it. Even my Jewish friends make fun of each other-- once in a while, we'll be out somewhere where we're supposed to leave a tip, and the last person to put the tip down always gets told, "Dude, put another dollar down. Stop being such a Jew." Doesn't matter how much they actually put down-- it's just sort of a stupid inside joke. But the point is, it's a joke. We all laugh.

Then, there are the people who are legitimately anti-Semitic. I live in one of these odd liberal oasis type places in a very conservative state. The head of the Klu Klux Klan lives all of 20 minutes from town, for what that's worth. So I'm always surprised when I manage to get in a row with somebody. I've actually had complaints about my judging Warhammer that were based on me being Jewish. Obviously, that wasn't the actual complaint-- there was some random BS that everybody knew wasn't true, and the person complaining is known to be a nazi.

But back to racist jokes. I'm of the opinion that if you laugh at one racist joke, you give up the right to be offended by racist jokes. Otherwise, you're a hypocrite, and that makes you a giant douche. As long as the joke's funny, it's fine in my book. I'll shoot one back. I have a lot of Catholic friends, for example, and they'll tell an anti-Semitic joke just because they know I'll shoot a Catholic joke back that's even funnier. The problems come when you're the only one laughing. So make sure it's funny if you're going to tell racist jokes.

Carna 05-20-10 11:56 AM

Everyone picks on the fat ginger kid..

WarlordKaptainGrishnak 05-20-10 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by Carna (Post 636191)
Everyone picks on the fat ginger kid..



nah dudes jokes jokes, i'm not fat haha

But aye those bloody Aussies, what's the go with that aye, with all their flipflops and singlet tops and cork hats riding kanga-fukin-roos...jeez one crack off being Bouganville :biggrin:

but seriously, racist jokes can either go well or badly, a mate of mine has a couple of black friends, who are pretty laid back. If you call them 'nigger' and they know who you are, it'll go down as a joke and everybody has a good time, but don't know the guys and call them a 'nigger' they'll floor you before you know what happened.


The Wraithlord 05-20-10 12:54 PM

The problem is the people like the one Varakir mentioned, the ones who truly believe that all others who are different are less than they are. I am a redhead, does that mean that everyone the world over who doesn't have reddish hair should be killed off or 'go back home'? No but that is the problem with them because they honestly think so.

The other side of the problem are the folks who call racism at the drop of a hat. There is a black dude who works at the same plant as I do who is the most USELESS piece of shit I have yet to lay eyes on in 36 years and it has nothing to do with being black but with being a lazy fucking cock. In my plant having 5 years of seniority is nothing and it means that you don't own a job and get bounced around to cover missing people as needed. The job you end up on is dictated by who is not there. Yet I lost count of the times I saw that asshole call down the union and the equity representative when he got a job he didn't like (which was damn near all of them). The reason he called them? I quote: "the foreman put me on this fucking job because I am black. He doesn't like me because of that so he gives me the worst jobs". I shit you not. Didn't matter who the foreman was or if it was a man or woman, if they weren't black then every semi shitty job he had to do was because of racism.

Never once did it occur to this guy that the reason he never caught a break was because HE IS A USELESS PIECE OF SHIT or that after being called racists they had no inclination to send him to a better job if they could have. I don't say that about people in general but I wouldn't pull that guy out from in front of a bus even if I had all the time in the world to do so as mankind would be better off as a whole if he weren't allowed to breed :P. Yeah I know that makes me sound bitter about the guy but I have been at Chryslers for 14 years and have had to do many, many, MANY, shitty jobs and I just did them and got on with life. I can't even conceive of the arrogance required to call someone racist because I didn't like the job I had to do.

Yes it exists but I honestly believe it does so because that is how people raise their kids. My son goes to a very mixed school, nationality/culture wise, and he honestly does not comprehend the concept of it in the least.

Emet, Paladin of Truth 05-20-10 07:38 PM

I was stabbed for being Jewish... just FYI.

on the topic of racist jokes- there's a limit. If it's just calling down a harmless stereotype (eg: jewish miserdom) fine, if it's just being insulting then it's neither funny nor tolerable.

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