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Jezlad 05-19-13 04:30 PM


Originally Posted by Dethklokk
"CHEESE!" is the battlecry of the ill-prepared.


Originally Posted by Deathscythe4722
Could someone please call the police on this guy? I can hear the English Language screaming in pain. This has to be illegal somewhere.

Kreuger 05-19-13 05:12 PM

Jez, I'm glad my sig quotes of deathklokk and deathscythe qualified. =)

Though you might want to make them live links so readers can see the grievous harm done to the English language.

MidnightSun 05-19-13 05:42 PM

317 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Jezlad (Post 1372033)
I wouldnt try any fancy shit, Pizzas and Beer. We're blokes right? No one is going to judge your culinary skills.

I thought this summed up the board quite nicely, really.


Boc 05-23-13 11:27 PM

All of these are rather... horrible, and from the supporter chatbox

And yes, I'm adding my own quotes, because I'm funny, and fuck you that's why


Zion - I don't think the compressor that Boc wants is even for an airbrush anymore. I think he wants to inflate his ass like he's having a colonoscopy
Boc - i was actually going to take the end of the compressor and shove it up my pee hole to see if i could get my ballsack to burst

Jacobite -
Straight out of the sandbox and onto the street corner aye Boc? Your parents must be so proud?

Boc -
hellsyeah, sucking some D is easier than actual work

neferhet 05-24-13 09:41 PM

By Jezlad:
Theres "counts as" then there's papier mache space marines. Next time he'll turn up with Fruit Salad marines. "So what does the Banana represent?" "oh thats usually a Rhino, but sometimes my sister uses it as a sex toy".

ipwnuevryday 05-25-13 09:59 AM

"When life gives you Lemans... KILL HERETICS!"- First said by me right now

Fallen 05-25-13 04:04 PM


Originally Posted by d3m01iti0n (Post 1374861)
I just want a new book, dont care how big my CrusaderKnightMechBot is. And Id appreciate it if recently updated players didnt complain about getting new stuff. Aww your little heretic Dark Angel plane sucks? Nine years pal, nine years.

Tawa 05-29-13 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by Jacobite (Post 1376465)
Commenting on "ohhhh its a traffic jam hahahaha" will also probably get a glass jar of jam thrown at your face so unless you want to look like you just spent the last 5 minutes between Lady Gaga's thighs while she's "got the painters in" I humbly suggest you shut the fuck up and move on.

Made me :laugh:

Tawa 05-29-13 03:43 PM


Originally Posted by Commissar Ploss (Post 944646)
yeah, tongue that ass... mmm... fucking do it... oh yeah...

Re-quoted from earlier in the thread.

It popped up on the quotebox and for some reason I read it in this voice.....


GrimzagGorwazza 05-31-13 12:19 AM

In the chatbox whilst discussing the relative merits of concepts suggested by (redacted)

Svartmetall: a cuntitudinous fucktard whose douchebaggery can be seen from low earth orbit


darkreever : But he does get people posting and that's pretty important

Svartmetall: which is a bit like saying e coli is good for toilets cos it gets people shitting

and then later


Svartmetall: some days I shouldn't use...y'know...words


Originally Posted by Angel of Blood (Post 1377494)
But no matter how insane-absurd-mindbogglingly-what the actual fuck are you talking about-meth addict like-lunatic-tea cosy wearing-conspiracy nutjob-brainfart-cuckoo inspiring-wacko jacko-generally fucking crazy you get....

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