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Viscount Vash 05-16-10 03:11 PM

Heresy Quote Compilation.
Jez was asking for content for the blog in the mod chat and it was suggested that we compile all those natty little quotes that quite often pop up in members and staffs sigs.

Heres the thread to dump them all.

Heres a few for starters.

Administrator Galahad on new staff members:
'Too bad we got rid of the brutal hazing rituals we had back when I joined the team. Few people know it, but the real reason ******** left was because he couldn't swallow enough live goldfish and Jagermeister.'

Member Blue Liger on Heresy site managment:
'Jezad's in your face interface is one of the defining features of the site I like it that way.'

Member Ordo Xeno Commander:
'Arguing on the internet is like the special olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded.'Possibly a no no.

Administrator Viscount Vash:
Saying 'There's no codex creep, you're just playing with outdated and poorly supported codices' is a bit like getting told by the doctor 'Good news, athough you chopped your hand of in a horrific Miniature modelling accident, we are working on a way of re attaching it. When? oh we don't know that yet, but we can keep it on ice til we get the tech to pop it back on.'

Admin Galahad (I'm Guessing on passive smoking?)
I don't care about secondhand smoke, it's firsthand EXPLOSIONS I'm wary about.

Site owner Jezlad.
Alessio is to 40k what impotence is to rape. Probably another no no

Commissar Ploss 05-16-10 05:47 PM

Jez's sig:
Armed Robber: "I wasn't here, give me the money now, buddy. I've got a fucking .38 in my pocket."
Galahad: "I just thought you were happy to see me. You do know you were on TV last week."

Admin Jigplums:
Jezlad "I actually commented that Jigplums list was the least scary list I faced. Then took a pasting"

The Wraithlord 05-16-10 05:56 PM

"Isn't this to big of a decision to flip a coin for?"
"Well a couple years down the road if i find out it was the wrong decision i would rather blame the coin then myself."

Inquisitor Varrius:
Camo is the color of cowardice but if the only ones to call you a coward are now a puddle of plasma there isnt a problem.

Unforgiven302 05-16-10 06:24 PM

Originally Posted by Red Orc
"Ahh, isn't Morfang sweet, like a great big 350-pound (that's 25 stone, UK users!) ball of cuddly death...?"

"When it's game time, it's pain time baby!

Khorne's Fist:
Originally Posted by bitsandkits
"Im a big fan of nipples, a world with out nipples is not a world I want to live in!"
Originally Posted by Lord of Rebirth
"Build 'em, paint 'em then make pew pew sounds."

unpredictable chaos:
"They are not Space Bananas, they are Imperial Fists."

Originally Posted by cccp
54. “Napalm sticks to kids” is *not* a motivational phrase.

Commissar Ploss 05-16-10 06:27 PM

Brother Jazzman:
"...remember the Golden Rule: Chill out, they're only plastic spacemen!" from Gal's sig.

The Wraithlord:
"Galahad is 100% correct in his explanation. Anyone who says otherwise to [him] is vastly mistaken." copied from Gal's sig. :)

Commissar Ploss 05-16-10 11:21 PM

Viscount Vash:
"pontification over a simple point is my special ability."

Viscount Vash 05-16-10 11:45 PM

Commissar Ploss
*kneels at foot of bed* Dear Emperor, please look after Viscount Vash. He's begun to slip lately, i think it might have something to do with the people he's been hanging out with. help him remember to take his medicine and bring him back to into your light. Amen

Baron Spikey 05-17-10 06:14 PM

'Somehow, I got married when my wife knew full well of my Star Wars AND Warhammer 40k obsessions...

Must be the roofies.'

Commissar Ploss 05-23-10 10:31 PM

"I think sex metaphors just follow commissar ploss all day just looking for an opening."


Child-of-the-Emperor 05-24-10 12:19 AM


Originally Posted by Bakunin (Post 628380)
As it was, the results of the campaign showed a slight chaos victory but not complete defeat of the Imperiums forces (I think the figure was 60/40 in favour of chaos). Neither side was able or willing to form an alliance with the Liberal Democrats and so basically they had fought each other to a stand still.

That one tickled me. :)

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