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styrofaom04 05-12-10 12:09 AM

Space wolves' hair advice?

I have a red corsairs army that I'm working on and after seeing this post I've decided to steal his idea. I bought the Space Wolves Pack (which comes w/ 56 heads!) and I plan on using the 10 as Chosen. The rest of the heads I would like to exchange for the bunny ears on my 40+ berzerkers.

I was wondering if I could get different hair painting recipes from you guys?

I would like to steer away from grey hair because I really can't see old veterans being converted by Huron. I think it would be mostly initiate blood claws.

Edit: Gathered recipes

Kurgan the Lurker's
  • Base: Ral Partha HellHound Brown
    1st Highlight: Delta Iron Oxide
    2nd Highlight: Apple Barrel Apple Cinnamon
    3rd Highlight: GW Blazing Orange
    Final Highlight: Vallejo Model #911 Light Orange
Bad Russian guy's
  • Base: Terracotta
    1st Highlight: mix of Terracotta and Vomit Brown
    2nd Highlight: mix of Vomit Brown and Fiery Orange
    Final Highlight: Fiery Orange
    wash with very dilute Blood Red.



Any hair ideas will be appreciated

styrofaom04 05-12-10 12:11 AM

so far I have painted these faces but they need hair. I'm looking for different types.

Viscount Vash 05-13-10 08:45 AM

For Black hair I tend to use:

Base Chaos Black.
1st Highlight Necron Abbyss.
2nd Highlight Necron Abbyss 90% White 10% mix.
3rd Highlight Necron Abbyss 80% White 20% mix.

This results in a Anime sort of Black and the percentages are really only a rough guide to be played about with for personal preferance.

JimmyGuyy 05-14-10 08:25 AM

I have painted several dozen of these. If you dont mind the up close work, I recommend taking a fresh Xacto and very lightly scoring some extra hair detail in among that which is there. Once thats done, do a watered down basecoat in a color darker than what you intend to finish with, Dark orange for red heads, brown for blondes, or black for brown hair.
Finish with ultra- dry drybrushing across the hair grain that you added and promptly clearcoat when satisfied.

As for colors, I like to mix my own since small variations go a long way, and its such a small amount of area, the quantities spent are tiny. I reccommend trying any of the bone colors to flatten a color, and vivid reds and yellows to brighten a color up

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