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Maverike Prime 05-08-10 08:08 PM

Interested in a Modeling Challenge?
I was at my local Hobby center chatting with some of the other hobbyists. One of them mentioned something one of his old Hobby groups did. He called it a Conversion Challenge. Basically someone issued a Challenge. The terms of the challenge is that you have have to use a specific piece in the conversion. So basically if you wanted to participate you had 30 days to plan your conversion, collect the materials for it, complete it and post pictures with an explanation of the conversion.

So, anyone interested?

NerdyOgre254 05-08-10 09:03 PM

I am so fucking up for this it isn't funny.

My only problem is that due to work's stupidity, I haven't been paid for the last MONTH of work.

that's about AUD$800 of work, as it's been about 3 hours of work 6 days a week.

And the local hobby shop has a very limited supply of stuff - when I say limited I mean 3 or 4 boxes of 40K stuff, and about the same for Warhammer fantasy, and Warmachine.

ghazghkull-killyork 05-09-10 03:26 AM

i would really love to have this challange going at my games club or even just a conversion challange in general. sounds like alot of fun

Amra_the_lion 05-09-10 03:57 AM

it would depend on the piece required... If I have it or can get it cheap I'm in.

Maverike Prime 05-09-10 04:37 AM


Originally Posted by Amra_the_lion (Post 629094)
it would depend on the piece required... If I have it or can get it cheap I'm in.

For the moment I'm figuring on making the part like a Sternguard body, or Termi-Librarian's arm or something like that, so max cap for required part would be like $25 and that's assuming you had to buy the entire model and can't like trade for it or something.

ghazghkull-killyork 05-09-10 05:28 AM

should be good if its something like that maybe some thing a little bit more common and less useful like a scout arm or something just to make it that much more challanging

morfangdakka 05-09-10 05:55 AM

Yeah a big mek challenge is a fun thing to do. It works best when it is a common part that can be used in several different races. But yeah I would love to do a conversion throw down.

The Sullen One 05-09-10 05:51 PM

Sounds class, and definitely something I'd like to write about on thebestwargame.com if people don't mind.

However, I'm in agreement with Morfangdakka, the specific part needs to be something that can be used by several races.

Zodd 05-09-10 06:35 PM

Interested, yes absolutely so. But the part have to be something available for everybody. So the building time have to leave room for mail-orders etc for us who don't have a hobby-center around the corner.

Inquisitor Varrius 05-09-10 07:00 PM

I'm in; sounds like fun. I agree the piece needs to be fairly accessible and usable for a few different races, but this would be an interesting challenge.

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