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Baron Spikey 04-25-10 02:43 PM

The 40k Questionable Corner
Hello my dubiously perfumed cherubs, I decided Id set up a quiz-like thread.

Heres the deal- Ill post a random number of questions each day (not necessarily in a single post either) and the first person to provide a correct answer to one query will be rewarded with Rep, the amount being dependant on how difficult I perceive the question to be.


You can only answer a single question each day, this is to prevent the same handful of people dominating the quiz and allow everyone to have a fair shot.
For example: If I was to submit 3 questions in one post you would have to choose which one to answer rather than being able to answer them all, the same with any other questions I post on that day.

If the answer Im looking for is in the form of a date people will receive Rep depending on how close they get to the correct answer (1 Rep for the right Century, 2 Rep for the decade etc) until the final definitive answer is provided.

If you receive Rep from me please don't come on the thread to announce it before I post stating that question has been answered, try to keep off-topic talk to a minimum as well.

If you disagree with how I judge the answers given- sucks to be you Im not forcing you to play, this is just meant to be a bit of fun and hopefully educational. :grin:

Update: I'm stealing from CotE :biggrin:


Originally Posted by Child-of-the-Emperor
Everyone will need to quote the whole question in their post (along with the answer obviously), rather than just the number. This is just to make things easier for the host. Anyone not abiding by this rule from now on, will not recieve their reputation - even if they answered the question correctly (this rule has been added to the front post). Much appriciated.

Baron Spikey 04-25-10 02:52 PM

Here's the first set of, Battlefleet Gothic themed, questions to kick this thread into gear

1) What was the Flagship of Battlefleet Gothic called?

2) Which planet, capital of the Gothic Sector, is the headquarters of Battlefleet Gothic?


Barnster 04-25-10 03:24 PM

2 is Port Maw based on a bit of research (i hope!!)

Coder59 04-25-10 03:29 PM

Why Battlefleet Gothic would be based at the Formidable Port Maw of course.

Ferrus Manus 04-25-10 05:00 PM

1) I believe the answer to question 1 is "Yriels Flagship" of the eldar fleet?

Lord of the Night 04-25-10 06:00 PM

151 Attachment(s)
Im going to say Dominus Astra for the flagship, and Port Maw for the capital.

Coder59 04-25-10 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by Lord of the Night (Post 619842)
Im going to say Dominus Astra for the flagship, and Port Maw for the capital.

Wasn't Dominus Astra the name of the Flagship that used a warp engine detonation to destroy Hive Fleet Behemoth?

Barnster 04-25-10 06:48 PM

yep that was the one, maybe the same one or the same name, I have no idea the anwser to no 1

Baron Spikey 04-25-10 07:41 PM

Port Maw is the answer to 2) so Barnster gets the Rep there, 1) is not Dominus Astra that's the only clue your getting :biggrin:

I don't mind how you get the answers, if some of you want to put your heads together I don't mind spreading the reward Rep between a group (e.g 5 Rep reward, so 5 Rep for 1 person or 1 Rep for 5 people).

Baltar 04-25-10 09:05 PM

Answer is Divine Right, ship of Lord Admiral Ravensburg. An Emperor class battleship.

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