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Galahad 02-21-08 02:28 PM

'Versus...' Rules and Suggestions. WE NEED IDEAS!
Welcome to 40k Tactics, and welcome to 'Versus...'

'Versus...' is a feature thread for this forum. Every week I'll start a new thread entitled 'Versus...<insert unit here>' with a different target unit every week.

In the weekly thread we'll discuss the best way (or your favorite way) of dealing with that unit. You're free to continue the discussion after the first week if you like, but every week (or so) I'll add a new thread to discuss, with a new target unit.

When I start a new 'Versus...' thread I'll edit this post to insert a link to it. This will serve as an archive, should anyone be in need of advice on how to deal with a unit we've already covered.

Updates are in GREEN

So, is this for like Eldar vs Space Marines?
No, this is not X vs Y. This is how to deal with one speciffic unit, not how two units stack up against each other.

So, what's this sticky for?
It will serve as an archive (as mentioned) as well as a sounding board for suggestions on what next week's unit should be.
You can also use it to nag me if I go more than a week without posting a new thread ;-)

So, what should I suggest?
Whatever you want, but I think it would be most useful if we focused on particularly scary, powerful or exotic units and characters. I don't think anyone needs to know the best ways of taking out a squad of guardsmen, but I'm sure a few people would like advice on taking down Mephiston or Tooled up Grav Tanks. I'm sure if the feature has legs we'll eventually work our way to the more mundane units.

Remember to keep it simple. Rather than 'how do I get terminators out of an objective?' it should be 'How about Terminators?' When the unit gets chosen for its own thread, feel free to ask about specific situations then.

So, can I post an army type instead of a unit?
Sure. Though I'd like to focus on individual units rather than whole army builds, 'Versus Mech Tau' is a valid suggestion and would make for an interesting thread. So, yeah, feel free to suggest army builds too.

So who decides what'll be the target of the week?
Me! Ha-ha-ha-ha!
But I'll defiantly take into account units that get nominated a lot, or that generate a lot of interest. And suggestions that don't get used will still be in the pool, so there should be a lot to draw from

So, when's the weekly thread?
I'm aiming for Fridays (which means the first thread might be a rush job since it's Thursday...so post some suggestions, guys!)

So, what happens to old threads?
Nothing. If the debate carries on for more than a week, so be it. If not, it'll get sucked into the ever flowing tide of old posts and preserved, in link for on this page. Just do me a favor: If you come across one of the old threads floating in the ether, *read it all* before resurrecting it! I always love to see the threads come back with more discussion, but only if new ideas and tactics are being added.

So, what happens if I decided to start my own 'Versus...' thread?
While asking questions and looking for advice is always encouraged and welcomed, please remember that Galahad is a petty, petty man. If he sees a thread titled 'Versus XXX' he will change your thread title. Feel free to ask how you defeat a given foe, just don't try to horn in on the format. If you want an official Versus thread for your target, please post in this thread.

So, how do I know it's an 'official' Versus thread?
Well, aside from being started by me, it'll also have a giant link just like this...
...at the top. This is new...I hope it will make people come and check out the sticky and post suggestions!

So, there's like a million pages on this stupid sticky. Do I have to read through it all?
Fuck no! Just read the first post here to see the rules and the current idea pool, then jump to the last page or two to see the newest suggestions!

So, where's the links to those old threads?
Right here!

Week One: Tau Broadsides
Week Two: The Death Company
Week Three: The Carnifex
Week Four: The Necron Monolith
Week Five: Eldrad Ulthran
Week Six: The Daemon Prince
Week Seven: Eldar SKimmers
Week Eight: Space Marine Drop Pods
Week Nine: The Ork Horde
Week Ten: Eldar Harlequins
Week Eleven: Space Marine/Chaos Terminators
Week Twelve: Lash of Submission
Week Thirteen: Tau Crisis Suits
Week Fourteen: Webway Portals
Week Fifteen:Necron Destroyers
Week Sixteen: The Hive Tyrant
Week Seventeen: Powerfist Squad Leaders
Week Eighteen: Tau Skimmers
Week Nineteen: Big Mek Kustom Force Fields
Week Twenty: Chaos Plague Marines
Week Twenty-One: The Soulgrinder
Week Twenty-Two: Eldar Wraithguard
Week Twenty-Three: Eldar Wraithlords
Week Twenty-Four: Jump Infantry
Week Twenty-Five: Ork Warbikes

Current Suggestion Pool
Asterix (*) denotes units that have been suggested more than once.
Sniper Drones
Avatar of Khaine **
The Nightbringer
The Deceiver *
Jump Infantry *
Kharn the Betrayer
Tigurius *
Master of the Ravenwing
Abaddon the Despoiler
Howling Banshees
The Deathwing
Tau Stealth Teams
Ork Skullhammer
Eldar Rangers/Pathfinders
Grey Knights *
Leman Russ *
Death Cult Assassins
Greater Daemons
Ghazghkull Thraka *
The Plaguefather
The Changeling
The Deathwing
Scarab Swarms
Tank Armies
Berzerkers **
Thousand Sons *
Noise Marines
Marine Equivelants
Marneus Calgar *
Land Raiders
Chaos Obliterators *
Thunderfire Cannon
Flamers of Tzeentch

Alright, so get to it! Let's hear some new suggestions, as well as what you think of the ones we got.

NOTE: Please no joke suggestions! Jokes or spam in the sticky will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be dealt with.

asianavatar 02-21-08 03:40 PM

Can it be a situational suggestion like. How to get CC Terminators that are in cover out of a n objective.

Galahad 02-21-08 04:06 PM

That's a little too specific and would best be saved for simply posting a thread about on your own, or asking as part of a Versus Terminators thread.

Versus Terminators, however, would be an acceptable topic, and in that thread you could ask how to get them out of objectives, but it wouldn't be strictly about that. People could post their suggestions for dealing with terminators in general. Someone could say "What about assault termies with claws though?" etc.

This is an answer to all of those "How do I beat X?" or "My friend keeps beating me with his Y!" or "I'm up against Z, what do I do?!" threads.

It's how to deal with a unit type rather than an exact situation, however that situation can be part of the general discussion.

Hespithe 02-22-08 04:09 AM

How about ...Vs. 5th Edition? Is that broad enough for ya?

Really... how about... Vs. Broadsides/Sniper Drone Teams.
Or... how about... Vs. Slaaneshi Lash Princes

Mad King George 02-22-08 04:11 AM

i like the idea aslong as its checked which it probably will

Galahad 02-22-08 04:11 AM

News and Rumors is for vs 5th ed :P

But those are some good suggestions. Anyone else got some?

As a Blood Angel I'll throw in some
Vs Death Company
Vs Mephiston

asianavatar 02-22-08 04:12 AM

My suggestion would be plague marines.

Frostbite 02-22-08 04:13 AM


Originally Posted by Hespithe (Post 68660)
Really... how about... Vs. Broadsides/Sniper Drone Teams.

Silly, you can't deal with those. It's best to accept your fate and bow to the Greater Good...

On a more serious note, I like the idea a lot, and it will have another effect. It'll let people know how others deal with their favorite units (I'd really like to see how people deal with Broadsides, for example). So both sides will be benefiting from this, and we all come out the wiser. Great success!

maxtangent 02-22-08 04:21 AM

Versus Harlequins
Vs. Falcons that carry them

Galahad 02-22-08 04:21 AM

we'd have better success if you contributed some units to the Versus pool, Frosty ;-)

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