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Coder59 04-06-10 01:25 AM

What happened to the Istvaan and Davin Systems?
Well? What happened? Did the Imperium return there after the heresy? Have they been purged? Are the Tau sitting on them picking their noses? I find it highly unlikely that either the Iron Hands of Salamanders woudln't have gone down there and had a poke around considering both of their Primarchs died or were badly wounded there.

Lord Lorne Walkier 04-06-10 01:34 AM

There has never really been any word but it cant be a happy end.

ckcrawford 04-06-10 01:46 AM

I imagine that if there were any survivors of the Isaavan or Davin systems, then they would have left and destroyed any evidence of their presence of their legions. I imagine that they would be barren wastelands and no use to anyone.

hailene 04-06-10 04:06 AM

Nah, they repopulated Armageddon when Angron and his merry fellows had a party there.

I imagine they cleared all signs of the battle and resettled it. The galaxy may be vast, but habitable planets are still a rarity.

Or possibly they turned the planets into some sort of giant memorials. Honoring the brave loyalist marines and decrying the Chaos ones.

Child-of-the-Emperor 04-06-10 12:34 PM

Well we don't know, but we can assume that they were purged as were the Traitor Legion homeworlds in an attempt to remove knowledge of the Heresy/Traitor Legions. After the Emperor's ascension the Imperium became increasingly paranoid about Chaos' influence (considering what it had done to the Imperium/Galaxy during the Heresy) and I would assume that the Inquisition at somepoint pressed for Isstvans and Davins destruction to remove any possible lingering Chaos taint.

Baron Spikey 04-06-10 03:38 PM

Armageddon was only repopulated because it was such an important industrial linch pin in the Segmentum, otheriwse it would have gone, probable, way of Davin and been 'cleansed'.

Barnster 04-06-10 09:07 PM

I think its best to assume that were the proud recipients of an exterminatus and simply destroyed although there is no offical cannon on this.

After the heresy all records of the traitors were expunged from all records and any proof was destroyed. Including the complete destruction of all traitorous homeworlds.

In current 40k the offical line is that chaos does'nt exist it says at the start of codex CSM that the inquisiton ensure that no record of chaos incursions or existance is allowed to exist.

Chaos one of the best kept secrets of the 40k galaxy

dark angel 04-07-10 02:13 AM

I am sure one of the Istvaan's were purged again, think it was Istvaan V. It was by a Chapter along the lines of "Desert Tigers" although this is taken from Lexicanum, and the actual source I believe is from older fluff. I wouldn't be suprised if they became some sort of shrine, pilgrims coming back and forth and all however.

Giant Fossil Penguin 04-07-10 02:20 PM

I would imagine that there would have been some sort of mission by the Imperium to see what they could recover from the battlefield of the Dropsite Massacre. There, if Horus didn't strip the site, would have been thousands of suits of armour, tanks, artillery etc, in various states of repair, and I imagine that they would have been considered very valuable.
Beyond recovering what armour and weapons they can, I imagine that the recoverable remains of the loyalist Astartes, and probably those of the Imperial Army who fought there as well, would have been taken back to Terra or the homeworlds of the Legions and Regiments involved. I can imagine the huge ossuaries built from the bones of the honoured fallen taking pride of place in the fortress monastery of every Legion that lost Astartes in the Isstvan system, and probably each of the second founding Chapters would have a small amount given to them, as sort of a link to their history. We've seen how Imperial forces, especially Marines, like hauling around the bones of the greatest heroes, so I don't think it's too far out there!


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