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jimbob1254 04-02-10 09:13 PM

Something to make you think.
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Hi there,
Now when i was at my local GW recently the staff member at the time got me and about 8 people all thinking about this so i will share his views with everyone here and see what you guys think.

Now in this pic its shows Horus standing over the body of sanguinius(dead) and horus is armed with a mace and his power fist/claw thing.Attachment 5807(p.s first time uploading pics so not sure how this works)

now that is all good and as you can see from the same pic the big E has a sword which is still all good, but if you look at the wound inflicted upon Sanguinius in this pic.Attachment 5808

It shows that it is a exit wound which a mace/claw/fist cant make, it is we reckon a sword wound and as the Big E has the Sword(you can see where im going).

Now this is the only evidence I have to support this claim but it is something to make you think, im not saying this is what happened but these pictures point that way.

let me know what you think :)

Cheers Jimbob

Doelago 04-02-10 09:19 PM

Well... You see the sword laying on the ground close to Sanguinus Dead body, the (bastard) Horus might have used it to kill Sanguinus...

jimbob1254 04-02-10 09:26 PM

Cheers for the reply

Indeed the sword on the floor could but then why would horus conveniently place it next to sangs hand which looks like sang has just dropped it.

Cheers Jimbob

hailene 04-02-10 09:38 PM

That doesn't look much like a sword thrust or cut.

A thrust would be a lot cleaner. Even if he turned the blade to release the suction, it wouldn't make tear in the armor like that.

A sword cut wouldn't have all those ends of the armor going out in every direction. They would all be facing the same way.

Now what it DOES look like is an round-ish object going through his back and into his chest. Maybe like...a lightning claw's finger? Additional holes can be covered by the leopard print skin or they did not puncture far enough to reach the other side.

Rapperport 04-02-10 09:39 PM

Horus may have plunged his claw through Sangy's back, leaving an exit wound with the longer middle digit. My two cents...

Child-of-the-Emperor 04-02-10 11:20 PM

Aye this theory has popped up a few times on 40k forums. I think that Its only a picture. The artist may have simply overlooked the fact and it more than likely wasn't intentional. Some sources of background for example state that Horus strangled Sanguinius to death...

murdock129 04-03-10 12:03 AM

I must agree with the above, chances are Horus simply stabbed Sanguinus with a finger or the sword

Coder59 04-03-10 12:03 AM

I would say look at the Scumbag's (Horus) hand and the fingers of the claw they look blood stained so I'm going with the theory that it's a Claw wound. It's even possible that Horus only used one finger to cause said wound.

What a bloody show off.

Index Astartes 04-03-10 06:42 PM

I love this Scene; My wife allows me to have it hanging on the wall in our house:victory:
The only grip I have is, I wish the Artist would have painted the Real "Talon of Horus" and not this gold claw! Where's the storm bolter?:nono:

Index Astartes 04-03-10 06:43 PM


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