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xenobiotic 03-23-10 08:38 PM

Xenobiotic's continual madness (Updated 20160816)
Welcome to Xenobiotic's Brethren of the Phoenix log!


To follow the progress better and for newcomers to see how far I've gone in the process of creating my envisioned army of Blood Angels Successors I decided to include this list in the first post. To see the first initial post please continue down this post - Thank you.
Key: Gray = Conceptualized | Red = Built | Orange = Painting Started | White = "Done" (click to go to the post)

Blood Angel Successors - Brethren of the Phoenix
Legal Army
1000 pts

Captain Vespillo (Counts as Tycho)
Reclusiarch-Chaplain Sabinus
Epistolary Librarian Favius
Honour Guard - Veteran, Meltagunner, Meltagunner, Techadept + Sanguinary Initiate
Honour Guard magnetized for jump packs - Veteran (?), Veteran (?), Veteran (?), Veteran (?) + Sanguinary Initiate

Furioso Dreadnought w. Magnetized Weapons
Furioso Dreadnought w. Magnetized Weapons (Blood Talons vs Blood Fists + Magna-grapple)
12-man Sternguard unit
(Sanguinary Priest w. magnetized Backpack/Jumppack)
Sanguinary Priest w. magnetized Backpack/Jumppack
Sanguinary Priest w. magnetized melta bombs and power weapon
Sanguinary Priest w. magnetized melta bombs and power weapon

10-man Assault Squad w. 2 x Meltaguns & Powerfist
5-man Assault Squad w. 1 x Meltaguns, Powerfist & Magnetized Backpacks/Jumppacks
5-man Assault Squad w. 1 x Meltaguns & Magnetized Backpacks/Jumppacks
5-man Assault Squad w. 1 x Flamers, Powerfist & Magnetized Backpacks/Jumppacks
5-man Assault Squad w. 1 x Flamers & Magnetized Backpacks/Jumppacks
5-man Death Company Squad w. Powerfist & Magnetized Special Weapons
5-man Death Company Squad w. Powerfist & Magnetized Special Weapons
5-man Death Company Squad w. Magnetized Special Weapons
Death Company Dreadnought w. Magnetized Weapons (Blood Talons vs Blood Fists + Magna-grapple)
Death Company Dreadnought w. Magnetized Weapons (Blood Talons vs Blood Fists + Magna-grapple)

Repressor - The Auspice
Rhino/Razorback w. Dozer Blades or click here for a weathered version
Rhino/Razorback w. Dozer Blades
Rhino/Razorback w. Dozer Blades
Death Company Rhino/Razorback w. Dozer Blades - The Salient
Death Company Land Raider Crusader
Land Raider
Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Drop Pod

5-man Vanguard Squad w. Thunder Hammer
5-man Vanguard Squad
Baal Predator w. Dozer Blades & Magnetized Sponsons - Gloam, of the Dusk-Bringers
Baal Predator w. Dozer Blades & Magnetized Sponsons
Baal Predator w. Dozer Blades & Magnetized Sponsons

5-man Devastator Squad
5-man Devastator Squad
Vindicator w. Siege Shield
Vindicator w. Siege Shield
Vindicator w. Siege Shield
Predator Annihilator w. Dozer Blades & Sponsons

Knight Warden

Phoenix/Huma Bird Nest
Phoenix/Huma Bird
Phoenix/Huma Bird
Unnamed objective / Undecided
Unnamed objective / Undecided
Unnamed objective / Undecided

Dead Mans Hand Counts As
Beaked Helmets
Dirty White Armour
Jasper effect
Deep Blue Armour

Original Introduction:
I've been a member on Heresy for a few years now, albeit a very passive one. Up till now I've mostly been checking out the occasional project log or modelling tip. Lately I've grown more addicted and started to log on every day, following project logs as I found it boosted my own imagination and creativity. I've also started to write my first posts (success!) so go easy on me :cray:

I'm mostly into the collecting/painting/modelling side of the hobby. Playing is mostly a "Well, if I have to" sort of thing for me. Although this attitude has put me in a lot of trouble with my gaming buddies, seeing as how I've been trying to complete a worthwhile 1000+ pts army for ages now and I'm always distracted by something else (a valkyrie here, a greater daemon there sometimes even a painting or a drawing). If you don't believe me have a look at half of my desk:

So, inspired by the very dedicated minions and overlords of the Heresy Forums, I've decided to put together a playable army of at least 1000 pts within a reasonable amount of time. Seeing as I need to keep the model count down to actually manage (since I have studies and other artwork to do as well) I decided that some kind of Space Marines would probably be my best choice to fill out points quickly. I also have a lot of Space Marine miniatures since before. So I put the old painted ones in a box filled with pine tree oil ("Spa" in Swedish, don't know the exact translation), ordered a bunch of boxes to fill out my ranks and started searching for a suitable colour scheme.

Having looked through some sources I liked the Iron Hands (I love their background), however their scheme isn't all that inspiring which led further down the search of successors eventually stopping at the Iron Fists (Metallic Blue armour with Gold arms). So I painted a Tactical Squad in their scheme and tried my luck on a converted Master of the Forge but they didn't really stick with me.

At the same time I read through the rumours of the coming Blood Angel Codex and was a bit confused about which way to go. I liked the Blood Angels back in the 3rd edition, the furioso dreadnoughts, the close combat waves and the Death Company. But I never really fell for the "all red" armour (even with the differently coloured helmets). Their successors didn't help me much to spice the scheme up (seeing as how they are mostly all red anyway). Flipping through even more examples of chapters and trying some combinations with red out I came up with a scheme I like. Red and White. Now I just have to perfect painting it and paint 1000 points. Clobbering the Iron Fists in pause for the time being.

Without further ramblings here's the start of my Blood Angels Successors Chapter (still some finishing touches to do on the models I have painted - no squad markings and chapter symbols, purity seals not all that well painted in these pictures):
Assault Squad 1:
I choose skulls on the "arm shields" on my meltagunners on this squad and ironically I accidentally chose a powerfist with the exact skull for my squad leader, proved to be a fitting way to tie the squad together a tad more.

Assault Squad 2:
And in keeping with the previous squad I had to "align" the squad leaders powerfist with the assault weapons in the squad. An easy cut'n'scrape on a space wolf powerfist with the addition of some "green stuff mold'n'press" solved that problem:

Back to painting marines and building dreads.
Hopefully I'll have something a bit more interesting than just marines to show next time I post.

The chapter needs a name, any ideas or suggestions? Chapter symbol will most likely be very similar to the blood angels symbol (red on white shoulder pad, or perhaps another colour? Black?)
I tried painting battle damage on white armour and found it a bit tricky. Any suggestions on that?

C&C is welcome!

Viscount Vash 03-23-10 10:22 PM

I have edited your post a little to stop multiple pictures on one line as it was making the post a bit too wide.

Tidy colour scheme and a good start on it.

For those damage holes I would normally paint the hole Boltgun and carefully wash it with Badab Black, if you want you can then highlight the edges in Chainmail and/or Mithril Silver depending on how far you want to go with it.

Look forward to seeing these progress and get named.

Dagmire 03-23-10 10:26 PM

nice green stuff on the last guys powerfist.
Like the colour scheme alot.
Kepp up the work, i will be following this one.

Varakir 03-23-10 11:30 PM

Have to say, i really like both the colour schemes you've come up with.

Painting is very tidy, and you've done a wicked job on the white.

Looking forward to seeing this progreess, and good luck with it :good:

xenobiotic 03-27-10 11:47 PM

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement!

I'll experiment more on the battledamage front when I start painting the second assault marine squad, I'll see how your suggestion works out then Viscount Vash. I like the look of the damage, I find it adds alot of character to the miniatures.


I still have no conclusive idea on the chapter name (most ideas I get sound to cheesy for my own taste). I'll see what next week brings me on that front.

On the painting side I've done a few assault marines and started on my first rhino (my first real attempt at freehanding) aswell as tweaking with the first of many dreads to come:

Rhino (Right side; Aiming for some kind of "flowing fabric" feel with this one. Personally I think the photo lets it down a bit):

Dreadnought (Furioso, magnetized the end of the arms (I can switch them for 2 chainfists making it look eerily similar to a khorne dreadnought. I'm thinking about converting suitable blood talon stand-ins when I get a better idea of how I'd like them to look):


Squad 1, sofar:


I'm hoping that the rhino provides me with enough insight about freehanding to make something worthwhile on my dreads (aswell as the other rhino-chassi tanks and even drop pods).

Inquisitor Varrius 03-28-10 12:50 AM

Love that wavy rhino! Your battle damage is great too, nice to see some BA! :victory:

Salio 03-28-10 10:09 PM

These are fantastic! Great work, I'm looking forward to more freehand like on that rhino!

LordKorik 03-28-10 11:29 PM

That freehand on the Rhino is amazing.

I look forward to seeing more

itsonlyme 03-30-10 10:42 PM

i love the art work on the rhino! army is looking great, cant wait to see the ven painted up, idont know if i like that more than the forge world one yet however..

xenobiotic 04-13-10 10:46 AM

Sorry for the delay on posts, I've been busy with RL. Studies are a pain in my back at the moment. Should clear up within a couple of weeks so I'll just have to keep my head floating and paint as much as I can on this army.


I have made some progress since last time. Apart from painting I'm soon to be overwhelmed with unopened boxes from the new BA-line. I've already recieved the first boxes and I'm putting together my first batch of death company marines aswell as converted HQ-choices and sergeants from the sanguinary guard box (which I do not plan to use in my army so I figured I could spread their lovely pieces around).

I've also decided to paint my death company in a white scheme (like Angels Encarmine in the codex) to keep at it with the white (perfection is a must to reach :P). This will prove an interesting challenge aswell since it means I have to paint a white rhino (with freehand art), 2 white dreadnoughts and, sometime in the future, a white Land Raider Crusader. Hopefully I'll be able to pull it of!

I've been fidling around with names for the chapter (this appears to be the hardest thing thusfar :angry:) and came up with a few options for now, at the moment I'm considering: Carnelian Wings?


Anyway, that's just about enough blabber from me, on with the pictures, as 'promised' here's the other side of the rhino (as you can see the rhino is still not completed, weathering to be done, hatches to be done, highlighting isn't completed and so on and so forth):

And here's the big surprise for this update, Battle-Brother Mavolent in his Furious glory (Where I tried both ways of painting battledamage on white - I think the CCW look great personally. Small things still to be done, highlight on the feet isn't what I want it to be, no text on the scrolls, no basing. Still have to convert Blood Talons for him, other than that he is pretty much finished now):
If you have a keen eye you'll notice the pattern on some of the plating, I stole inspiration for it from the mineral jasper. I thought that it would break the red surfaces a tad and give him a more ancient and personal feeling. It's however very hard to reproduce patterns of minerals without alot of fiddling, but you can see what I was aiming for here:

And to finish of the pictures and to keep the troops coming, a lonely assault marine:

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