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sportman 12-23-06 01:48 PM

Some IG questions
1) If I buy an equipment doctrine, do my special squads get it as well? Like can I get consripts and ratlings chem-inhalers? Also, can use a junior officer's Ld for them if they are within 12"?

2) For a vox-caster, does only that platoon's command squad benefit from or do the support squads get it as well? For example, I buy a heavy weapon platoon. Does the vox-caster give only my junior officer and his 4 man squad the Ld bonus or do my Lascannon squads get it as well?

Thanks for helping.

PadreJim 12-23-06 03:17 PM

1) Only Guard Infantry (or other units specifically mentioned in the doctrine) can take doctrines. Reread your codex.

2) Only units with a voxcaster can use the voxcaster. If the support squads are within 12" of the Command Squad, then yes they can use the officers modified LD, otherwise, no.

sportman 12-26-06 02:33 AM

Hey another question. Can I use a commisar in my command squad so that my master-vox gives everyone LD 10? Thanks

PadreJim 12-26-06 03:22 AM

Of course you can.

Commissar + Junior Officer w/Honourifica Imperialis + Master-Vox + Voxes all over the place = LD 10 for every unit that can cary a Voxcaster for +/- 200 points.

Necrontyr 12-27-06 09:37 PM

Actually, the commissars leadership bonus only applies to leadership checks the command squad has to take, not for squads using his leadership. The only way to get a LD10 vox is with the Imperial High Commander.

cccp 12-28-06 10:16 AM

the honorifica gives the Jo the profile of a HSO, so he has a LD of 9, then the +1 of the commissar which makes 10

LongBeard 12-28-06 10:56 AM

Yep the HI gives the JO LD9 then adding In the Commissar Increases It to 10 which can then be transferred down the vox, Just hope you don't fail a test or the JO gets slapped down! :(
I've generally found a HSO with standard to do the job fine commissars can be a bit pricy and risky, all depends on the build of your list really?

Necrontyr 12-28-06 03:08 PM

Ok, the HI gives a JO ld9, the Commissar than gives him a +1 for all leadership checks the Command squad has to take, and only those checks. It does not apply to other squads using his leadership. Since Vox checks are not leadership checks the Command Squad is taking, they do not get the +1 bonus. They do get to use the Ld of 9 however.

cccp 12-28-06 04:35 PM

apparently the +1 does go through the vox. ask pardre jim.

Necrontyr 12-28-06 05:10 PM

I'm curious as to how you came to this conclusion PadreJim? I'm not against it, as my infantry army uses a vox network extensively and this would be an awesome addition!

As I read it though:
Codex: Ld+1 Applies to leadership checkls the command squad has to take.

According to the FAQ though, Iron Discipline, Trademark Items, and other special rules do not go down a vox network.

But then it also says that the +1 LD does appy to his command rule. The command rule doesn't affect the vox network though... so I'm not sure how that applies.

Just curious as to your interpretation.

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