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mccragge 03-10-10 05:11 PM

Necromunda Online RPG

Hello everyone, I have been developing a PBBG (persistent browser based game) loosely based off of Necromunda miniature game. You can play from any computer in your browser with no downloads necessary.

Some of the features in the game include:

* Build and Control your own Gang

* Compete to be the richest or largest gang in Alpha Dome 117

* Attack other gang territories and take them for your own

* Explore huge Domes and twisting Sewers

* Equip your ganger with the best Archeotech items Credits can buy

* Corner the Black Market with items from Silicone Crystals to Master Crafted Lascannons

* Turn your Ganger into the ultimate Cyborg with Bionic Implants and enhancments!

* Explore unique towns and discover hidden secrets of Alpha Dome 117

* 291 pieces of armor

* 220 Weapons

* 58 items, bionics and grenades

* More items and gear are added almost daily!

If this sounds like something that might be fun, come check it out, it is free to play at:



mccragge 03-14-10 04:36 PM

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know of a few new updates we did to the game.

Boots, Helmets and Gloves were completely reworked. Before we had a million items with armor class 1 that were no different from the others and armor maxing out at 30 AC. Now, we have items that go well above 60! We also added 8 new Shoulder Guard armor expanding the range of Shoulder AC!

Gang Safe Houses have gotten rather large with all the new updates, however now we have made the Gang Safe House more organized with tabs. It should be much easier for Gang leaders and Gangers a like to find the info they need.

So, if you haven't checked out the game yet, give it a look, we are always adding new stuff, almost daily.


mccragge 03-19-10 04:53 PM

I just want to keep everyone up to date on what is new in the Underhive

* An increase challenge has been added to the Gang War territories. Now, a Gang must maintain the location they hold by paying 5 creds per bonus point per hour. So you better get your gangers out there earning their keep so you can keep working your territories!

* Meanwhile, all gang attacks against each other are now broadcast through out the game in the shoutbox. Sneak attacks are still possible, but news spreads quickly in the hive!

* The Top Players list has been redesigned, instead of top ten players, it is now Top 100! The top rep points have been removed, however you can still give players reputation points, and see what points they have earned by looking at their character profile.

* Tons more cosmetic fixes and upgrades have been added, especially to the Gang Safe House.


mccragge 03-23-10 05:34 PM

Well we have done some reformatting to the game and we are trying to make it a little more user friendly for the new players.

We have added a menu to the top of the page making it easier to find all the important links. (including the Tutorial/FAQ link) Also to make it a little more user friendly, we put the maps in the travel section, so you don't have to hunt around for them, making traveling easier.

We also broke up the monopoly of the super mega gangs, now all gangs are capped at 24 max members giving everyone a chance to get some of the coveted territories for themselves.

And we also made the Flooded sewer monsters a little easier to beat up. They are still deadly to be sure, but not so overwhelmingly so.


mccragge 04-02-10 05:15 PM

* Two new shops have been added to Ash Flats be sure to check your Ash Flats maps to see where they are located. (And remember it doesn't take stamina to move in Ash Flats!)

* The First new shop is the 1st Bank of Ash Flats, now you no longer have to travel all the way to Hell Port to stash your hard earned Creds! It is due west of Rico's.

* The second new shop is Black Megan's Training Gym. It is located behind Rico's in the old Gang Registration building.

* New items!! Black Megan's Gym offers several new items. Here you can buy training kits to permanently raise your skills (Including all six of the brand new skills) But that isn't the only service offered by Black Megan, for a nominal fee she will also train you to gain Experience!!! So if you have the creds, but not the time, see Black Megan for a specialist training!

mccragge 04-16-10 03:34 PM

* Gang Profiles have been updated!!

* You can now add your own Gang Banners, these banners will be displayed in Combat when someone tries to conquer one of your territories.

* Gangs now have biographies!! Wanna tell people all about your gang, well now you can, the Biography can be seen on the Gang Profile. (check the Bitchin Brawlers for an example)

* When new players are looking for a gang to join, they can now click on the Gang Name in the list of gangs and check out their profiles!

* New players can request to join a gang straight from the gangs profile as well!!

* All should now have all their skill points properly set to their starting default numbers (which is 1) unless you have upgraded your skills, in which case they have increased by 1.


mccragge 04-23-10 04:58 PM

Approval has been given by the local Arbites to open the mines to would be heroes for exploring. But beware, the mines go deep, and there are things down there best left undisturbed! (Look for the mine entrance in the southeast of Alpha Dome 117)

* 6 new Chest Armors!

* 10 New Monsters!

* 2 New gang territories!

* The Armor and Gun stores have been fixed and should now start stocking better and better gear depending on where you travel too

* Messaging bug where you could read other gangs messages has been fixed.

mccragge 04-30-10 04:47 PM

* The Black Market has had a much needed make-over. As the rise in players increases so to did the items on the black market making it almost unusable. Now, you can sort the items by seller, by type or by cost. Also, we added the picture of the item so you know exactly what you are getting as well as the required stats to use the item, no more guessing an hoping you can use it.

* Tired of being stuck in a sewer or mine with a long trudge home? Now you have the option to teleport back to Rico's (for a nominal fee of course, but hey it beats walking) The teleport option is on the lower left side bar.

* Are you in a stagnant gang, and you think you have the gears to do better? Well, now you can vote for a new leader, or campaign to have other members of the gang vote you as leader. And to the gang leaders...careful, just cause you started the gang, doesn't mean some upstart Juve is gonna come by and take it from ya!

* A bug were territories were charging to often instead of hourly has been fixed.

* All ads have been removed from the game! (The Eastern Fringe banner takes you to the home site of the Underhive)

* And a few new layout changes have been added (and continue to be added) through out the game.

* Items that are equipped no longer count towards your inventory total


NoiseMarine 04-30-10 05:04 PM

Looks interesting enough, just too bad you couldn't use something like the Old Fallout engine instead of the one you're currently run on. I might try this out...

mccragge 04-30-10 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by NoiseMarine (Post 623119)
Looks interesting enough, just too bad you couldn't use something like the Old Fallout engine instead of the one you're currently run on. I might try this out...

Oh I know the old Fall Out games were awesome...but the problem is, doing that would require players to use a download client...and really, we want people to be able to play from any computer (especially the work computer) So, while the graphics are a bit dated...we try to make up for that with game play, which we update and work on daily. So there is always new things all the time.


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