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Marneus Calgar 02-22-10 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by Holmstrom (Post 574336)
Surely you jest! I played the first Fable extensively, but never had the chance to get very involved with the 2nd game.

Well, that first post basically quoted it :P

Holmstrom 02-22-10 03:24 PM

Damn...Uderfryke Matron? I forget the location where it is though.

NoiseMarine 02-23-10 10:15 PM

C'mon guys! Don't let me win already... :P

Inquisitor Varrius 02-24-10 01:18 AM

Is this with bloodmoon or not? Can't remember which mountain's taller...

khorneflake 02-24-10 02:57 AM

the Jerral mountaints?
drop point or the temple?

Holmstrom 02-24-10 03:53 AM

I just know that it's where I shot the Adoring Fan off with a nuke spell.

StormWulfen 02-24-10 05:52 PM

The place is called "Dive rock" I believe and the secret enemy is the Underfyke Matron.

What do I win :P

Holmstrom 02-24-10 06:15 PM

You win a brand new heap of rotten vegetables! And access to another question.

What legendary piece of armor is hidden under Ebonheart in Morrowind?

Farseer Darvaleth 02-24-10 06:25 PM

Yeah he basically quoted Fable II.

He asks you to either Pay a Fine, Community Service (or something like that, where you go and fight some bandits or big beetles) or resist Arrest.

I always resist arrest and kill so many guards to a point where they no longer spawn. if the Xbox hasn't frozen by then, I can do whatever I want (although I culd've done that in the first place) whilst toying with the accasional guard. They really should make some better guards come along after killing about 150 of them. (upon retuning to the town where I did this, I was chargeds with murder x242, attempted murder x2 (accidents) theft x 19 (although my money goes off the edge of box set aside for it) vandalism x 6 (like breaking windows, even though I could just buy the house THEN break) and also oddly extortion x1 (meh, seemed like fun) and I just payed the fine, couldn't be bothered to fight again. Although my list of community service has piled up, because NOTHING STOPS YOU FROM NOT DOING IT AND PILING IT UP lol silly Fable law enforcement...

Holmstrom 02-27-10 11:42 PM

Fable...I got bored of that game and killed everyone by the time I gave my old Xbox a salute farewell. It stopped working. I still have it somewhere...Along with the first Star Wars: Battlefront. But that game got old too after spending most of my time trying to run people down on speeder bikes.

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