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toffster 01-19-10 06:40 PM

My Duty Is My Fate
You hear the muffled sounds of combat from around the corner. Timan, your group leader stops, raising his hand. You listen carefully. A trooper pops his head round the corner. His body slumps to the ground as a stray bullet robs him of his head. Timan gazes calmly at him.
"No matter the odds." He looks back at you. "Ready?"
The group surges around the corner, in front of you is a dreadnought, fighting thousands of daemons and losing rapidly. Las fire arcs through the air, an electric storm bristles through the atmosphere as you make your charge. You all bellow a war cry as you stare into deaths face.

Masked Jackal 01-19-10 09:39 PM

[[I assume that we're supposed to be in that squad? If so, here's my post.]]

Wolf takes position, placing his long-las on the rubble, and starts firing almost immediately. The daemons, whether too fast, too tough, too strong, or simply immune seemed to resist his every attempt to kill them. Some went down, but many more stayed up. Damn...man was never meant to fight these things...

toffster 01-20-10 02:39 PM

[[You are]]

The dreadnought continues to fight, las fire breaking the lesser daemons in swathes. The larger ones though seemed to tough to kill. The dreadnoughts mighty power fist descended upon these and crushed them to a pulp. It was soon overrun though, it's servos screaming in protest as it toppled under the sheer weight of horrors. It left a large dent into the ground and skidded a few metres. You hear bellows from inside the broken sarcographus. Two large daemons aproach, your las fire is inifective against these massive brutes. Their arms swirl and transform into weapons, they stooped down low over the dreadnought and growled threateningly.

DaafiejjXD 01-20-10 03:22 PM

Kohan aimed his lasgun, and zoomed in at heads of these foul daemons. With a few well placed shots, he "killed" these unholy abominations. He knew that these daemons wouldn't really be killed, just banished back into the dark crevices of the warp. But that was enough for him, he aimed at a daemons head, and fired a few rounds, all hitting the head, and finally banishing the daemon bask to the dark unreal place that was his home, the warp.

The dreadnought suddenly got overwhelmed and toppled by the ever changing forms of horrors, and had hit the ground in an earthshaking way. "Damn you! Damn you all, filthy daemons!" Kohan's face expressed utter rage, and he saw a few bigger daemons threatening him, and he knew he mustn't respond to these threats, as that would only get him their attention.

His gun ran empty, and with a smooth action, Kohan replaced the empty magazine with a fresh one. He then kept on firing, as if he had no emotion he stood there like an automaton, aiming, firing, aiming again, checking his gun, aiming, firing etc. He did so almost non stop, as he knew to express even the slightest emotion, apart from zeal and faith, the daemons would feed on his emotions, and only get better. So he just repeated his unending cycle of aiming and firing..........

zxyogi 01-20-10 06:28 PM

Trooper Sarin leans back against a wrecked wall and takes a quick swig of amazac[?]...."Sarin me ol mate that tastes wicked....save a tad for Ron...later on,cos i aint going down today...hopefu..." at that moment the wall shakes and crashes down around him...above looms the biggest daemon he had ever seen..."FU..."shouts Sarin, ....he grabs for his carbine as the daemon slowly looks around....then....down at him....."For the Emperor!!' shouts Timan as he lets rip at the daemon with his las gun.The daemon looks at Sarin,leans into his face,Sarins skin crawled the daemons breath was foul and stank of the utmost corruption,"YOU spawn fodder...your corpse god is with you today...for now!!"with that the Daemon side swiped Sarin out of the way and headed towards the source of its pain.....

toffster 01-20-10 06:44 PM

Timan moans as he see's the daemon coming towards him. It arches it's back and screeches at the sky. Timan ducks behind the rockcrete wall, he hears the yell of confusion coming from the daemon as he is pelted on all sides by Timan's comrades. Timan continues to fire too. All the PDF troopers are firing at the abomination now. It searches with it's head wildly. Confused. It whimpers under the onslaught. Not knowing who to attack. Meanwhile the dreadnought is about to be executed by the large brutes. Timan looks down at his belt and see's two grenades. He looks up at the daemon and smiles. He tosses the grenade through the air and it explodes right in the daemon's face. It bellows in agony as it collapses to the floor. Timan procedes to throw a grenade at the daemons standing over the dreadnought. They look over at him and begin their march towards the PDF troopers.

DaafiejjXD 01-20-10 07:36 PM

Kohan looked at Timan as Timan threw a grenade towards the Daemon, and it blew his face straight off, unholy flesh flying all around, and a stinking bit flew straight in Kohan's face. Kohan yelled: " Even in death do these foul denizens of the warp try to harass me! For the emperor!"Kohan yelled as he followed his sergeants example, and pulled the pin from one of his grenades. The grenade flew towards the daemons at speed, and seemed to hit one in the face......

Farseer Darvaleth 01-20-10 07:39 PM

Tarkantor moved forward quickly to push the daemons away from the dreadnought.
"Back to the warp, foul beasts" he rasped, letting fly bolts of warp energy, which harmlessly dissasipated of the daemon's foul energies.
"Timan, these greater daemons cannot be defeated by our means, we must eliminate the source, normally an enemy psyker." Tarkantor shouted
"I'll try to track down the source's location."
The daemons advanced, steadily drawing closer, the PDF line slowly retreating to a circle, the troopers back-to-back.
"there!" Tarkantor cried. "Brace yourselves!" An iridescent glow surrounded the unit, as tarkantor tensed in concentration, whirling energies forming around his eagle-staff. "Foul warpspawn, you will not feast on our souls today!" the unit vanished in a crackle of power.
The world around became a shifting tide of emotions, a large bloom in the distance. The unit moved towards it, faster and faster, untill...

The PDF troopers re-emerged from the short-ranged warp travel inside a temple for the emperor, that had been taken by chaos, and despoiled.
"The psyker..." tarkantors panted, "is here... near the central shrine..." tarkantor collapsed onto the floor, his psychic hood making him unconscious while the system attempted to remove the warp energies inside him.
[[travelling with so many daemons like this is risky and is detrmental to the psyker, especially with a large unit]]

zxyogi 01-20-10 09:08 PM

Sarins head reeled from the short spell in the warp,his legs trembled and he stumbled,"Pyskers!..next time NEXT time,if the Daemons dont get you i will..!" Sarin looked around at the devestation to the Emperors temple,foul symbols and filth covered the ornate walls,a few of the other troopers were reeling from the warp travel and the chaos filth all around them.Then from every corner....from every conceviable place in the temple came worshippers, worshippers of the unclean and beasts from the warp.

Masked Jackal 01-20-10 11:58 PM

Wolf shook his head nonchalantly after the psyker teleported them. The aftereffects of warp-travel kept the hairs on the back of his neck up, and he looked around at the foul effigies slandering the god of mankind. "Damn psykers..."

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