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Haraldrr 01-18-10 08:00 PM

Army painter spray?
Hi guys, just wanted to know if anyone has ever used this stuff and how good it is, looked like an easy basecoat for my wolves army, but wanted to check if its worth using or not.


thought id post a link to it on wayland games too.

Talos 01-18-10 09:37 PM

I have only used there desert Yellow and then it was only used on bases. It was a good spry it seem just like GWs. There was no lose of detail.
I heard they are making a new spray called Dragon Red which should be the same colour as GW red foudation paint which will make painting my army alot better.
I was looking into testing there daemonic yellow as I need a yellow spray to paint my Battlewagons.

STATIC 01-18-10 10:30 PM

This stuff is amazing!!!
Quickest way to paint an army.
Do it. You wont regret it.

Kaizer 01-19-10 01:17 AM

I have used army painter alot, since it being a danish product at all, and had fine experince with it overall. Painted a thousonds army in a matter of hours do to their metalic spray.

here are some of the stuff I have heard and seen.

1. Just to started with the daemonic yellow being mentioned by Talos. You have to do a thick layer to cover the model and get a real yellow colour. If you want to spray yellow I would suggest first priming white and then using a airbrush.

2. One of my friends say he prefere GW because he think its thiner. Here we are only talking about black and white.

3. Crusting - I dont know how I should describe this best. Many danish painters and gamers seems to have experinced the army painter spray crusting, giving a gritty and ruff undercoat. In short terms it ruines your model. After what Im told its a matter of keeping the can at the right temperature, and making a short trial spraying before spraying.

This is just what I know and think.

STATIC 01-19-10 06:46 AM

All i do when i spray my mini's is sit the can in a sink full of hot water (from the tap) for about 5 minutes. Then i can spray in almost any weather too!!
Oh yeah... Shake the can like all hell for about 30 seconds after you take it out of the sink. Viola!!
Love this stuff!!!

CAUTION: Can will more than likely burn your hand if you're a little on the girly side.

Kaizer 01-19-10 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by STATIC (Post 552417)
CAUTION: Can will more than likely burn your hand if you're a little on the girly side.

Lol! Sounds like a good trick though! I will pass that on the those who have problems.

BiOHaTe 01-19-10 09:43 AM

I used the GW chaos black spray in my room (wearing a mask) next to the window with a fan blowing behind me and the air conditioner on (its evaprotive so it pushes the air out the house. Some of my models oranged peeled or turned whitish gritty and the paint could be peeled off.

I was later told i should spray outside when its not windy and not hot or cold for perfect results.

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