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Riandro 01-12-10 07:22 PM

Thinning citidel paint for airbrushing.
Hello user's of Heresy!

Im just wondering, should i thin my paints with water? or a thinner like Tamiya Airbrush thinner?

Also, foundation paints, good to use in an airbrush, or REALLY bad?

Im guessing Galahad might know a bit on this subject,i remember his amazing case!

bobss 01-12-10 07:33 PM


Originally Posted by Riandro (Post 547920)
Hello user's of Heresy!

Also, foundation paints, good to use in an airbrush, or REALLY bad?

This for your Nids?:grin:

All paints, short of washes, to my knowledge need to be thinned with water to be Airbrushed, defenetly Foundations, due to the bigger pigment to water ratio...


This generally explains that of the GW model, which Im sure could be used towards none-gw makes (Im guessing your using Edds?):good:

I have little experience towards this, though do hope to find more about it, as I too wish to spray my own models, before successive layers of drybrushing...

Riandro 01-12-10 07:48 PM

Nope im using my own one Bob, just got it today, and i know you need to thin it down, im just asking what with thats all xD

Thanks for the link, but now i need to figure out how much water i need to use, im guessing 50/50.

bobss 01-12-10 08:03 PM

Sweet, Edd told me of its compressor, so no wasting money on useless cans of prollelant for you.... *grumbles*

GW paints, being acrylic based would be finer with water, it would only be if they are Oils that you would need some type of thinner... (Mr Phillips` lectures come in handy for once!)

Ratio`s? I dunno... obv for foundation they would be higher, but again my usefulness has its bounds...

bobss 01-12-10 08:03 PM

Dub post... *not amused face*

Riandro 01-13-10 05:18 PM

Cheers Bob! im sure ill figure it out. maybe ;P

Damned Fist 01-14-10 12:12 AM

I use GW paints in my airbrushes (Including Foundations) and I recommend using the following recipe for your reducer;

1 part rubbing alcohol
1 part glass cleaner (or 'flow aid' if you want to spend the money)
4 parts water.

Thin your paints at least 1 to 1 with the reducer and you should have no problems.:victory:

Crimson Shadow 01-14-10 04:16 AM

I've used the GW model. And the paint bottle that comes with it is approx 50/50 water and paint per their description. I've had issues with it clogging though, so you might want to thin it more. Or based on his post, follow Damned Fist's mix as it sounds more knowledgable.

Good luck. When you can get the base color done for a whole squad in like 90 seconds, it's a beautiful thing.

morfangdakka 01-14-10 04:39 AM

I use a similar recipe as Damned FIst

denatured alcohol
window cleaner, I use windex

Dagmire 01-14-10 06:33 AM

I have just used water to thin mine but i find that when using Foundation paints that after 20 mins or so I have to clean my airbrush

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