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Damned Fist 02-13-08 12:09 AM


Dude I love that base! Very very sweet. How long did that take to make?
1 1/2 nights. I found out Thursday that we needed one so I started it that night and finished it Friday.


how long does it take you to paint one model >?
Depends on the model. The Devs take about 8hrs each(Average). Others take longer and some are fairly quick.

Siege 02-13-08 01:49 AM

Holy shit. 8 hours for one model! Fuck!

I can't see the pics from here but I imagine they're quite impressive.

Pandawithissues... 02-21-08 07:01 PM

Moved to modelling

Feel free to post more of your army pics in this thread guys, lets make it a sort of database for everyones armys ;)

Nightbringer416 02-22-08 10:08 AM

I love the dreadnaught with the ram skull on front. I wish I could paint that well. Does anyone else have the problem where when you concentrate on the model for too long your hand shakes uncontrollaby? well it happens to me alot. my models are painted not to that certain scale but i like them. I'll post when I finish painting my deciever which will be in about 3 days.

-does anyone know of video tutorials for painting miniatures? i have the book but i'm more of a visual learner.

nevermind its the next thread down

D-bag Deluxe 02-24-08 03:36 PM

Hey guys, I just finished my Dark Eldar army for 1850 points. I saw this thread and I figured I should probably add them here. Sorry for the bad pics; I am a really terrible photographer.


Hopefully I'll be done with my nurgle soon too.

Lord Sinkoran 02-24-08 06:25 PM

thats the first painted dark eldar army i've seen. Looking good :ok:

Damned Fist 02-24-08 07:49 PM

:ok:Your layering looks very good and I love the banner. It's a good looking army over all. Well done!

Pandawithissues... 02-24-08 07:54 PM

Nice dark eldar, good colour scheme with a great theme and a nice scenic base. Awesome, nice job kicking the thread off again

angels of fire 02-25-08 04:31 PM

That makes the DE look cool again nice work.:)

The Wraithlord 02-26-08 12:20 AM

Very nicely done DE army!

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