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Inquisitor196 02-10-13 02:45 PM

Well, here is mine... A full Vostroyan frstborn company.

The full 180 infantry unit fits in a 1750pts army, and with the "russes", the bastion and the Vendetta (yeap... the Thunderbolt is a vendetta in the games...) it makes 2000pts... so, i think it must be like 3000 points at full strenght...

Hope you like it


The Command Squad at full (never actually used all of it at the same time)


The tanks (the left one is like 2 inches longer, resembling a "malcador pattern")


And the bastion, custom made from the citadel ruins set and lots of cardboard and bits...


(you may have noticed the HW's have no crew, that's because i just put two models over the base. Just wanted a bit of flexibility when picking those...)

kwantm 02-12-13 02:16 PM

here is a link to a realtime stream (:):)) of my WIPS and finished models


MidnightSun 06-21-13 07:04 PM

317 Attachment(s)
Crap picture quality, but you get the impression:

Attachment 959939398


LokiDeathclaw 12-15-13 04:27 PM

9 Attachment(s)
So here's my army so far....have't got a pic of the whole army but here are the sqauds

Noctum 05-18-14 03:17 PM

Squire 05-18-14 10:20 PM

Moriouce 06-13-14 04:06 PM

My Altansar warhost is fully painted.

Jazehiah 09-27-15 06:49 PM

I am thoroughly impressed by the artistry displayed here. Makes me want to buy more models and paints and terrain and...

ntaw 09-27-15 09:12 PM

^ I often think the same, and then maintain a steady regimen of procrastination with regards to painting :grin:

Roxyyy03 07-17-20 09:09 AM

This is my childhood games so i decided to buy some of the toys from the store and then ill give it to my only son cause he always playing professor ratings and animal jam online cause technology right now is already destroyed the children future. :nerd::victory:

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