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swntzu 04-09-08 04:36 PM

I've posted these pics in my ego inflating thread in the subs section. The audience there is somewhat restricted so here they are. It's only one guy (who's 3/4 finished) but he won me a small comp at my local GW. I got a crap prize for it though...



riskman 04-09-08 05:34 PM

thats a really nice model

by the way, What was the prize?

swntzu 04-09-08 05:49 PM

Tsar Boris on bear. It's an alright model but useless to me. It's as if they wanted to get rid of old stock...

chaplin_magnus 04-21-08 04:27 PM

nice looking armies everyone, some make me jealous. i have four armies going right now. a dark angel, eldar, world eater and a deamon hunter. there is a pic of my eldar army and some of my SM in the gallery. will post pics of the rest as soon as i can.

Dark Angels Battle Co. (5000+)

World Eaters (3000+)

Eldar (4000+)

Deamon Hunter w.i.p. (1000+)

i have several projects in the works for all 4 of my armies. but like always there is always something new to dream about painting.

Casual_T 04-22-08 02:03 AM

most of these armies are so much better than mine

but i prefer quantity over quality

10k points of marines=:)

Rindaris 04-23-08 11:48 PM


Aesir Knights

A bit dated since I could add a predator, dreadnought, deathwatch squad etc... but not planning on putting together a full army list until I'm really done with everything I intend to really finish.

Hespithe 04-23-08 11:54 PM

Looks like a fun army, mate.

Rindaris 04-24-08 01:35 PM

Thanks! It really is a fun army. I've had a good time developing the fluff for it as well as putting it together. I have one more landspeeder, a tactical, my deathwatch squad and a scout squad to finish then I'll feel that I'm done enough with this army. I'll still have some stuff packed away that could be finished up, but honestly won't really use it and enough is enough.

Raelcun 04-24-08 11:03 PM

I cant believe I"m the first to post some necrons here, I got into the Necron army cuz they're fun to paint and I still have most of them only half done lol. But these are the ones I have fully painted even if some of them dont like to stay together.


detail on warriors I made an effort to have them all in pretty different positions so that once I have most of my army done you get the sense of them slogging across the field


The destroyers took a long time to get all the detail down but definately worth it


the lords the one whose arm doesnt like to stay on has a Resurrection Orb modelled on, hes the old model before they sold orbs with lords. It's basically just a ball of greenstuff that I painted and varnished once it fully set.


I need to try and get some better pictures in an even light environment but that was the best I could put together on short notice their base layer is actually 3 paint layers of metallic colors with varnish overtop to give a very aged look with additional detail colors where necessary. It's hard to see some of the best details on some of those pictures.

Commissar Ploss 04-25-08 01:02 AM

looks wonderful mate! glad to see some nec's here instead of the commonplace SM's, though i'm not one to talk since i'm doning SM's myself, but still! good to see someone mixing it up!

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