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foulacy 03-25-08 12:01 AM

Nice work in here so far, i should have a pic of my full DG army up soon.

Shadowfane 03-28-08 07:46 PM

Ooo, pretty :P Will try and take some pics of my stuff over the weekend - have hive fleet morrigan, my dark elves, and sons of malice - will attempt to get at least 2 armies photo'd!

loyalist42 03-30-08 12:29 AM

EDIT: friend posted.....'cause he's an asshole :biggrin:

Shadowfane 03-30-08 04:24 PM

8 Attachment(s)
Ok, heres my contribution - 40K first, this is my 'Nid army, tentatively named Hive Fleet Morrigan....

More pics on next post :biggrin:

And theres the rest of the hive fleet pics I have. These guys get slowly but steadily added to, in order to make them apocalypse-viable - current additions being worked on are more gaunts, more zoanthropes, some tyrant guard, more raveners, and a scythed heirodule when it arrives from forgeworld :grin:

Next up are my dark elves!

Pandawithissues... 03-30-08 04:29 PM

Really strong colour scheme on those nids, and they look all the more awesome for it!
Repped, for being generally very awesome.

Can't wait for the heirodule!

Shadowfane 03-30-08 04:31 PM

9 Attachment(s)
Dark Elves are my main warhammer army, and I've had this army since the last version of the book came out - I was more than happy with them, mainly because this was the first army I painted from start to finish without getting distracted by something else... :grin:

And here's the last of the Dark elves - I haven't included a pic of the hydra, as theres one knocking around the gallerys somewhere.

Pandawithissues... 03-30-08 04:47 PM

And these look awesome too!

And notch one up for yourself for having the first fantasy army in the thread!

Shadowfane 03-30-08 04:49 PM

Heh - yeah, I noticed that - thought I'd stick them in for variety. I'll try and get my Sons of Mailce photo'd sometime over the next couple weeks - they're an oldish army, and I've improved a fair amount since I painted them, but I spent so much bloody time over their damn black/white quartered colour scheme, I'm gonna show them off, dammit! :P

The Wraithlord 03-30-08 05:30 PM

Damn those are quite nice Nids. Don't see too many decent colour schemes for them imho.

Bogg 04-02-08 09:04 PM

dont think I got big enough table for my armies, ...But ill get around to it..

so far u can view some of my Orkz....must....get ....them....done...by May.........

here is a selected few http://s281.photobucket.com/albums/kk226/Bogg_photos/

But so far I got Painted
12 Lootas
9 Burnas
40 Boyz
1 Trukk
6 Bikez
3 Killa Kans
3 Custom built Kannons

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