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Pandawithissues... 03-05-08 06:34 PM

Good job to all who've posted on here, all the armies are looking great.

(ps, carps: i'm glad the table got cleaned, or you're sisters would've looked like they were trudging through a biohazard :) )

This is exactly what this thread is for guys, keep it up, and hopefully we'll have a directory for the members' armies we, as a community can be proud of!

Hespithe 03-05-08 06:38 PM

The Wraithlord 03-05-08 10:39 PM


Pah I'd just saw they counted as Generic CCW's or Force Weapons. Paint them up with runes all over them and they should do the trick.
Gotta agree Sons, they have a force weapon yes but it doesn't say what KIND of weapon the sorc is using. Who is to say it isn't a pfist, psword, staff, butter knife, etc?

Damned Fist 03-08-08 05:49 PM

Wraith..., when are you going to post your Tau here?

The Wraithlord 03-08-08 06:39 PM

Heh, soon as I clear a spot to take a pic of them :angel:

Master Andael 03-10-08 04:13 PM

Hespithe, i like the look of your army very much. Especially the Demons:mrgreen:

Commissar Ploss 03-10-08 10:11 PM

gotta say, super awesome!

DeusMortemEst 03-10-08 10:24 PM


Originally Posted by Lord Kronus (Post 73840)
I am guessing your don't play chaos much. The very neatly converted army above is not based on any loyalist sapcemarine legion but is rather one of four primary legions of Chaos (others include the world eaters, emperors children, plague marines), the Thousand Sons, Tzeentchs personnal legion. The demons shown are Tzeentch Daemons

Oh, well, I actually knew that. Why the well were I asking? I am quite familiar with Chaos, so why the hell... Maybe they just reminded me of the Ultramarines in clolur, and maybe it was to look of the termies... Nevermind.

Ryan_M 03-12-08 06:52 PM

Here is my Ultramarines i am working on i am also painting a vetern and devastator squad


Damned Fist 03-12-08 09:35 PM

Shinny marines. I like it as it is different than all the other Ultras out there. Good Work!:ok:

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