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Elchimpster 01-29-08 11:10 PM

Warhammer 40,000- Pet Peeves
Yes...it's true, I am a largely non-competitive player; enjoying the fluff, stories, novels as much as collecting, converting/ assembling and painting figs. The GAME of Warhammer 40,000 however is less of a pull for me than the rest.

When I play, I tend to play for the hell of it with friends who are also non-competitive; rolling dice, moving around finely painted toy soldiers and trying to have a battle akin to what I've read in the books while whooping and hollering over crazy impossible die rolling and epic clashes. That's pretty much it.

On the flipside, there are folks who are not of like mind and simply play a complicated form of chess, and really they could use coins or bases or paper standups and it wouldn't make any difference.

Do I hate these guys?

As long as they don't fuck with me, I'm indifferent. Go have fun playing the way you want to amongst others of your kind. No problem, go in peace.

Problem is, and it's far FAR worse online, is the whole competitive-thing. This is better than that, your idea is dumb, that won't work because of X, Y, and Z. Blablablabla BLAH. I guess if you ask for critiques, then getting honest critiques are fine, no worries there. But there are some folks who are aggressive to people online, and they have no idea who they are talking to. It's like they are trying to impress someone, or prove their manliness..rrrRRrRRRRRRR! [thumps on chest]. I'm like...are you trying to impress a chick or something? Making up for too much estrogen/ not enough testosterone? Little dick? I mean...come on guys, why can't folks be civil?

Honestly, for the most part it's not much of an issue here. Heresy Online has a bunch of folks who are pretty laid back and not all about getting up in someone's grille.

But there are a number of OTHER 40k forums that are considerably more caustic.

Maybe it's because I'm older and I've gotten over the need to prove anything to anyone through words on a computer or against people in a game of toy soldiers. Maybe it's because the vast bulk of these posters are really young and still trying to find out who they are in a world where there IS NO outlet for the pent up aggression. I dunno. Maybe it would be better if the whole world smoked a big fat bowl and chilled out before playing 40k or posting online.

What is my pet peeve?

Overly aggressive competitors in games of 40k and in 40k forums.

Steel Rain 01-29-08 11:34 PM

One thing I have learned from surfing gaming forums is this: the most aggressive of the mathhammer players join forums. It doesn't matter what the game is, be it magic, D&D, 40k, warmachine, WoW, EQ, Battlefield, whatever. They talk about the mechanics of the game. Constantly. This build vs that build vs this build etc. This is not to say that all subscribers to forums are aggressive, only the ones who stand out. You moderators make it a point to keep things relatively civil, as civil as a game about war can be.

What brought this on, anyways?

Elchimpster 01-30-08 01:15 AM

Nothing really...just starting another thread as a place for people to post whatever peeves them. (There was nothing in particular and I'm not all irate or anything, just crossed my mind in another thread and decided to add to the flavor of the forum and add another thread.)

TH3F4LL3NT3MPL4R 01-30-08 01:24 AM

I will say my biggest pet peeve beeing a new player and all would be this:

people taking advantage of the new guy, by either sticking him against some uber powerhouse of a force or just plain beeting the crap out of him and rubbing it in his face. YOU BEET ME BIG WOOP IT'S NOT LIKE YOU HAVE WON A GT OR ANYTHING

apd9122 01-30-08 01:28 AM

My pet peeve is someone having an interesting sounding army and then not having pictures in thier photo albums :victory: Though I did like the Conan Chicks. and I stole the rules lawyer photo. Really though what do the pre-heresy Ultramarines look like??

Frostbite 01-30-08 01:34 AM

I would say my biggest pet peeve is people who pick up my models, the ones that I spend hours and hours working on, and then start using them like toys. Moving them around, making sound effects or talking "In character". Seriously, if you didn't put in the hours of time and effort, don't touch the fucking model. You can ask to look at it, and most times I will let you, but don't play with it, and for God's sake, keep it over the table, preferably relatively close above it. Modeling is my main reason for this game, I don't jump into your car and drive around recklessly. So yeah, that's my number one peeve.

Elchimpster 01-30-08 02:21 AM


Originally Posted by apd9122 (Post 59869)
My pet peeve is someone having an interesting sounding army and then not having pictures in thier photo albums :victory: Though I did like the Conan Chicks. and I stole the rules lawyer photo. Really though what do the pre-heresy Ultramarines look like??


Djinn24 01-30-08 04:11 AM

I must say I dislike people who do not play or the unsupervised gaming store kid picking up a model like it belongs to them. Or someone if I am in a good game asking me questions (this is really bothersome if they do it on my turn).

Hespithe 01-30-08 04:24 AM

Biggest pet peeve? Well, I dunno if it can be classed as such... but...

If you are gonna spout rules and require exacting behavior from your opponent, please be kind enough to listen and adhere to your own swill.

Too many games have been ruined for me while I try to be the 'nice' guy and let such crap float. Should I continue to refrain? Or should I start bashing some heads? It's not like being the 'nice' guy has all that many perks listed in the job description...

yvaN_ehT_nioJ 01-30-08 05:25 AM

The biggest pet peeve I have is that I am the only person that collects GW models for miles and miles around where I live. Because of this I will have to be a lowly new person until I can play against other people that play the game.

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