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zas240 11-25-09 10:34 PM

Homebrew ad mech codex
Ok, first thing, I would like to apologise if I put this in the wrong section, and if I did, could a mod please move it? Anyway onto the point of this thread. I've decided that my next army's going to be ad mech, but there's no codex. So I'm going to write my own, from scratch but any help would be apresiated. Basicly could you recomend units, points costs and stat lines. When I have finished the dex, I'll post a link.
Obviously this dex is for friendly matches only.
I was thinking of basic scitarii costing around 7 points each, ws 3, bs 3, s 3, t 3, w 1, I 2, a 1, ld 7, sv 4+. Armed with a lasgun. What do you think?

HOBO 11-25-09 11:05 PM

There is a homebrew Ad Mech Codex - 'Cult Mechanicus' done by the Tempus Fugitives...visit their site and download the PDF if you want. It's very good but I'm waiting for FW to start mking the models before I actually start a list.

zas240 11-26-09 07:35 AM

oh thanks, ill have a look

zas240 11-26-09 07:44 AM

oh sorry about the double post. I cant download it (because you have to pay) and as im 14 I dont have a credit card to pay with. I'll just write my own anyway

Steve the mediocer 11-27-09 11:28 PM

go ahead, this sounds interseting, and i like you idea of the scitarii, i am interested in seeing what else you come up with

good luck

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