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Galahad 01-18-07 02:43 PM

Command Squad...as a Kill-Team?
I was thinking that a command squad would make a great and possibly fluffy kill team.
You've got your melee guy (champion), you've got your medic (apothecary), your trusted sarge, a pair of special weaponers (plasgun and flamer would be handy).

I could even see the fluff. The command squad is disgraced perhaps they failed to protect their commander or recover his body, perhaps they lost a chapter relic (model a standard bearer with a broken banner pole as an improvised weapon, perhaps) s now they take on hopeles smissions in a desperate attempt to regain their lost honor.

Only issues are, I'm not sure how legal it is.

THe rules say that HQ units are too valuable, but that was in explanation for the rule that aays no multiwound or vehicle models. A command squad is more of an accessory for the HQ unit that's too important to risk. The guys themselves aren;t that important just the multiwounder they're protecting.

They also say you must follow the restrictions for the unit and make mention of mandatory upgrades. But that seems more like *internal* restrictions, rather than restrictions about how you can get the unit. After all, if you say that you ust take a commander (and thus break an immutable rule) to field a Command Squad KT, then I could turn around and say the guard KT player has to take an infantry platoon in order to take that squad of grunts he's using.

As near as I can tell, there;s nothing explicit that says you couldn;t take a command squad without a commander as a kill-team. As long as you pay the points and follow the rules for the models you take, I don;t see why you couldn't

Plus KT tends to be kind of fast and loose, fluff-oriented to begin with.

Only prblem I can think of is one of worth. It would be a very expensive squad if you take an apothecary, a champion, a pair of special weapons, a vet sarge and any kind of veteran skills. Would you just be better off loading up on scouts instead?

Also, on a side note...are traits allowed in KT? Because if the comand squad is out, you could simulate it with a tactical or veteran unit with Purity Above All and either Cleanse and Purify (if you want two specials) or Take the Fight to Them (if you want BP*CCW in a tact squad)

Anphicar 01-18-07 09:55 PM

I had the same idea since recently starting my Space Marines.

You can emulate the CS with normal troops +Special skills, yes. As long as their wargear, weaponry and skills dont cost more than 40 points, you're good.

Galahad 01-19-07 12:04 AM

Well, for a start, I don't recall any sort of restriction on skills.

And if you take a veteran squad, do the squad upgrade weapons (lightning claws, etc) count as wargear? I wouldn't think so.

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