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zboy234 01-25-08 10:39 AM

Soaring Angels
The Orks of Hounourus Prime

With a roar the large cheiftan charged, swinging his large bulky chopper and encouraging his mob forward towards the ordered line of Imperial Guardsmen, but the oratory of the cheiftan was cut short as his head was loped off by a power axe, staining the robes over Caleb's armour with the xeno's brackish blood.

"For the Emperor, for Sanguinius!" Caleb bellowed over the vox, getting similiar replies as he activated his ornate jump pack and soared into the ranks of the greenskins, causing terror and chaos where they landed, the heart ripped of the Orks attack all the greenskins could do was try to escape the sons of Sanguinius as they ripped into the bulky orks.

The veteran warriors of Caleb's squad, golden helmets told of the the gore that their blood red armour hid, as they tore through the ranks of orks, killing more and more with each step, but then the Orks began to turn and run back into the fight, with a core of orks clad in black armor from head to toes and carrying a crude idol leading them.

"Sergeant Valedictus, come in" came the reedy voice of one of the Imperial commanders " pull back to the LZ and defend it, orders from Segmentum Command is to pull out and glass the planet understood?"

"This is Valedictus, what about the wounded?" replied Caleb as he parried a frenzied orks attack, and emptied his bolt pistol's clip into the ork's torso

"Already out, and the guardsmen have already left except the force assigned with you, and they are facing heavy assault at the LZ so move marine!" replied the commander, his voice tinged with tones of frustration

"I will be done" and then he switched to the Blood Angels vox channels, " all Blood Angels move to the LZ, I repeat all Blood Angels space marines get to the LZ!, If you don't get there soon may the Emperor be with you"

"Squad, activate jump packs and head to the LZ, we are leaving!" and without another word Caleb soared into the air, towards the LZ and towards one of the bloodiest battles of the soaring Blood Angel's life

Gore Hunter 01-25-08 10:53 AM


zboy234 01-25-08 12:38 PM

As Caleb dropped inside the defensive perimeter of the LZ, the scene that met him was one he had problems forgetting; corpses of fallen Imperial guardsmen were everywhere, each bore marks of brutal strength, arms ripped of, heads and legs also dismantled in the same manner, some corpses were only half there, the remainder Emperor knows where.

"What happened here?" Caleb asked a pale faced Junior Officer staggering past a veritable lake of blood.

"th,th,th...that monster ork did this, it tore through the defenses and killed any who were in it's way but as soon as we pulled back to the hangar it stopped attacking and just stood there" replied the officer, fainting dead on the spot.

"All Blood Angels marines form on me" Caleb ordered over the vox channel, relaying his position, and to Caleb's left and right dropped assault marines, and a devastator squad trudged through the mud towards Caleb, followed by a scout squad, after sounding off all the Blood Angel stood silent around the veteran, then a scout marine stood forward and asked

" What now?"

"We go to the hangar and support the surviving guardsmen" replied the Sergeant

"No good" replied one of the assault marines next to Caleb "My squad just came from there, its littered with the dead and all the ships are destroyed"

"Well lets find some supplies and ammo, barricade the hangar, and find any survivors and wounded and most importantly we have to find a vox-caster and call in evac" ordered the Veteran sergeant to his younger brethren, who sprang up and carried out his orders, and silently to himself Caleb Valedictus prayed to the Emperor and his primarch "Let us survive".

zboy234 01-25-08 01:30 PM

The astartes had work fast and well, constructing defenses under the watchful eye of a recently found tech marine, who had been unconscious under a collapsed barracks, they had scoured the LZ area for anything usable, coming across weapon caches, foxholes full of shaken Guardsmen and the tech marines wandering servitors.

By the time they found the HQ Vox-Caster the had well dug-in positions and had plenty of men manning the defenses and guarding all the wounded and medics.

"Brother-Tech marine are you able to repair this vox-caster" Caleb asked as he held out the heavy machine to his gene brother

"Yes, I can Brother-Sergeant" replied Varsin as he took the vox-caster from Caleb's hand and set to work, moments later he pronounced the repair done and handed it back to his commander, saying " here it is, operational"

"Thank you brother" replied Caleb with a small bow to the marine and he activated the vox, " Command this is Blood Angel Caleb Valedictus, I need immediate evac, over"

"You're still alive? we got reports that Ork overran you position" came a startled reply

"Yes that did happen, but my force came after the attack, found the survivors and formed a defense, but that aside we need off this planet now!"

"Confirmed, Thunderhawks inbound, but reading report and mob of orks nearing your position" replied the communications officer

"Acknowledged,over" and Caleb slammed the handset down and activated his vox headpiece, " all squads prepare for immediate attack" and Caleb put his helmet on "They are coming...."

Gore Hunter 01-25-08 01:38 PM

"Onward soaring Angels Marching out to War"

zboy234 01-27-08 02:14 AM

The sound of the orks reached the Imperial position long before they came into sight, but the defenders had already hidden, the remaining Imperial guardsmen were in hidden foxholes, with the last few Kasrkin at the most vital positions, the space marines hid in the camouflaged trenches around the hangar, and the scouts hidden atop the roof with sniper rifles trained on the camp entrance.

But none of them were expecting what they saw, a huge ork and so big it made the Nobs surrounding it seem tiny and with a roar the sound similar to a battle cannon, the Warboss and his nob squad charged into the compound and stopped in the central area in front of the hangar

"Where all dose dead 'umies, I left un ere" the warboss mused, deep concentration writ across his bestial features, and then the warboss yelled "Boyz get in ere we gots us a fight!" and with two loud cracks, the nobs on the left and right of the warboss fell, with gaping holes through their foreheads.

"All squads attack!" Caleb roared over the vox channels and was replied by the roar of heavy bolter fire shredding into the Ork mobs charging through the compound gates, sniper rifle fire dropping more Nobs and the whip crack of lasgun fire coming from the foxholes and the high pitched scream of the assault marines jet packs, as the tore out chunks of the milling mobs of orks.

Then Caleb activated his jump pack and sored towards the Warboss, closely followed by his veteran squad, with a righteous roar of fury the Veteran sergeant hacked into the large ork with his power axe, splitting the xenos from head to crotch, Caleb straitened himself up, yanking his axe from the blood sodden earth, wathcing as the Orks started panicking; fighting amongst themselves in a desperate attempt to flee, but were cut down but the scything heavy bolter fire, lasgun volleys and the fury of the assault squads attacks.

After the Orks had been exterminated the sergeant from the devastator squad reported the losses to Caleb, during the battle three astartes had fallen, along with an kasrkin sergeant, also ten guardsmen were wounded and one of the assault sergeants had lost an hand and was being treated by the apothecary.

Then the vox-caster started beeping, Caleb picked up the hand set and was met by the voice of his Captain " Sergeant, thunderhawks are 3 minutes from you position, get ready to leave"

"Yessir" and Caleb put the handset back on its rest " All squads when the evac gets here get the wounded on first, so move!"

later, after the imperial fleet turned the planet's surface to glass, in the chapel of the Battle Barge Angel's Fury Caleb was and his squad were promoted to the 1st company by Commander Dante himself and were all gifted with terminator honors, and thus ended the Ork infestation of Hounourus Prime.

zboy234 01-27-08 01:13 PM

Hidden Hunters


not knowing who called his rank but trusting the voice of this unknown brother, Caleb ducked and felt and intense stream of heat blast above his head, scorching off eye-brows . Standing up he looked over the source of the warning that saved his live and saw the sanguinary priest Corbulo, with a short nod he said "Than you brother-priest"

"No thanks needed brother, it is my duty to care for the sons of Sanguinius" replied the apothecary, as he let of a few burst off from his bolt pistol felling more fire warriors as they exposed their bodies from cover to shoot the veteran squad.

As more fire warriors opened fire the cover that the squad hid behind, started to crumble and get plucked away by the intense volleys of plasma fire, when the firing started to die down Caleb ordered his squad to jump out of range with their jetpacks, but as the squad lifted up from the ground, Corbulo's jetback was hit by a stream of plasma disabling one of the jump jets sending the sanguinary priest crashing down to the rubble strewn city streets, seeing the apothecary fall he directed his squad to the ground with hand signs.

As the squad descended they saw the priest put himself from the rubble and de-attach his jumpjets from his armor "Well since we are all here let walk back to base" the Blood angel said as he checked his wrist mounted auspex and headed toward the Blood Angels forward base camp.

They made it to the camp and were ordered back onto the ships by Commander Dante, but when the Blood angels boarded the ship the patient hunters sprung their trap......

Gore Hunter 01-28-08 08:59 AM

Go Blood Angels!!!

zboy234 01-28-08 12:13 PM

As the Imperial fleet aimed their guns to the city below the astropaths on board the Angel's Fury yelped in surprise, yelling hysterically to the fleet's space marine Admiral "Lord, enemy ship are heading towards us from the other side of the moon!"

with seemingly no emotion at all the Admiral picked up and spoke into the vox handset on his plush command chair's armrest "All ships, disregard previous order and prepare for ship to ship combat, I repeat prepare for ship to ship combat"

as Caleb heard the announcement over the speakers in the hangar bay he turned to the astropath of the Thunderhawk he recently had just been riding in, "Astropath what has happened?"

"A fleet of those filthy Tau xenos has rounded the moon and are coming withing gun range, also you are to report to the bridge" replied the astropath

when Caleb got to the bridge he was surprised to be surrounded by other members of the 1st company and to be met by the fleet admiral

"Brothers we have a problem"........

Gore Hunter 01-28-08 12:36 PM

I'm running out of things to say hear guess I'll just have to repeat myself so um... cool?

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