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Damned Fist 01-20-08 05:52 AM

Greenstuff: Mold Making
I ordered some icons a while back from Forgeworld and although I really liked the bits that I received I was disappointed that there was so few of them in the lot. I figured that we all have 'Bits' that we are really fond of and can never have enough of them around so I decided to submit this simple tutorial to help recreate your favourite pieces.

For this exercise you will need:
Water, Green Stuff (or similar epoxy clay), the "bit" that you wish to reproduce, Premo polymer clay (or similar baking clay) - This is clay that hardens only when baked at a low temperature. It can be found at most craft stores and is relatively cheap.


Step 1 Kneed a small amount of the polymer clay until soft and pliable and press it onto a hard surface to create your mold base. Try to keep the top flat and level. *Note: If you do not have access to polymer clay (Baking clay) you may use Green Stuff instead. However, I find that the polymer clay is much more forgiving and easier to work with as it doesn't stick to your bit like Green Stuff tends to.


Step 2 "Press" your bit into the clay evenly until it is level with the top of the clay base. Next, carefully remove the bit from the mold and the bake it according to the instructions on the package. If you used Green Stuff then you will have to let the mold cure over night.



Step 3 Now that your mold has hardened take the desired amount of Green Stuff and work it into the mold (remember to always keep your Green Stuff and your surfaces wet to avoid having you clay stick to everything) Once this is complete you may carefully remove the mixture from the mold by using the excess material on the edges. Try not to stretch the clay as it will distort and ruin the piece.



Step 4 Lastly, remove the excess material from around the new 'bit' and allow it the harden. Alternatively, sometimes the new part may be more useful in it's soft form and therefore you can benefit by using it right away such as in the following example where the Fist icon was used in it's soft form to curve around the banner. Had I use a hard resin piece I would not have been able to achieve this effect.


Good luck! and happy sculpting.:victory:

Djinn24 01-20-08 06:01 AM

Great thread, you can also get a mold release compound and allow it to cure in the mold as well and pop it out after it dries. There are also ways to do 2 part GS molds, they take a while and you have to use mold release but you can copy mold some really cool things like certain arms, or helmets, or even shoulder pads.

Bloodhound 01-20-08 06:26 AM

This is good but the thing is if Forgeworld find this, you're screwed. You're allowed to make moulds of stuff that was originally sculpted by you, but be careful with this. Don't make a ton and go parading that you made heaps of cheap copies of FW stuff. They'll be on to you like bears on honey.

Good tute though. I use this heaps. May I suggest that you paint on some white petroleum jelly (vaseline or equivelant) to the hardened mould before placing the GS in. Makes it easier.

Damned Fist 01-20-08 12:44 PM


This is good but the thing is if Forgeworld find this, you're screwed.
The idea is to reproduce bits for your own use. This is perfectly legal if you bought the original part to begin with. It becomes illegal if you copy parts that other people bought or you try to sell the ones you reproduced.

Good point to bring up..., use this as a warning.:victory:

Bloodhound 01-21-08 06:45 AM

Actually, no. If it belonged to a certain company in the first place, you're paying for one but obtaining many. I talked to the manger of all 3 local GW's and I've been told that you can make copies of your own sculpts and even sell them cause you're the legal owner of the design but you can't reproduce their stuff and make it known that it's not the original. GW legalities extend to FW because FW is a part of GW. Sorry. If you do make copies paint them quickly so noone knows they're copies.

Damned Fist 01-21-08 02:17 PM

Bloodhound: If I purchase a CD I can make as many copies as I like for my own use. One for my car, one for my room, another one to put on my MP3 player. All perfectly legal. (As long as I am not selling or sharing them with other people) In the same way, if I buy a painting I enjoy and I want to make a copy to place it in another room I am at liberty to do so. I believe that the same principle applies here. However, since you have asked around yourself there-then I with further look into it here. If what you are saying is true then I will have to edit this tut.

Thanks Blood. I'll get back to you soon.:victory:

Steel Rain 01-21-08 04:53 PM

Technically not true. The RIAA is trying to flex their legal muscle and make any copy illegal, regardless of intentions. They are also trying to make businesses pay fees for playing music in their stores. I don't think this is right, but that's the way it is.

Bloodhound 01-22-08 12:05 AM

Lol. The RIAA is actually going slowly off. These days They couldn't care less if you accidentally stumbled upon an mp3 or you've purposely downloaded 2000 full discographies. Music, they don't care about. Movies, they're still a little jumpy on, but you can pretty much do it for yourself if you don't go parading that you have them and you don't try to make a profit from it. Copying CD's....lol. They don't give a flying crap monster if you do or don't. The Record companies put their own protection on their CD's and the RIAA could go crawl in a hole and die for all they care. If you can find a way to crack the Copyright on CD's, you're fine. There are even legal ways to burn CD's and DVDs. www.slysoft.com has been up ann running for so long people are surprised they're not sued and shut down. They provide programs to get rid of DVD Protection (AnyDVD), to get rid of CD protection and a burner all in one (CloneCD) and a functional DVD burner that also compresses large DVD's so you can burn onto regular Blanks (CloneDVD).
Concerning Downloading media and software (games included), you're at full legal allowance to do so. The illegal part is to UPLOAD the files. You can't get into the tiniest but of trouble if you download anything - As long as you don't try to make profits.

RIAA manages the Media part of copyright but they're weakening.
Stuff like copying Moulds and stuff not related to Media is managed by their own respective companies and/or hired legalities from what I know.

Hespithe 01-22-08 12:27 AM

Cool enough... you ready to schedule a game, bloodhound?

PM me.

Bloodhound 01-22-08 12:28 AM

Let's go now. Current version.

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