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shaantitus 10-13-09 04:44 AM

The Desolators of Shaantitus
Greetings all. This blog is more a place to collect all the bits and pieces of my force and to give people an idea of what goes on in the maddened mind of this particular Heretic.

There are two armies that combine to form the Desolators of Shaantitus. There is a Traitor IG force led by Shaantitus himself with a mechanicus (inquisition) force Led by a rogue Techpriest and his followers. They provide support to the Armoured/Mechanised sections. The Desolators are regularly supported by a Warband of the Black legion led by Overlord Caleb (Caleb is only in black primer at the moment so he is a bit shy.)

Please be aware that I have heaps of stuff in various stages of completeness. My Knight has been under construction for a year and a half. My macharius was first started a year ago so I will put up the details of where I am at and go from there.

Shaantitus Himself

His personal Assasin Lo Wang(Marbo)

Six general shots of the Force(updated)

Platoon Command Squad With AT Gun(Lascannon)

Platoon Command Squad With AT Gun(Lascannon)

[Platoon Command squad (With Shaantitus Hanging around)


Vat Grown Shock Troops(Veterans)

Vat Grown Shock Troops Heavies(HW teams)

Imperial Dragon 10-13-09 04:51 AM

i Really like Shaantitus the model looks great and there seems to be plenty of other great ideas floating around as well.

shaantitus 10-13-09 05:34 AM

Now for some renegade admech units
Renegade techpriest and retinue.(Inquisitor)
Renegade techpriest and retinue.(Inquisitor with Psycannon)
Renegade Admech Agent and retinue.
The agent himself(Elite Inguisitor)
Plasma cannon servitor
Heavy Combat Androids
Photo removed. (Posted a better one later)

piemaster 10-14-09 09:57 PM

You do have some interesting stuff there. Some novel elements as well - I like the ogres and the various gasmasks etc. that you have.
thumbs up

Orochi 10-15-09 01:02 AM

Nice inclusion of Privateer press models.

Varakir 10-15-09 01:26 AM

It's a very insane mix of models, i really like it. It has a rag-tag look to it with a nice chaos vibe.

Where are the Heavy andriods from?

My only moan would be the grey bases, they make the full army shots look a bit drab.

shaantitus 10-15-09 02:37 AM

The only infantry that have been completed are the Inquisitors and their retinues, command squads, vets,psykers, techpriests and the light androids(not shown). Most of the other stuff has had primer fleshtones and a wash(old kind, will redo with the new ones) or basecoat and boltgun drybrush for androids. Basing is very much a work in progress. I find if I like a model I will get it and then try and fit it in somewhere.

Varakir 10-15-09 03:10 AM

In that case i have no moans!

I see models all the time that i really like, but never get them as they wouldn't fit...and i need that cash for marines....

It's great you can just buy what you want and have fun fitting them to the army.

shaantitus 10-15-09 08:22 AM

Minor update.
Heavy androids and std androids.(Old space crusade chaos androids,one of my favorite models.)Don't know what happened to the one in the middle, must have used a different wash. Might have to re-wash the others with brown.
Fitting the old and odd models in is fun. The old 2nd ed assasin is perfect for marbo. Old ork splatta cannons as field guns. Gives real opportunities for a different army. Thats why chaos is so good, plenty of variety.

shaantitus 10-16-09 03:51 AM

Armor time.
Leman russ MBT yes it is a lumbering behemoth. UGLY. Remodelled the std mbt's in my army. Lr forgeworld turrets on chimera hulls. Produces a tank that looks like a modern tank. As for rules they are just LR's without sponsons. I do have 2 std leman russ hulls one demolisher and an exterminator for use as command tanks. However all mbt's and transports are chimera hulls.
Salamander half track,Vanquisher

Plenty of painting still to do......

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