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Galahad 10-07-09 08:20 AM

[Need Help!] Glossary Update Drive!
Most of you are no doubt aware of our Interactive Glossary, which is a very cool and handy feature whereby Heresy not only tells you what some annoying abbreviation actually means, but we even tell you where to find it in the books.

Unfortunately, only Jez and I can add new definitions and it pretty much hasn't been touched since it was uploaded (just after the new SM codex came out) because it's such a huge pain in the ass to think up abbreviations that are commonly used, look them up for their definition and page number, and then pop open the control panel, fill in all the right fields and upload it.

So as a result, our IG and Space Wolf definitions are all either nonexistent or out of date (and I'm sure we missed some stuff in other books as well). This is where you come in.

If you guys want to go to the trouble of finding me the abbreviations and looking up their entries, I'll go through and upload them, and hit you with a dose of rep for your trouble.

Here's the catch: The more work I have to do to fix up the entry, the less rep you get.

If all I get is "TLA means Three Letter Abbreviation" without any care given to the formatting I need, no page numbers listed, etc, you may get "Uh, thanks..."

But if I get...

Originally Posted by Exactly what I need
Hellhound (p50, 101 C:IG)

Then congrats, you get rep. The more entries, the more rep.

Right now we need Space Wolves and IG more than anything.

Not just the new stuff, but any old stuff that is either obsolete (like the whole HSO, JO, etc officer stuff from the old IG), or needs to be changed (like SO still means Senior Officer but has a new page number), but if you see anyhting from another dex that needs fixing or adding, feel free to throw it in.

We are NOT concerned with 'Nids for the moment since the new codex for them is due out in a few months (last I heard) and it;ll all need changing anyway.

We could use Fantasy suggestions too, but PLEASE confine those to This Thread in the WFB section so I can keep them straight.

We also got a bunch of IG suggestions from THIS thread here so be sure to take a look there before you post something that may have been suggested already.

Here's the rules and format

The abbreviation comes first, along with any variants and pluralization, separated by commas. (HH,HHs for Hellhound/Hellhounds). The system does NOT work with punctuation, does not automatically pluralize, and is not normally case-sensitive (Case Sensitive entries can be added, but it's more work and we only use it when an abbreviation overlaps with a normal word like SO is case sensitive so as not to link every time someone says 'so')

Next line is definition, capitalized, followed my the page number and book in parenthesis. For units that have two entries in the new codex format (rules, then points in the AL section) it goes (pXX,XX) with the first number being the fluff/rules entry and the second being the army list entry from the back of the book. No space, just a comma. After the page number but inside the parenthesis we list the book. '40k 5th' is the main book. Codices go C:Abbreviation. C:SM for Codex: Space Marines, C:CSM Codex: Chaos Space Marines, C:CD Codex: Chaos Daemons etc. Necrons, Eldar, Tau, Orks and Nids don't have real abbreviations so C:Necrons, C:Eldar, C:Tau, C:Orks and C:Nids for now.

End result should look like that Hellhound entry above.

For common weapons with no special rules, look and see if it's in the quick reference section in back of the main book, or the special close combat attacks section in assault. Bolt Pistols are bolt pistols are bolt pistols. So BP links to 'p99 40k 5th', the first entry for bolt pistols in the main book. If the weapons have special rules only found in the codex (like Gauss Weapons), or the stat line has changed in the new 'dex then link to its armoury entry or special rules for the unit, whichever is appropriate.

For units and weapons that appear in multiple books unchanged, link to the first 5th edition appearance of it. So despite Land Raiders being common to most SM codices, LR always links back to C:SM (Yeah, even for space wolves with their nerfed capacity, it's not a big enough change to warrant an extra line)

Obviously some things are just common terms that don't have page numbers like GS for Green Stuff, but if you ca put it in the above format, it makes my job of copying easier.

Anyway, as always, your help is always appreciated and if it's up to snuff it'll get rep.

maddermax 10-07-09 01:10 PM

Just something that we seem to use all the time.

Rules As Written

Rules As Intended

Baalirock 10-07-09 01:16 PM


Originally Posted by maddermax (Post 493173)
Just something that we seem to use all the time.

Rules As Written

Rules As Intended

I've been wondering what that meant!

Wolf_Lord_Skoll 10-08-09 07:54 AM

Blood Claws (p25, 89 C:SW)

Grey Hunters (p26, 89 C:SW)

Wolf Scouts (p27,88 C:SW)

Long fangs (pg28,92 C:SW)

Lone Wolves (pg29,88 C:SW)

Wolf Guard (pg30,86 C:SW)

Thunder Wolf Calvary(pg34,90 C:SW)
Thunder Wolf Mount (p62 C:SW)

Wolf Priest (pg35,85 C:SW)

Rune Priest (pg36,84 C:SW)

Jaws of the World Wolf (p37 C:SW)

Fury of the Wolf Spirits (p37 C:SW)

Iron Priest (p38,87 C:SW)

Wolf Lord (pg39,84 C:SW)

Frost Blade (p57 C:SW)

Frost Axe (p57 C:SW)

Wolf Claws (p60 C:SW)

Runic Armour (p61 C:SW)

Runic Weapon (p36 C:SW)

Mark of the Wulfen (pg62 C:SW)

Saga of the Wolf-kin (p64 C:SW)

Saga of the Bear (p64 C:SW)

Saga of Majesty (p64 C:SW)

Saga of the Hunter(p64 C:SW)

Saga of the Warrior Born(p64 C:SW)

Saga of the Beastslayer(p64 C:SW)

Saga of the Iron Wolf (p64 C:SW)

Chooser of the Slain (p36 C:SW)

Oaths of War special rule (p35 C:SW)

Fang of Morkai (p35 C:SW)

Wolftooth Necklace (p62 C:SW)

Wolftail Talisman (p62 C:SW)

Wolf Guard Battle Leader (p30,85 C:SW)

Galahad 10-08-09 09:27 AM

Awesome possum, mate!
Great big help.

Also, forum codes work in those things, so I was able to include a link to GW's intellectual property policy in the IP entry (which ( expanded to include Iron Priests and Intellectual Property) so double neat

MaidenManiac 10-08-09 05:47 PM

Great list Wolf_Lord_Skroll! :)

Id add this to the SW list:
Fenrisian Wolfs(pg 31, 91 C:SW)

SwiftClaw Bikers(pg 33, 90 C:SW)
SwiftClaw AttackBike(pg 33, 90 C:SW)

SkyClaw Assault(pg 32, 90 C:SW)

Id also suggest splitting the ThunderWolf details, for better reference depending on which kind that is intended, into:
ThunderWolf Cavalry(pg 34, 90 C:SW)

ThunderWolf Mount(pg 62 C:SW)

Blue Liger 10-20-09 01:28 AM

One used quite a bit that some player especially those that don't play them, such as myself sometimes forget what means:

ATSKNF - And They Shall Know No Fear (Codex: Space Marines) - not sure what page don't have codex.

Been around for ages and I have to look at it tiwce to remember what it means sometimes

khorneflake 01-01-10 07:55 PM

BC-battle cannon
Pg 103-105

VC-Vox Caster
Pg 71

RF: refractor field
pg 71

'SM: snare mines

RG: ripper gun
Pg 42
IDW- insta-death-weapon

BoC-Beasts of Chaos

DoW-Dogs of war
Dawn of War

deathbringer 03-09-10 09:08 AM

Somthing that came to me randomnly
It would be nice if we had the slang for tau suits explained for example deathrain - any way i've done a list

Twin- Twin linked

Deathrain- Twin Missile Pod (suppot system or flamer)
Deathrain+- Twin linked Missile Pod Targetting Array

Burning eye- Twin Plasma (suppot system or flamer)
Burning eye- Twin Plasma Targetting Array

Sunforge- Twin Fusion (suppot system or flamer)
Sunforge+- Twin Fusion Targetting Array

Heatwave- Twin Flamer (suppot system)

Centurion: Shas'El Plasma rifle, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Targetting Array and Hard-Wired Multitracker.

Fireknife (FK): Plasma Rifle Missile Pod Multitracker

Helios: Plasma Rifle Fusion Blaster Multitracker

Bladestorm / Blinding Spear / Aurora: Plasma Rifle Burst Cannon Multitracker

Fireforge: Missile Pod Fusion Blaster Multitracker

Firestorm: Missile Pod Burst Cannon Multitracker

Stormforge: Burst Cannon Fusion Blaster Multitracker

Thunderstorm: Shas'Vre Burst Cannon Airbursting Fragmentation Projector Multitracker

Ion Knife: Cyclic Ion Blaster Plasma Rifle Multitracker

Ion Storm: Cyclic Ion Blaster Burst Cannon Multitracker

OIIIIIIO 03-10-10 04:41 AM

Nids ... could be helpful
IB - Intsinctive Behaviour nid's pg 33
MS - Mycetic Spore nid's pg 54

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