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ARMORMAN 08-30-09 07:44 PM

Reaver Titan WIP
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Here's my latest WIP. A 40k Titan....all paper. Feet are finally to a stage that I can call done....rivets...why did I have to do rivets?

Base model was from BWC Archive. Added pistons, raised edge detail, treads on toes, piston joint mounts, logo, and rivets....many rivets....

Iron Angel 08-30-09 07:49 PM

WOW. Looks amazing! +rep

wombat_tree 08-31-09 07:42 AM

Wow! not sure why your making it out of paper but oh well! +rep

ARMORMAN 08-31-09 06:06 PM


Because card stock is cheap and readily available. :grin:

Plus, I like the challenge and when I finish prepping it, it should be as strong as plastic card. :biggrin:

ARMORMAN 09-05-11 04:54 AM

Finally, an update!
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First, Sorry I haven't posted more, but I've been dealing with deaths in the family and loss of job (plant shut down permanently).

This is my last year and 4 months worth of work. I have 1 week to finish the white model.

Originally this was going to be an "out of the box" build. Just a quick build of JSV's DIY Reaver Titan from BWC Archive...the only problem was my inability to leave well enough alone....it all started with building the feet and thinking "it would be cooler if I just added raised surface detail" then..."If I added hydraulics to the model...that would be really cool..." and so on. Well, needless to say, it became an exercise in creativity (and sometimes endurance - sanity went out the door long before the start of this project).

OK, so here's the deal: So often I see people posting about making this and other large kits out of plastic as opposed to trying to make it out of paper and cardboard. My thought was that if you wanted to take the time, it could all be done in paper. Also, not everyone on a group or forum may have access to the materials others have, but everyone can get their hands on paper and glue. Thirdly, I have seen this and other models done before where the model was (or looked) slammed together (now, in the builder's defense, if you are building it to the best of your abilities, then well done).

I am about 93% finished with the model and here's what I have wrought.


- Re-laid out the parts to fit on US letter

- Added raised surface edges

- Added hand punched grill (paper),false mechanics, "eye" optics, Hose attachments, rivets, and raised surface detail to the "Dragon" or "Eagle" head that comes with the kit

- scratch built a second "python" head with raised detail and hose attachments (this will be the one that goes on it in the end)

- Heavily modified both mini cannon and Plasma Blastgun (not finished, will be adding hoses and other details)

- Added rear radiator under carapace to match the metal miniature

- Magnetized all weapon mounts, head mount, and ankles

- Custom designed scrollwork, and raised surface logos

- lowered the head mount to match the metal miniature.

- added platform to set rocket launcher further back on carapace to more match the miniature

Azkaellon 09-05-11 06:00 AM

I hate to be that Gun but i think it might be to tall for a reaver O.O? However it does look really chaos like....Would look amazing in a khorne force!

bitsandkits 09-05-11 06:35 AM

nice work, will you be taking the puppeteer with you to games?

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ARMORMAN 09-05-11 03:31 PM

Azkellon, If you are comparing to the FW model, then yes, it is taller (FW-14"; mine is 2').

But mine has cost me less than $10 U.S. to make at this point.


No, the puppeteer has her own 2 1/2 foot tall articulated paper figure that she holds up.

ARMORMAN 09-17-11 12:48 AM

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Started to add more raised surface detail....starting with the toes....scrollwork was castoffs from scrap booking punches. Also, The Titan and I made it into the local paper:


bitsandkits 09-17-11 09:50 AM

is it able to stand unaided ? and have you considered using some other material for the the leg super structure for stability? tremendous job on the construction and the detailing so far is looking great.

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ARMORMAN 09-17-11 12:13 PM

Yes, it can stand unaided. When I'm done detailing it and before I paint, I'll be reinforcing it with either a epoxy based spray or fiberglass.

As I said in my previous post, I wanted to make it out of paper and cardboard only.

Djinn24 09-17-11 01:51 PM

110% impressed! Awesome work.

ARMORMAN 10-07-11 12:23 AM

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Here's some pics of the raised surface detailing on the carapace armor...all hand cut and glued. The script is Greek (not Latin) and it is all hand cut and glued down.

Midge913 10-07-11 12:35 AM

:shok: WOW!!!! that thing looks fantastic!

WarpZombie 10-07-11 03:35 AM

that is just fantastic, can't wait to see it painted up

ARMORMAN 10-07-11 04:28 AM

Nor can I. :)

VK-Duelist 10-07-11 04:43 AM

Holy shit...

Keep up the amazing work!

Where and how did you do those decals?

Grins1878 10-07-11 10:20 AM

That's class mate! Looking forward to seeing it totally finished! :-)

jaysen 10-08-11 08:01 AM

The hoses coming off the head seem too large and strange. You can get some plastic cable protector / wrap that would look perfect.

C'Tan Chimera 10-08-11 12:36 PM



Zymosis 10-08-11 10:03 PM

must say it looks good.
i've been considering building one myself.
not of paper tough. i'm more of an mdf bloke.

i can see some of the oigional templates in there i think. vast improvment mind.
what are the guns you've gone for ?

also, good height choice.

ARMORMAN 10-16-11 04:23 AM


Originally Posted by VK-Duelist (Post 1081335)
Holy shit...

Keep up the amazing work!

Where and how did you do those decals?

I made all the "decals" and they are not decals, but cut pieces of paper glued down.

ARMORMAN 10-16-11 04:28 AM

The guns (at this stage) are a mega bolter (more like cannon) variant and plasma blast gun. As well as a carapace mounted missile launcher. I made the mounts with magnets so the guns can be swapped (head as well).

As far as the hoses are concerned, I am attempting to stretch my abilities in paper engineering by making it all out of paper (except the magnets). The hoses came off large, but I am still working them over.

ARMORMAN 02-13-12 02:16 AM

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Update...Finally started to make progress on the painting.

ARMORMAN 03-18-12 03:11 AM

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Couple of pic updates.

I have most of the upper body painted and decided to start the storage case which is 28" x 20" x 20" (70 cm x 50 cm x 50cm). The body is starting to fatigue due to all the travel (I work on it wherever I can) and probably would not have had as much problems had I doubled up on the thickness of the paper at stress points. Nonetheless, we fight on.

Mortarman178 03-18-12 03:38 AM

thats amazing work man! wow. can i ask were you got the plans for that titan? i have been wanting to make one for a while now myself..

ARMORMAN 03-18-12 03:51 AM

I have pulled the plans from BWC, but a mirror for the files is posted below.

Note that the model is heavily modified from the original files and only a basic template (no raised surface details, and it's the dragon/dog/eagle head; not the one shown, though I will be releasing it eventually).

Lucius Reaver Titan:


DIY Reaver (the one mine is based off of):


Another Reaver:


DIY Warhound:


Heresy Warhound:


Warlord (new version):


Gabriel Knight:


It should be noted that both DIY files are formatted for US Legal (don't ask me why).

morfangdakka 03-18-12 06:43 AM

those are really helpful. Don't be surprised if you see a couple of looted Titans in the future. The Gabriel knight really has my interest.

ARMORMAN 03-18-12 02:31 PM

I would hope so. I hope to have the modified templates up soon. Note that the art for that one will be US letter format.

Scythes 03-18-12 02:51 PM

That's pretty cool, I can imagine it's quite a lot of work to get that thing stable using only paper. Great job, I hope it holds up through the test of time. :)

bennyboy1a 03-18-12 03:12 PM

the whole titan looks so amazing how did u make it from paper?:clapping:

Mortarman178 03-18-12 04:00 PM

you sir are a paper master. i think im going to attempt to build a titan myself now.

LTP 03-19-12 04:06 PM

Awesome. That looks a damn sight easier to assemble than the real thing. Wish i had one of these rather than the FW one to put together lol. Excellent work! :)

ARMORMAN 03-20-12 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by bennyboy1a (Post 1182115)
the whole titan looks so amazing how did u make it from paper?:clapping:

Layered card stock from Wal-mart, some toilet paper wrapped around a custom pattern for the hoses and some toilet paper tube sections for the hip joints. I had to start reinforcing some of the stress points with hot glue. It seems to be helping a lot.

As I stated earlier, this was a "can this be done in paper alone?" project. The original templates are designed for mixed media, primarily plastic.

Currently I am gathering all the modified template pages for the one I built and will be putting them together into a pdf. Like it's source, It will be basic in detail (but have all the trim work, cobra head, and some extra details) and up to you to develop. I will also be including an alternate thigh template I developed that looks closer to the FW release that I ultimately did not use as I wanted mine to look closer to the miniature.

LTP, I don't know if it was easier, but I can tell you it is lighter, cheaper, and bigger! :grin:

ARMORMAN 03-20-12 08:35 PM

OK, I have UL my reaver variant. It is US Letter format, and as I never intended to release the model, may have some fit issues (the hip to thigh join is a problem as the original hip is....unique). It does have the head variant, radiator, raised edge detail, and optional upper thigh assembly if someone wants to take a crack at it:


ARMORMAN 03-21-12 12:59 AM

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One more Titan to add to the list for DL:

Warden Knight Titan:


ARMORMAN 04-16-12 07:34 PM

Due to some server errors with trying to UL pics to this forum, I've had to post the updates to my Deviant Art site:


Started to paint the guns and lower body.

ARMORMAN 05-03-12 04:10 AM

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Well, I finally got the big baby painted completely (pics to follow later, the attached was shot a while ago, but I had problems UL). It was 2 years ago this month that I started this project.

I had taken it to my youngest daughter's 4th grade class last year when it was a white model with no detail, so today it made a return visit at lunch time to show them how it turned out. I arrived a little early and the second graders were finishing up lunch when I arrived and it drew a spontaneous standing ovation (that was surprising and thoroughly enjoyable). Her classmates (and former teacher) were impressed. Soon as I get the rockets in the launch tubes (and it's daylight) I'll get some pics up.

ARMORMAN 05-06-12 04:45 AM

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Two years to the month after starting this project, I am calling it done. I am probably going to change out the missiles, but aside from that, it is complete. 23" tall x 15" x 15". I learned a lot.

The purpose for this project was to test out whether a paper model this big could be made completely out of paper, stand under it's own weight and look reeeeeeeeeallly cool doing it. I believe the answer is yes on all three counts, but were I to do it again, I would probably redesign how the toes are joined to the foot, reinforce the knee and redesign the hip assembly.

Although the time spent two years, part of that time was figuring out how to accomplish what I wanted to do. Specifically the thigh and hip assembly which went through several design/build/redesign iterations to get the final result. A happy unintended result is that it looks like it is stalking rather than static.

Now, please bear with me as I bore you to death with pictures of my "Big Baby"....

ARMORMAN 05-06-12 04:49 AM

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more detail shots...:biggrin:

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