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ARMORMAN 08-30-09 07:44 PM

Reaver Titan WIP
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Here's my latest WIP. A 40k Titan....all paper. Feet are finally to a stage that I can call done....rivets...why did I have to do rivets?

Base model was from BWC Archive. Added pistons, raised edge detail, treads on toes, piston joint mounts, logo, and rivets....many rivets....

Iron Angel 08-30-09 07:49 PM

WOW. Looks amazing! +rep

wombat_tree 08-31-09 07:42 AM

Wow! not sure why your making it out of paper but oh well! +rep

ARMORMAN 08-31-09 06:06 PM


Because card stock is cheap and readily available. :grin:

Plus, I like the challenge and when I finish prepping it, it should be as strong as plastic card. :biggrin:

ARMORMAN 09-05-11 04:54 AM

Finally, an update!
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First, Sorry I haven't posted more, but I've been dealing with deaths in the family and loss of job (plant shut down permanently).

This is my last year and 4 months worth of work. I have 1 week to finish the white model.

Originally this was going to be an "out of the box" build. Just a quick build of JSV's DIY Reaver Titan from BWC Archive...the only problem was my inability to leave well enough alone....it all started with building the feet and thinking "it would be cooler if I just added raised surface detail" then..."If I added hydraulics to the model...that would be really cool..." and so on. Well, needless to say, it became an exercise in creativity (and sometimes endurance - sanity went out the door long before the start of this project).

OK, so here's the deal: So often I see people posting about making this and other large kits out of plastic as opposed to trying to make it out of paper and cardboard. My thought was that if you wanted to take the time, it could all be done in paper. Also, not everyone on a group or forum may have access to the materials others have, but everyone can get their hands on paper and glue. Thirdly, I have seen this and other models done before where the model was (or looked) slammed together (now, in the builder's defense, if you are building it to the best of your abilities, then well done).

I am about 93% finished with the model and here's what I have wrought.


- Re-laid out the parts to fit on US letter

- Added raised surface edges

- Added hand punched grill (paper),false mechanics, "eye" optics, Hose attachments, rivets, and raised surface detail to the "Dragon" or "Eagle" head that comes with the kit

- scratch built a second "python" head with raised detail and hose attachments (this will be the one that goes on it in the end)

- Heavily modified both mini cannon and Plasma Blastgun (not finished, will be adding hoses and other details)

- Added rear radiator under carapace to match the metal miniature

- Magnetized all weapon mounts, head mount, and ankles

- Custom designed scrollwork, and raised surface logos

- lowered the head mount to match the metal miniature.

- added platform to set rocket launcher further back on carapace to more match the miniature

Azkaellon 09-05-11 06:00 AM

I hate to be that Gun but i think it might be to tall for a reaver O.O? However it does look really chaos like....Would look amazing in a khorne force!

bitsandkits 09-05-11 06:35 AM

nice work, will you be taking the puppeteer with you to games?

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ARMORMAN 09-05-11 03:31 PM

Azkellon, If you are comparing to the FW model, then yes, it is taller (FW-14"; mine is 2').

But mine has cost me less than $10 U.S. to make at this point.


No, the puppeteer has her own 2 1/2 foot tall articulated paper figure that she holds up.

ARMORMAN 09-17-11 12:48 AM

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Started to add more raised surface detail....starting with the toes....scrollwork was castoffs from scrap booking punches. Also, The Titan and I made it into the local paper:


bitsandkits 09-17-11 09:50 AM

is it able to stand unaided ? and have you considered using some other material for the the leg super structure for stability? tremendous job on the construction and the detailing so far is looking great.

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