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Ordo Xeno Commander 01-27-07 05:44 AM

Space Marines-
OD - Ordo Deathwatch (everyone forget about them)

BA only
BP - Baal Predator

Those are the only two i can think of at the moment that have been missed.

Anphicar 01-28-07 02:32 PM

It isnt called Ordo Deathwatch, dude. I keep telling ya that. :\

torealis 01-29-07 01:52 AM

CMotOX would be their correct acronym, but its hardly worth adding. (Chapter Militant of the Ordo Xenos).

that is if they are even a chapter...

Ordo Xeno Commander 01-29-07 04:13 AM

Ok sory, ill try remember that. Its just that so many people call it that.
So yea ill rememba 4 next time. What about CMOX, take out the small letters, makes it easier to remember

Anphicar 01-29-07 08:23 PM

Just a heads up--this thread is for COMMON abbreviations, most people i know don't refer to the Deathwatch as " CMotOX," or even "CMOX."

However, most people due say "DP" for daemon prince, or "IC" for ind. char.

Adding such as "CMotOX" will only confuse.

torealis 01-29-07 11:38 PM

yeah, i was just splitting hairs, not suggesting anything.

Ordo Xeno Commander 01-30-07 08:02 AM

yea, i know, i call it CMOX now, but i always put chapter militant of the ordo xeno beside it, until people know what im talking about. but still it is an abbreviation and i like it

Greyskullscrusade 03-25-07 06:37 AM

Cant we just call it Dw for deathwatch?

Anphicar 03-25-07 04:07 PM


Ordo Xeno Commander 03-26-07 05:26 AM

yea, ive stopped collecting them anyways

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