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johno 01-03-07 10:55 PM

How about:

C:O Codex: Orks
C:A Codex: Armeggedon
TLBS Twin Linked Big Shoota
BoBS Bolt-on Big Shoota
KMB Kustom Mega Blasta
KoS Kult of Speed
PK Power Klaw


Galahad 01-04-07 03:48 AM

Libby: Librarian (Codi: Codicer Epis: Epistolary)
Chappy: Chaplain (Rec: Reclusiarch MOS: Master of Sanctity)
Tac (Tactical squad/basic marine)
Dev (Devistator squad/heavy weapon marine)
Ass (Assault squad or marine)

BA only
SHP: Sanguinary High Prist (Also SP: Sanguinary Priest. BA version of apothecary)
DC or Deathco: Death Company
DM: Death Mask

Oh, CoD Cities of Death (aka Cityfight)

AC (Auto Cannon, sometimes Assault Cannon)
AssCan (Assault Cannon)
HKM Hunter-Killer Missile
SB Storm Bolter
MB Meltabomb
PH Psychic Hood

DP Pod or Can: DropPod
LST: Land Speeder Tornado (usually the HB/AC version)
LR LRC: Land Raider, Land Raider Crusader

HG Honor Guard (BA and Ultra)

Outside links
BW or BWB Battlewagon Bits (popular site for plastic bits)
B&C Bolter and Chainsword (big space marines/chaos/inquis forum)

some more general ones
GW Games Workshop (duh)
LoTR (Lord of The Rings)
GEq or GEQ (Guard Equivelant, low save/high numbers)
FOC Force Organization Chart (also Slot, as in a selection on the FOC. "Assaulty Scouts are good because they don't take a FA Slot")
FA or Fast: Fast Attack
HS or Heavy: Heavy Support

RAW: Rules as Written

Another Tau one
J/S/J Jump/Shoot/Jump, in reference to the Jetpack assault move. Usually jump out of cover, shoot, then jump back in

Perhaps we should expand this to be terminology as well.

Shooty: model, unit or army geared for shooting
Dakka: shooting, usually high rate of fire
Beardy, Cheesy, Munchkin: Questionable player/playstyle/item, usually keyed to abuse of rules/loopholes and extreme powergaming
RP: Roleplay
Fluff: Non-rules 'flavor text'

Anphicar 01-04-07 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by Galahad
Fluff: Non-rules 'flavor text'

Or, the fiction based on the game. This includes any narratives, short stories found in Codices, novels, or game enrichment books (for example: The Art of Warhamemr 40k, or Liber Daemonica)

Stella Cadente 01-07-07 09:45 AM

I really do hate abbreviation's lol

Jezlad 01-07-07 09:57 AM

They can be confusing at times - hence this thread.

Which of the following would you prefer?

Chaplain and Death Company
Jump Pack, Melta Bombs, Lightning Claw, Bolt Pistol and Frag Grenades


Chappy and DC
JP, MB, LC, BP and FG

Both are easy to understand. I suppose it depends how fast you type


Stella Cadente 01-11-07 09:19 PM

I really prefer the first one lol, no surprise, it just looks neater and more intelligent, Abbreviations just seem to make you look lazy and dumb lol

uberschveinen 01-13-07 04:25 AM

Actually, when used appropriately, abbreviation serves to make writing quicker and smoother to read, as well as generally being more elegant. It's only when lazy people find out the power of abbreviation that we've got trouble.

nik0 01-14-07 09:00 AM

wat does IC stand for?

uberschveinen 01-14-07 10:30 AM

Independent Character.

nik0 01-14-07 10:43 AM

ok thanks

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