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Zamgek 08-07-09 10:06 AM

Drop Pod hatches
Ok I was told that the hatches on a drop pod don't do a thing measurement wise.... Something about all measuring is done from the hull of the vehicle. When using drop pods I deploy them with the doors down I counted the doors for everything like they couldn't be with in 1 inch of you when I deepstriked in and if a template landed on a door it counted it at full strength... I was then told I was doing it wrong... and that I have to deploy with the doors up if the doors come with in 1 inch you simply lift the models up and put the models on top of the doors, and that just the hull had to be 1 inch away? I looked and couldn't find it in the rule book or faqs.

Spot The Grot 08-07-09 10:26 AM

Well i'm not sure here but i'ts happened to me before.I let my opponent deploy 2" from the hatches , although this works vice versa as you shoot at the hatches essentially and they would also block movement.

If you deploy them from 2" of the hatch then you will have to live with the fact that the hatches no effectively count as part of a tank ie you can't move through them.

TBH this is just one of those rules your gonna have to talk with your opponent about.If i had to choose i would say that you can deploy 2" from the hatches.

Zamgek 08-07-09 11:00 AM

I only deployed with in 2 inches of the hull ;p i had been using the tactic of making a wall of drop pods to block off objectives which works rather nicely

grim reaper 08-07-09 11:03 AM

I was thinking the same thing only last night.

If you moved your opponents model to on top of the door, he would have to have good reactions as donít the hatches blow open, not go down slowly? (Iíve got a picture in my head of an Ork with its legs and arms either side of the ramp, and a rather large splatter of blood) So pods can tank shock almost (Donít flame its only a joke) Personally Iíd agree with you to the doors counting as part of the hull, as its physically part of the pod. But who am I to sayÖ.

World Eater XII 08-07-09 11:17 AM

i would deploy 2 inches from the hull tbh.

I dont think space mahreens ride the doors on the way down, they have to get out from the centre, in my eyes anyway.

also if you had 3inch ramps on rhinos would you let your opponent take it from those?

dakari-mane 08-07-09 11:24 AM

Seems a bit too advantageous to be able to place a 12" diameter bit of terrain you can shoot over, walk over, gain cover from & not be assaulted over, all for 35pts.

Oh which incidencally can shoot & contest objectives.

I have never seen the doors used as anything other than walk-overable by both sides.

Zamgek 08-07-09 11:49 AM

;p I wish GW would release a Drop pod FAQ to answer all of this or respond to my rules question emails... although reading the GT stuff they have it so you can choose what doors to have open or close to block line of site....

World Eater XII 08-07-09 11:59 AM

im with dakari! its bad enough the pods cant blow up if they scatter onto anything, let alone become some mobile defence because you can flap the doors up n down.

Zamgek 08-07-09 12:16 PM

i think if they suffered from all the ways to have a deepstrike mishap that no one would use em and gw wouldn't be able to sell an awesome well done model... my main question was is how did the doors count... cause there is the gw rule(atleast i think) that you can't move with in 1 inch of a enemy model unless assaulting...

Sebi 08-07-09 12:35 PM

oh c'mon..... just be serious and reasonable and you have the answer there :grin:

the doors are just what they are... flat pieces of iron and no thread to anyone... I know a guy that has builöt his drop pods with moving doors... he places the pod... opens the doors and places all stuff that comes outsied as explained in the RB 2" from the hull of the pod as if the doors would have been closed or just not there.
its thes same with my Ork Pikkup and two ramps built on 8I don't use them but could):
their moveable by the model... so I just drop them and gain 3" additionaly to disambark ... now lets calculate that:
13" drivin (thanks to red paint)
3" from the ramp
2" disembarking
d6 running in shooting face (I may shoot and assault with my pikkup)
6" charge
too good! :biggrin:

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