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general 08-05-09 06:43 PM

A gamers tale
With the white dwarf articles, and the multiple threads on this and other forums doing tale of four gamers threads, I thought I'd start one for my current project - my tau army.

First the rules:
-A budget 25 per month, 50 in month one.
-Any unspent budget rolls over into the next month.
-Any money made by selling unwanted parts of sets can get added to the budget.
-I will be using what I pay to work out budget, not GW prices.
-Army must be fully legal WYSIWYG.

My target is a 1500 point army for the student nationals in easter.

I posted a list in the list seciton a while back, which can be found here:


I was inspired by the pics on page 114 of the BRB. Red undersuits with white armor plates. The army will be fully WYSIWYG, and I intend to make the battlesuits fully magnetised, and make plastic pathfinders (not keen on the price of the metals, and they chip too easily). I do not intend to include any auxiliaries or an ethereal. Mainly because they don't fit the image I have in my head. Fluff wise, the ethereals watch my commander from a distance, and my castes traditions mean they forgo the use of auxiliaries. Still not sure of a name for my force yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

My month one buy was a battleforce, for 39 from wargamesempire. Below is my test model.


The white is not perfect, I didn't water the paint down enough, so its a bit thick in places. And I've just realised I've got to highlight the black, and tidy up a few bits and do some squad markings. However, I'm very happy with the overall look. The bases are meant to represent a tau city street, with thanks to Euphrati for the idea.


The next job is to finish up the first fire warrior squad, and devilfish.
Here are four prepped fire warriors needing the undercoat:


That leaves me with 11 to add to september. As I don't have kroot or stealth suits in my list, I will be selling these to add to next months budget.
Next update due in Spetember, but hopefully I'll be able to show some stuff before that inclluding a completed fire warrior team (hopefully!).

Da Red Paintjob Grot 08-05-09 08:49 PM

Nice Job, so far, i'm orchestrating something similar atm, I'll keep an eye on this.

EDIT: +rep, i love that scheme. try watering down paint? or undercoating white?

general 08-14-09 11:29 AM

Update time! I'm trying to do it weekly, but if other work piles up, it may have to become monthly. Unfortunately the photos aren't as good this time round, as the good cameras on holiday!

Anyway, first things first, my completed ten man fire warrior team.





I'm really pleased with the overall look of this unit. I was a bit worried that the red and white would make them look like a load of santas! Watering the paint down has made quite a difference, without adding too much time. I can get the finish I want in four-five coats.

I put together the devilfish as a break from painting the firewarrior team. I do like this kit. However, just after glueing the engines together, I noticed a large hole, that wasn't supposed to be there!


I called GW head office, and they said I needed to send it to them to get a replacement, or go to my local store. So I went to my local store to speed things up. They told me they didn't have any devilfish in stock, so would I like a skyray instead! Win. They also let me keep the damaged fish, which I think I can repair with a bit of plasticard.

Here's the assembled fish.



I've decided to use the antenna thing to represent a multitracker, with a shield from the battlesuit set to represent the disruption pods (I will get some from bits and kits for the suits at some stage, but my current list doesn't need them). I'm not happy with the large panel gaps, and will be trying to sort them with humbrol filler, which I have heard good things about.


If anyones interested in the stealth suits and/or kroot give me a PM. Probrably around 10 quid or a bit less, plus postage.

Untill next time


general 08-19-09 04:28 PM

Update time.

I've been working in the devilfish over the last week or so.

Firstly, I used the humbrol model filler to remove the unsightly panel gaps from putting the kit together. I'm really pleased with how this worked out.



After a bit of time with sand paper:


I also managed to fix the holes in the bottom of he engine pods that I mentioned last time. Not perfect, but I happy with the result.


Finally some pics of the WIP on the devilfish. I've only managed a messy basecoat on the drones, so I'll try to put them up next week.




Still need to do highlights on the black areas, tidy up some black and white, as well as some shading. I've put in a couple of red panels to help it tie in better with the fire warrior squad. My first attempt at doing lenses properly, and I'm fairly happy with it. Doesn't show so well in the pics though, a bit too subtle.

I'm thinking of doing some stippling with grey in a similar way to the camo that appeared on tau vehicles when they were first released, to break up the white a bit as I feel it will help the model 'pop'.

C and C welcome. Opinions on the stippling also welcomed.

The kroot and stealth suits are still for sale. £7.50 each plus postage (UK only). Send me a PM if your interested. I'm unavailable untill monday though, so I wont be able to respond untill then.

Masito 08-19-09 09:02 PM

that ship looks awesome mate, but maybe add some more red spots? i could definitely imagine this thing with a red nose and some other places aswell... other than that, good job so far!

general 08-19-09 09:43 PM


Originally Posted by Masito (Post 460892)
that ship looks awesome mate, but maybe add some more red spots? i could definitely imagine this thing with a red nose and some other places aswell... other than that, good job so far!

Thanks. I'm not keen on adding too much red, as I want to try to make it look camoflagued (I intend to build a display base with white tau structures.) What do you think of the stippling idea? I may add a bit more red later though.


Go Death Company! 08-22-09 12:42 PM

I like the paint scheme and I'm amazed that GW gave something away for free, it baffles me!:laugh: Good Job so far!

Commander Jack 08-22-09 10:01 PM

seriously, i would give your fire warrior squad a wash of badab black. It would fill in all the detail and leave a black colour in the recesses, creating shading

general 08-27-09 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by Go Death Company! (Post 462879)
I like the paint scheme and I'm amazed that GW gave something away for free, it baffles me!:laugh: Good Job so far!

Thanks. Yeah shocked me as well, but free stuff is always good:so_happy:


Originally Posted by Commander Jack (Post 463130)
seriously, i would give your fire warrior squad a wash of badab black. It would fill in all the detail and leave a black colour in the recesses, creating shading

I've done a wash on the undersuits, which has worked quite well, but doesn't seem to show up that well in the pics. Not keen on doing washes on the white, as I want to keep it looking 'clean'. At the moment the recesses are grey. Again, seems to have been lost slightly in the pics. Thanks for the imput though.

Anyway, updates. I've finished the devilfish (no drones yet). I'm really pleased with the way the stippling worked.




(I know this ones upside down, but it was the easiest way of showing the rear stippling).



Finally a pic with the basecoated drones. Hoped to have them done by now, but playing a jazz festival in dumfries ate up about five days this last week!


Gotta say, not that impressed with GW's stippling brush. I gave up, and used an old brush that I trimmed down. Shame, as I though it was a nicely made brush. But doesn't give the effect I need. Ah well!

I did consider more red, but I think it would be a bit much.
I've not put transfers on the side doors. I'd love to say it was a purely asthetic decision, but I managed to destroy a transfer, and didn't want to buy a whole new sheet. I do quite like the look without them though. Incidentaly, if anyone has tips on applying transfers to curved bits (i.e. devilfish doors), it would be handy, as the one on the back isn't perfect.

Next week will be the start of month 2, so hopefully some new goodies in the post!

C&C welcome.

Untill next time


Edit: Just realised I nhaven't done the targeting lens by the burst cannon, or the lights(?) at the back.

general 08-28-09 04:05 PM

Brief update. Apologies for the double post, but it made more sense to do a fresh one rather than editing.

I've completed the drones, as well as the lens's on the devilfish. Its now completely finished!




Secondly, I've managed to sell the extras (four drones, the kroot and the stealth suits) to a mate. This means my end budget for this month if + £26. This will be used to add to next months budget and buy another battleforce.

To keep myself busy I'm gonna do some work on the skyray. Hopefully I'll have basic assembly done for the start of next month, but no promises! I'm gonna try to magnetise it so I can use any wepons loadout (including using it as a hammerhead).

Untill next time.


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