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Culler 12-28-07 09:49 PM

Chaos: Bolter, pistol, and ccw. = 2 attacks?
Basically I'm wondering if because all chaos marines are listed as having a bolt pistol, close combat weapon, and bolter, if they can make 2 attacks in close combat (before charging). To my understanding, they don't even come with ways to model both sets of weapons on the same model. Do you have to pick between pistol/ccw and bolter or do can you bolter your enemies on the way in, then whipe out the pistol and ccw to charge and get more close combat attacks?

That would make not having ATSKNF worthwhile.

I searched this forum as well as I was able to find an answer beforehand.

Blackhiker 12-28-07 09:51 PM

you have to choose the set that your guys will be using before the game

Frostbite 12-28-07 10:00 PM

Actually, they get both standard. So yes, you have a bolter, get two attacks in hand to hand and may shoot once and still charge. They also get Frag and Krak grenades standard. As for modeling, I'm managed to get a full squad properly modeled with WYSIWYG, by mixing who has a bolter and who has the bolt pistol and CCW, while gluing the other weapons to the backpack or showing it dropped on the ground.

Blackhiker 12-28-07 10:07 PM

Characters are only allowed to purchase two weapons, so why would the basic infantry be allowed to have more than the characters?

RPD_Tyrant 12-28-07 10:43 PM

I guess its because Chaos is FTW :victory:

Tiberius 12-28-07 11:02 PM

actually it is the direction GW is headed, back to the roots of the game. All MArines will have a basic weapons list beyond a Bolter. it started with Codex Dark Angels, then the Blood Angels list. Chaos was just the next one done.

Bishop120 12-28-07 11:15 PM

Yes it is the new route that GW is going to give armies all their wargear that they would actually have fluff wise. I think their finally wising up and takeing away the stupid wargear "options" and makeing them standard and giving troops true options. Lets just hope they stay consistant and do the same for SM when time comes around or I will be pissed.

Galahad 12-29-07 01:38 AM


Originally Posted by Blackhiker (Post 49683)
Characters are only allowed to purchase two weapons, so why would the basic infantry be allowed to have more than the characters?

Characters are only allowed to *purchase* two weapons from the *armoury* according to the *old* codex.

There is not now, nor has there ever been any limitation on the number of weapons any one model may actually *have* only how many extra weapons they may purchase.

The old codex limited how many weapons you could buy, bot the core rules says nothing about how many you can carry.

The new codex has no armoury to speak of, and therefore no restrictions except where listed in the unit's options. All Chaos SM are equipped with a pistol, a chainsword and a bolter. All at once.

This is what holsters, scabbards and carrying straps are for.

Now, they do go out of their way to say that certain weapon options will replace your weapons now (May replace bis bolt pistol with a plasma pistol, for example) but other than that, there's no artificial restriction telling you how much gear you can carry.

Likewise, chaos bikes no longer give a bonus attack...BUT they no longer deny you an extra attack for having 2 CCWs, so chaos bikers (who get both pistols and chainswords) still have a bonus attack.

TH3F4LL3NT3MPL4R 01-08-08 11:30 PM

OK, hold on, tell me if I'm wrong but you are saying I can model a squad with BP and CCW and still rapid fire using their normal bolters? All because it simpley says they have them?

mgtymouze 01-08-08 11:53 PM

Yes as long as you follow the rules for types of weapons. Rapid fire in one round and then next shoot bolt pistol and charge next round. Problem is you need to have the stuff modeled on them if you are in a tournament WYSIWYG. Those silly torn cloth thingys with a holster are coming in handy now as well as scratch building slings to put bolters on my Bolt pistol and CCW guys. As far as the bolter guys go, slap the combat blade on a leg, belt, arm.

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