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Groo101 12-27-07 10:25 AM


Just joined up in the forum as I have just got back into 40K after a long long hiatus. So long that my other 40K army is squats. I was drawn back in with Apocalypse as I am an ex-epic player and liked that it seemed to be epic in 40K scale, and that the games din't seem as cut-throat as I'd seen in soem tournaments.

So I went out to buy some new figures and start painting again. I liked Eldar but I couldn't really believe that I could them up to the standard that I think they should have been painted, and I didn't like my odds of convincing my wife to paint dozens of figs for me. I liked the looks of the Tau, but after looking at their army list didn't think I liked their game play so much. So I went with what I thought was reliable and easier to paint, Marines.

I haven't played so much 40K in a long while but still have a bundle of friends that have been playing since I got into it back in the late 80's. They seem pretty divided over whether the latest system is good or bad. My few experiences so far makes me think this latest system is probably close to the best 40K has seen. What do others think? I have had limited experiences with the new system.

Loran 12-27-07 01:00 PM

Welcome to the site and hope you enjoy your stay.

A word on Apocalypse, it's a great add-on to the game, but the amount of models required for it is immense. But playing it is amazing :)

- Loran

darklightknight448 12-27-07 03:37 PM

Squats...that IS a long hiatus...

Spacers, huh? Why not Tau :(
You've made Aun'Va cry :( :(
Just kidding.

Welcome! Enjoy...

Hespithe 12-27-07 04:24 PM

Welcome aboard! You'll find that there is a wealth of Marine know-how on board as well. Glad to have you here.

wolf. 12-28-07 12:13 AM

hey and welcome to heresy!
great to meet you and have fun~

RPD_Tyrant 12-28-07 01:39 AM

Marines are good, but Orks are better :P. Welcome back to the gaming world, it has missed you :victory:

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