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jigplums 12-22-06 02:28 PM


These are my "old" firedragons. I'll be adding My new ones to theses to make full size squads when i get them painted up

The Wildonion 12-22-06 02:51 PM

Wow, those are some sweet models! Those masks have to be the coolest idea I have seen in a while.

jigplums 12-22-06 03:17 PM

thanks mate, i can't wait to do the new exarch. its my favourite model in the whole range

Jake 12-23-06 12:35 AM

Your panting is always sweet. CAn't wait to see the whole squad.

DeathForce 12-23-06 04:55 AM

Those are nice mate keep it up, I wish I had a digi so I could put some of my models up

Lord Sinkoran 12-23-06 08:04 PM

They look good

FrozenOrb 12-23-06 08:30 PM

Nice paint job. I'm the opposite in that I insist of basing my miniatures before painting them. :)

jigplums 12-23-06 09:53 PM

LOL, I always intend to base first, but it very rarely happens that way :) They are actually based now, its an old photo. When i get the new ones finished i update the pics and especially the exarch with dragonsbreath flamer :)

Lord Sinkoran 12-24-06 05:49 PM

I always base models last

Anphicar 12-31-06 02:42 AM

I love them!

The blue on the weapons really goes well with the blue eye-slits.

One thing though--They blue eye-slits on the Exarch are a bit big.

11/10! :D

jigplums 12-31-06 01:28 PM

he does have big old eyes doesn't he :)

The Wraithlord 01-01-07 08:56 PM

Very nice!!!

Antioch 01-01-07 09:27 PM

Definitely a step up from the abomination of the GW Dragon scheme. The yellow just murders the models, I've always felt. Very well done.

blkdymnd 01-01-07 10:22 PM

very cool, similar to how i thought of doing mine, but way better executed than I would have done :)

Anphicar 01-01-07 11:41 PM

I didn't notice it before. Do you plan on basing these? I see one has its bse painted red.

Is that a sqaud marker?

jigplums 01-02-07 12:12 AM

nah they are now actually based, just not got a recent photo yet. Someday soon the new dragons will be done in the scheme so i'll get some piccies then :) Red base was just a coincidence

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