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jigplums 07-19-09 09:35 AM

Give up the love for BLOODBOWL
I'm on the buzz for bloodbowl at the moment and thought i'd send out the love for bloodbowl. Bloodbowl is awesomeness incarnate.

agree disagree?

NurglingStomper 07-19-09 09:40 AM

I've only ever played it once, but the one timed I played it, it was pretty awesome.
I'd love to play it again some time.

Liber Heresius 07-19-09 10:46 AM

[QUOTE=jigplums;437194]Bloodbowl is awesomeness incarnate.

Well I think you summed it up nicely. I'm just discovering the game, but I really like what I've seen thus far!

Wolf_Lord_Skoll 07-19-09 10:56 AM

It's taken my club by storm :laugh:
It's a really fun game, and I've only played once, but I still think its a great game.

moo 07-19-09 01:08 PM

I've played it a few times and each and every time i loved the game, the whole system is so good and fun :)

Graf Spee 07-19-09 02:46 PM

it's awesome! having played the boardgame for so many years now, i'm really happy with what they did to the computergame. i'm only playing round based games though. the living rulebook is nicely implemented. my orc team has a rating of 2600 now :biggrin:

anyone interested in meeting up on the net and having a small league?

jigplums 07-20-09 01:13 AM

my bro bought it yesterday so as soon as i get a go on it im sure me and my bro would be up for some league play

TheKingElessar 07-20-09 01:18 AM

When I first got it, years ago, I crafted twenty different skill tables, because there were none in the basic rulebook. A downside of caring more about rules being balanced, and making sense, is that I simply cannot churn them out at that rate anymore, even if I wanted to. :(

BB is always a great afternoon's diversion though. :)

jordan_darko 08-18-09 05:17 PM

My custom user title says it all !

Thuellai 09-08-09 01:21 AM

It's delicious goodness. I'm still trying to commission a custom logo for a couple of my teams (The Rictus Rockklaws, Absolutely Barking, and We're Number N1H1) on fumbbl. Speaking of which, you guys ought to join fumbbl. It's a neat site and I've started an official Heresy Online League for us Blood Bowl lovin' heretics.


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