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zas240 07-11-09 12:04 AM

defence in ps torny list
ok as the title says, in this tournament we use our own terrain and models, and the imperials are trying to hold on to as many planets as possible, so we are always defender and therefore 6 Heavy support. Here is my list, the reason for the odd squad numbers is that i am using 3 bastions and the indomitable fortress and am relying on the fire points for as many minis to be firing as possible. So here is the list itself:

Captain, Hellfire Rounds. 110

Tactical Squad (10), Flamer, Missile Launcher. 170

Scout Squad (5), Heavy Bolter, Power Weapon. 100

Devastator Squad (6), 4x Heavy Bolters. 166

Devastator Squad (7), 4x Lascannon. 262

Devastator Squad (7), 4x Missile Launcher. 182

Devastator Squad (5), 4x Plasma Cannon. 190

Devastator Squad (5), Heavy Bolter, Missile Launcher, Lascannon, Plasma Cannon. 180

Devastator Squad (5), 2x Missile Launcher, 2x Heavy Bolter. 140

Total: 1500

rdlb 07-11-09 08:42 AM

Very Cool, I love Devastators, I wish I had that many.

If I were you I'd make the tac squad have fewer guys and go with a ten many scout sniper team. You can attempt to pin the enemy that poses a danger with a melta or something. I don't think the flamer or 1 ML will be missed.

Also, I'd keep the Devastator Squads with the same weapon, like you did the first four. Maybe all plasma and all ML for the last two. Is there areason you mixed them up?

Also, please give us some battle reports on this list, just curious how it goes for you. Good Luck!

zas240 07-11-09 11:32 AM

the reason that I mixed them up is so that no matter what is in range or LoS they have a weapon for the job. And i will give a battle report but the torment isn't 'til next week.

Yes i think i will drop down the tac squad, or get rid of it entirely and run 2 scout squads... must now go think.

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