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Fire starter Pyro 06-25-09 10:30 PM

Starting a new army process
While i finish off my set projects for this year, im looking forward to next years porjects (i spend one year on WFB and the next on 40k) normally i would be thinking about this in november but as im broke for the next few month and moving to uni im looking to it now. any way this got me thinking.
How other people tackle building a new fantasy army, and building its character.

personally i've follow the narrative aproch for a few years and before starting a new army i usually read WD290 for ideas. But im trying a new way this year.

Lord Sven Kittyclaw 06-26-09 12:23 AM

Well, There are extensive articles in the fantasy forums about new armies and and their strenghts weakness's etc. Also if you have any Questions about your army, check out Nagash Kemmler's thread "HELP A NEWBIE" in the general warhammer section https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...ad.php?t=39666

Also, check the fantasy glossary, Very helpful stuff!

neilbatte 06-26-09 09:45 AM

For me its less about fluff and planning more a case of getting a good base starter army cheap and then building it to suit my playstyle adding whatever I feel like painting.
I picked up my empire army for about £12.00 because someone misspelled empire on ebay. The rest I had lying around in my bits box it was just a case then of finding the province that suited the troops I had.
A lot of my armies come from me painting a model that inspires me and it slowly expands into an army.

squeek 06-26-09 10:31 AM

Personally I start with the armybook, read it cover to cover a few times and get a feel for the army and the choices. Then I look at cost and effectiveness then I decide on a style and run with it. I haven't had to worry too much about heraldry and so on so far as I haven't got armies that go in for it that much! :)

Dafistofmork 06-26-09 03:03 PM

i always look for groups that hide away from the limelight, and never do the "standerd thing". it has always got to be differnt, so i scour the army book for the mearest reference that is not picked up on by someone else.

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