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Locust 06-12-09 06:50 AM

Nice review sir. (or madam, if that's the case) +rep

Wiccus 06-12-09 06:55 AM

Yeah even though it would be nice to lay down some ultimate ass kickery with my daemons it would be very op if they could assault from deep strike. Having most of the army show up earlier is enough of a boost. I cant wait to read it and see what kind of neat scenarios lie therein.

elkhantar 06-12-09 07:54 AM

Nice! Dante + Lemartes + all VAS is going to be nasty! (who needs troops when your elites only cost 10 points more for +1A +1Ld and have access to the best gear!)

spike12225 06-12-09 08:37 AM

shrike and 45 thunder hammer stormshield termies all fleeting and assaulting when they land take that warp spiders.

on other note providing people arn't going for the most powerfull set up but a fun setup i think this could make for a fun game considering it'll be amongst friends surely they'll play fair though it will be fun trying to defeat cheese list.

i'm thinking land speeder storms to help that scatter with extra 2d6

jigplums 06-12-09 09:43 AM

marines would seem to completely rule in planetstrike, with termies being able to assault the turn they arrive.

inqusitor_me 06-12-09 10:36 AM

well any thing with fleet can.

mcmuffin 06-12-09 10:43 AM

This is like heaven for my CSM. 20 terminators, 2 terminator lords, 20 bikes and 2 5 man squads of chosen. or the possibility of being a defender and the ability to field 9 land raiders(not that i have 9)

TheKingElessar 06-12-09 10:45 AM


Originally Posted by inqusitor_me (Post 409854)
well any thing with fleet can.

No, just stuff that can otherwise Deep Strike...Spiders would be awesome defensively too - they can still DS, landing behind your vehicles and unleashing S6 death, or taking out stupid Guardsmen HWSs...:)

Anyway, Shrike and co may be impressive, but we've got 132 S6, 2 S8 Melta, and 1 S9, shots a turn...you've got none! :P

inqusitor_me 06-12-09 10:50 AM

no i mean in normal games but it could be me reading th rule rong

TheKingElessar 06-12-09 10:55 AM

Ah, well, in that case, yes, you are reading the rule wrong. :)
Fleet only allows you to assault after running, it never overrides the other restrictions (Heavy/Rapid Fire weaponry, disembarking, Deep Striking, etc.)

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