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Mortalis 06-11-09 04:58 PM

Planet Strike review.
Found this on another site and thought it would be cool to post so eveyone could get a peek, enjoy.

a quick review of Planet Strike

Initial Observations: This book is similar to Apoc and CoD in that you're playing 40k, but in a bit different way. IMHO, it's much better than CoD, which I enjoyed, as instead of a 'down and dirty fight in Stalingrad' we have the opening sequence of Starship Troopers. (Book, not the sucky movie). It's not a tournament game, not sure how you'd even structure it as such. Like Apoc, things can be a little loose and open to abuse, and you need to work a bit with your opponent or you aren't going to have a game.

It gives huge amounts of opportunity for making scenery and modeling. And those things affect the game. In normal 40k I can build the coolest looking bunker and building complex, and then we put it on a shelf as it unbalances the game. In PS I'm encouraged to do exactly that. This brings us to the first big change: The defender gets to set up the table anyway he wants, with as many defence lines, fortresses, bastions, towers, and automated guns as he likes. These do not cost him any points at all. Free. Hell, I can final make my dream of a whole table of Gorkifications (or possibly Morkifications) come true. Walmork and Tacogork will be more than sketches on the walls of my cell.

Is this unbalancing? Not really, as you will see. Like Apocalypse, there are objectives. Every bastion and building is automatically an objective. So while the defender can put out 20 bunkers with some automated heavy bolters in them, the basic rule of "If it has a gun, it should be an objective" means he now has to defend all those points. It's not about killing, it's about holding objectives. Lots of objectives is tough to defend. All models can hold an objective. If both sides have models on the objective, or in base contact, the Attacker counts as holding it. One chaos marine can score a point for the attacking side, even if 30 orks are there as well. This is by far the biggest balance to the advantages the attacker gets.

Bastions are basically AV14 bunkers, with automated BS2 weapons that fire at the nearest target. Some of the weapons you see in the boxes can be seperate from bunkers, (quad autocannon, defense lascannon) but then they are AV10 field weapons, and can be fired by squads with a model near them. They blow up easier, but are more useful. A longrange lascannon on a bastion isn't as useful if it's hitting a grot on a 5+ vs a tank.

It's also possible to make and deploy large complexs called 'indomitable fortresses' with several linked bunkers and a large tower. They show the Dark Angels one, and it looks awesome. Needs a bit of orky graphitti, but awesome nonetheless.

The other balancing act is that the attacker gets a pretty devastating barrage of one large blast per objective. So the defender can go all bunker happy, and then see a few of them cracked open in the opening salvo and a lot of his troops pinned down for the initial assault.

Attacker comes in fast and hard. All units in reserve, but you get them into the game on a 3+, 2+, and auto. So it's all in by turn 3. All infantry, MC, and jetbikes can deepstrike, and units that have the deepstrike special rule can assault first turn when they drop. Shrike and 40 assault termies anyone? Drop, run, assault! Any units that don't DS, move onto one table edge from the attackers drop zone where his Thunderhawks, landers, rocks, or spores deployed the bulk of his army.

Defender can have reserves, but they come in from random table edges, from where ever they were stationed. Potentially useless, or potentially nasty, coming in behind the attacker.

Games are random length of 5-7 turns, so no grabbing objectives right at the end. The attacker isn't going to quite know when he needs to make that final push. Defender can't overcommit either, or he might get wiped out if the game goes longer.

Strategems. Like CoD and Apoc, you can spice up the games. Strategems are 1 to 4 points, based on how good they are. You get 1 point of strategems per objective. They are split into attacker/defender and have some army specific ones. (Yes, orks can drop rocks in additon to the initial barrage. I also am found of the general one that causes a planetquake. Cracking open the crust of the planet is just cool. )

So, basically:
-I get to build a really cool fort, you have to attack.
-We both have a lot more options for army building.
-I have to set up first and get home court advantage, shoot you on the way down with 'interceptor' weapons.
-You hit me with orbital barrages to soften me up.
-Both of us have dirty tricks.
-What we kill don't matter, (unless we tie, then it goes to kill points), just taking objectives. Attacker wins ties.
-Random game length.
-Lots of stuff deepstrikes that didn't use to, and deepstrikers assault on the turn they drop.
-Random defender reserves make for a bit of fun, and let you have things that don't get blowed up all to hell on turn 1.

Inherent problems? A couple.
-Cheeseballs that try to make overpowering scenery. "My bastion has 167 lascannons. Die Die DIe" Solution is not playing them.
-Doesn't say, but I'd assume demons use PS set up. They still deepstrike in (but not having the rule, don't assault). If defending they can set up like everyone else. Demon worlds? Demon infested Imperial fortress?
-Big One! IG advisors giving you a -3 to reserves. Breaks the game. Attacker won't get much of his troops in until turn 3. I'm just telling my crew it doesn't apply, or maybe that it's not cumulative.
-Mystics. Heh, so glad I own 6 inquisitorial squads for Apoc. Wonder if it will let my GK's score a win in PS. Possibly broken if taken by IG and not DH. We'll see.

Overall, it's a good book, has some decent art, and seems well organized. The scenery pieces coming out tie in directly. A lot of leeway is left up to the players, and is open to creative modeling. It gives the players that want a fun game some very good options. I'm giving it a B+ right now. It needed the plastic thunderhawk to get an A.)

leinad-yor 06-11-09 07:04 PM

Sounds quite nice, can't wait to read it myself.


Creon 06-11-09 07:48 PM

I'm looking at 5 raiders full of Wyches assaulting inside the bastion turn 1. That seems....unpleasant. :)

Maverick421 06-11-09 07:50 PM

Sounds good, I can't wait to get my hands on some of those bastions for my DA 4th co.

Katie Drake 06-11-09 11:00 PM

Oh hell yes. This sounds awesome. Can't wait!

exsulis 06-11-09 11:32 PM

I'm kinda ninjaing this from The Dude's post on warseer:

I'll be keeping this post updated, so make sure you check it first before posting any "new" info

For those that don't know, Planetstrike is a rumoured Expansion in the same vein and Cities Of Death that will add extra rules to regular 40K games. It appears it will focus on Attacker/Defender type missions with special rules to suit. This could even go so far as to cover Siege warfare.

General Info:

Planetstrike will be released on July 4 and is 80 pages long.

Cover can be seen here:


Brusilov said the following:

Originally Posted by Brusilov
Phil gave me a rough outline of how the game plays : equal points for each side, opponents agree on a number of stratagem points (like in Cities of Death or Apocalypse). Defender buys fortifications with these points (as well as a few tricks : like a back exit to your bunker to charge the enemy in the rear). Attacker picks nasty tricks.
Weapons mounted on fortifications can obviously fire upon the enemy (cannot remember if it's only in the first turn, may be so). Defenders appear to get a free round of shooting before the game starts..."
b4z gleaned the following from the Planetstrike trailer:

Originally Posted by b4z
Page 8 of the Planetstrike book


Setting up a Planetstrike game is different from the standard set-up process, because all games of Planetstrike use some special rules to add to the feeling of a planetary invasion. This section will talk you through the Planetstrike launch procedure and special rules, and lastly we present terrain rules for the scenery you can use in your Planetstrike games.

When setting up, simply follow the steps below at the beginning of each game, and you’ll be ready to decide the fate of the planet. It may seem like a lot to organise at first, but after a game or two you will have familiarised yourself with the launch procedure and the whole process will be quick and easy. Whilst the defender is busily constructing his lair and deploying his troops, the attacker will have some free time – perfect for concocting an evil plan, refreshing his memory of the rules, or just getting the drinks in!


1. Determine attacker and defender
2. Choose forces
3. Select a Planetstrike mission
4. Prepare the battlefield
5. Determine objectives
6. Attacker prepares invasion
7. Determine stratagems
8. Defender deploys forces
9. Attacker launches firestorm
10. Launch the Planetstrike!

If you have not already agreed who will play the role of attacker and who will play the role of defender for your game of Planetstrike, decide by both rolling a D6 – the winner may choose which role to play.

Choose your force as normal from the relevant Codex. However, in a Planetstrike the Force Organisation Charts allow you to take a greater variety of units.

It is imperative that the first blow on an enemy planet is full of thunder and fury, sending the foe reeling so that more invaders can plunge into the fight. Those coordinating a planetary invasion ensure that their first wave is chock full of the swiftest and deadliest warriors at their disposal, and the bravest commanders take every chance to lead from the front.

For this reason the attacker in a game of Planetstrike has bonus Fast Attack and Elite choices – he is allowed to up to six of each – and an extra HQ choice to lead his assault. Furthermore troops choices are not compulsory, meaning you can create a truly terrifying force of elite soldiers to act as the spearhead of your planetary invasion. When you’re invading a world, you’ll need every weapon at your disposal to ensure victory, so don’t hold back!

Attacker’s Forces FOC

Compulsory – 1HQ
Optional – 2 HQ, 6 Troops, 6 Elites
Optional – 6 Fast Attack, 3 Heavy Support

Defending armies usually include the toughest and most resilient units of all. Tasked with holding the most vital locations against all comers, the best defenders are not only capable of riding out the attacker’s initial onslaught, but also able to unleash a series of punishing counterstrikes and ensure that the impudent invaders are utterly crushed for their folly.

Defender’s Forces FOC

Compulsory – 1 HQ, 2 Troops
Optional – 2 HQ, 6 Troops, 3 Elites
Optional – 3 Fast Attack, 6 Heavy Support
Scryer in the Darkness tells us the following about step 9:

Originally Posted by Scryer in the Darkness
If I've got it right, the attacker gets a number of orbital bombardments in the form of S9 AP3 large templates, the total being D6 + the number of objectives determined in step 5.
Terrain Rules:

The Landing Pad can be Shielded, giving a 4+ invulnerable save to anything on it, or unshielded, allowing you to disembark no matter how far the transport moved.

Walls give a 4+ cover save, and if you go to ground behind them, you get +2 to cover.

Originally Posted by Imperius

Atacking a fortress:

Each section of the Fortress is treated as a seperate target for the purpose of allocating attacks. A Player shooting at the Fortress must declare which section he is targetting before rolling to Hit.

Sections of the Fortress that are destroyed may not be entered if they contain enemy models.

New Weapon!

Missile Silo Range: (??/??) Strength: 9 Armour Piercing: ?

Just thought you might want to know :P

Also the landing pad is configurable in TWO ways only, shielded and unfurled.
Gets to place all terrain on the battlefield and picks his table edge.

He can declare Terrain to be dangerous if he wants (Mined for example) although it’s not clear how much he can do this for.

There will be buildings with mounted weapons, like armed bunkers etc. These can likely fire in the enemy's Movement phase targeting DSers.

Probably, the defender will have to place all of his army.

May place some Craters to get some cover.

Scryer in the Darkness tells us the attacker can deploy non-vehicle units by Deep Strike, however units that already have that ability as standard can assault after DSing. It is possible that this ability is available to all non-vehicle units, not just those who already have DS. Clarification is being sought.

There is a new table for rolling for reserves:
Turn 1: 3+
Turn 2: 2+
Turn 3: automatic

May also get some goodies like a prepared Artillery fire on the defending units, special equipment etc.

Will most likely get first Turn.

What the actual Missions will be is yet to be seen.

Stratagems and Assets

Originally Posted by Scryer in the Darkness
the stratagem system is apparently similar to Cities of Death, sharing some stratagems but with "a little bit more". Stratagems cost from 1 to 3 points and generally revolve around buildings and other table emplacements, no doubt tying in with a lot of the new kits they are releasing. There are also new deployment stratagems for armies if I got it right.
Thanks to Badger[Fr] we have some details on race specific assets:
-IG: a mass deep-strike ability; a single reserve dice is rolled for the whole army, but each squad that deep strikes must make a dangerous terrain test when it lands.

-Dark Eldar: a penalty to enemy leadership equal to the number of turns passed since the beginning of the game (an interesting bit of background: it mentions Khaine-worshipping Dark Eldar).

-Imperium: Power of the Machine Spirit. BS 3, unshakable turrets.

-Adeptus Mechanicus (any imperial army): a teleporter beam that kills any model in a building on a successful armour save, as its flesh melts with the walls.

-Space Marines: when a Drop Pod deep strikes, all enemy units surrounding the landing zone must make a morale test.

-Tau: a massive EMP blast that disables all targeting systems on the battlefield; all vehicles are now BS 1, but all infantry units gain +1 BS,

-(possibly Ork) basically throwing an asteroid at the enemy

Hobby Section/Colour Pages:


PLANETSTRIKE (80 page Book) July 4 £15/US$25.00

AEGIS DEFENCE LINE (1 Model Box) July 4: £12/US$19.75
28-peiece set includes four double blast shield sections and four single blast shield sections that can be set up in a limitless array of configurations. Joined together they provide 28" of defence lines. Also included is a quad-gun emplacement that can be placed onto one of two different mounts supplied.

Yes, we are all aware you could make a slightly passable Hydra out of it. This had been discussed at length


SKYSHIELD LANDING PAD (1 Model Box) July 4: £24/US$39.50

IMPERIAL BASTION (1 Model Box) July 4: £18/US$29.75
85-piece set that includes an Icarus-pattern lascannon and additional components for personalising the bastion


MINES, BOMBS AND BOOBY TRAPS (Resin Markers) July 4: £12/US$20.00
Four sets of resin counters, including: three sign posts, six bases of bombs, four booby traps and nine clusters of mines. Also supplied are twelve 40mm round bases.

BLASTSCAPE (5 Craters) July 4: £12/US$19.75/AU$33

reds8n says the following:

Originally Posted by reds8n
The blastscape aren't just terrain, they also represent the affects of some of the stratagems. For example there is a longer narrower trench type one that is caused by the giant orbital cutting laser that can fire down and hit models in a strip X inches long. Another one represents asteroids ( meteorites i would have thought but, hey..) and so on.

SHRINE OF THE AQUILA (1 Cathedral Plastic Kit) July 18: £20/US$33.00/AU$55

BATTLESCAPE (1 Plastic Terrain Feature): £15/US$25.00
Incorporates craters, dead trees and a wrecked Rhino.

IMPERIAL STRONGPOINT (2 Bastions, 3 Defence Lines) July 18: £55/ US$90/AU$150

Direct only Releases:

CHAOS BASTION: £27.40/US$45.75
Imperial Bastion and two plastic Chaos Tank Accessory frames

IMPERIAL OUTPOST (5 Model Set + Gameboard) July 18: £201.80/US$380
1 Citadel Gameboard, 2 Bastions and 3 Aegis Defence Lines

IMPERIAL DEFENCE NETWORK (13 Model Set + Gameboard) July 18: £309.65/US$559
1 Citadel Gameboard, 5 Bastions, 7 Aegis Defence Lines and 1 Skyshield Landing Pad

SPEAR OF SICARIUS (Direct Only): approx £600/AU$1200
The box is rumoured to contain:

1 Command Squad
2 Dreadnoughts (most likely Ironclad)
4 squads of 5 termies
5 Vanguard
60 tactical marines
40 assault marines
9 drop pods

Wiccus 06-12-09 02:06 AM

So the whole deepstrikers arriving earlier and being able to assault from deep strike means that my daemons are going to be auto win right? Dear Jesus thats going to be brutal.

Katie Drake 06-12-09 02:16 AM


Originally Posted by Wiccus (Post 409608)
So the whole deepstrikers arriving earlier and being able to assault from deep strike means that my daemons are going to be auto win right? Dear Jesus thats going to be brutal.

Your Daemons? Naw. My Daemons..? :grin:

It sure will be nice to have our second wave arrive almost entirely on Turn 2, though...

killmaimburn 06-12-09 02:25 AM

Daemons won't be able to assault the turn they deep strike, as none actually have the rule "Deep strike" - it comes as a result of Daemonic Assault. We don't know how it's worded, but I find it doubtful that this will be passable by RAW and probably not even by RAI.

TheKingElessar 06-12-09 02:27 AM

Yriel +2 'Nilla Autarchs + 60 Warp Spiders = Turn One win. Suck on that Daemons!!! :P

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