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zas240 05-27-09 08:43 PM

Furious Abyss rules
These are home made rules (made by me!) for the Furious Abyss. What do you think? They are still subject to play testing.

The Furious Abyss Points : 4000

Quadrants 2, 3, 4
Type/hits Speed Turns Sheilds Armour Turrets
Battleship/10 15 45 5 6+ 5

Quadrant 1
Type/hits Speed Turns Sheilds Armour Turrets
Battleship/12 15 45 6 6+ 8

Quadrants 2, 3, 4
Range/speed Firepower/strength Ark
Starboard Lance Battery 45cm 8 R
Port Lance Battery 45cm 8 L
Starboard Weapons Battery 45cm 15 R
Port Weapons Battery 45cm 15 L

Quadrant 4
Range/speed Firepower/strength ark
Prow Plasma Lance* 20cm 15 F
Starboard Lauch bays Swiftdeath Fighters: 30cm
Doomfire Bombers: 20cm
Dreadclaw Assualt Boats:30cm 3 Squadrons -
Port Lauch bays Swiftdeath Fighters: 30cm
Doomfire Bombers: 20cm
Dreadclaw Assualt Boats:30cm 3 Squadrons -

Quadrant 1
Range/speed Firepower/strength ark
Dorsal Nova Cannon Battery 30cm-150cm 3 F/L/R

* The Pasma Lance fires like a Lance, exept it hits on a 3+ rather than a 4+

The Furious Abyss may not use Come to a new Heading.

The Furious Abyss only rolls 3 D6 for All Ahead Full.

When issuing orders to the ship, you must give the order to one quadrent.
For example: A player uses Lock On on quadrant 2, giving it thouse advantages. Quadrants 1, 3 or 4 would NOT have any advantage what so ever from this order.

Quadrants 2, 3 or 4 do not have any engines or a bridge, so these results are moved up on the Catostrophic Damage Table.

The Furious Abyss has a Fleet commander who is leadership 10 and has 6 re rolls that can only be used the Furious Abyss its self.


If the quadront 2 or 3 gets destroyed the ship contiunes to act as normal, without anything happeing, exepet that the quadrant that was destroyed does not function at all.

If a section is crippled, just that quadrant is crippled, not the whole ship.

a WIP pic from google Sketchup.

Mabrothrax 05-27-09 08:58 PM

Huh? has there been some sort of copy/paste mess up?

Not sure the Quadrant idea is such a good thing.

I'm trying to remember deatails about the Abyss from the book. Would you say it was as big/powerfull as the 'Planet Killer'? That would be the obvious basis for comparison rules-wise.

That or perhaps a massive battlebarge, I imagine bombardment guns/cannon would suit.

Graf Spee 05-28-09 07:37 AM

well, no. this reads only of complete powergaming and nothing else. totally over the top. i agree to Mabrothrax. if you really wanna use custom rules for that ridiculous 'ship' from the most stupid book in the whole hh series you should stick to the planetkiller rules for comparison. under no circumstances more powerful than a black fortress or (for all that see the need for balance) more powerful than a ramillies..
make it at most some 16 hits with 5+ armour and maybe 5 shields and some normal weaponry (lances, weapon batteries, ordnance, torpedoes). surely no quadrants..
no offence, but anything havier would look like some little kiddies attempt to play god http://www.boardtodeathpunk.com/imag...n_rolleyes.gif

Phrazer 05-29-09 08:32 AM

Couldnt agree more with Graf Spee, that ship is orders of magnitude more powerful than anything else in the game, it just doesnt work on any level im affraid. If you really want to design a ship i would really recommend dropping the quadrants idea, and increasing the hit points. Also, 6+ with 6 shields is just silly imo, but hey its your ship!

Graf Spee 05-29-09 11:46 AM

sorry to add this up, but i couldn't help it..

42 hit points? 21 shields? all of armour 6? 23 turrets?
48 !!!! lances + 20 ultra power lances?? = 68 lances?
60 points fire power weapons battery?
3 nova cannons with l/f/r arc?
+ ordnance...
differnt orders for each section?
leadership of 10 and 6 rerolls? (only that would cost about 400pts)
the value of the whole thing would be something up 7000 pts..

i surely don't want to put you down.. but what i'm trying to emphazise is, that simply no one will play a game with you when you're coming up with something like this. not even just for fun. cause it would shred hordes of battleships! in one round. it's invulnarable to ordnace. so what's the point in playing then? in a campaign your opponent would lose all ships to it and with them all rewards, refits, and all encouragment to play any further.
what i mean is, go for balance. it cannot all be just power and no not even slightly weaker points at all. it kills all the fun in a game.
come with some decent rules i will gladly check them up against the gaming mechanisms.


zas240 05-29-09 10:37 PM

ok i was on holiday and the internet was dodgy, that explanes the first problem. I basicly built the rules for having a * hopefully* fair match with two friends, ant 4k points. One of them would have the planet killer, so i'd be killed if i just used thats rules and i am currently working on playtesting any rules, but when i get any big changes i will post them.

Wolf_Lord_Skoll 05-30-09 04:43 AM

What can be deleted out of your first post mate? If you can't do it yourself, let me know and I can organise it for you.

QAeternus 06-06-09 09:59 AM

These homebrewed rules are way out of spec. Those quadrants would be used for (like originally the Ramilies Station) for a fortress-monestary like The Rock or The Phalanx. Think "death-star", not ship. Try to shoot for a ship around 1000pts (and that's even pushing it) and balance it accordingly.

zas240 06-07-09 01:37 PM

ok im just going to drop this project entirely. God knows what I was thinking.

Graf Spee 06-07-09 07:56 PM

why drop it? just bring up some decent rules..

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