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squeek 05-21-09 08:53 PM

Fantasy Project Logs
This is a collection of links to some of the Fantasy Project Logs on the forums.

The reason for this sticky is to make it easier to find project logs that might be interesting to you and help network WHFB painters and hobbyists . If you know of a log, or indeed are the author of a Fantasy log not on this list that you think should be included, feel free to post here.

The logs are not in any particular order, some are old and finished others are fairly new and still ongoing. There is not a strict set of rules for a log to be included here, however to really be described as a log it needs to be more than just a few photos of sprues!

If you want to comment on the logs please do so in their own thread, though of course there isn't much point giving painting advice in a log finished 6 months ago! If you have recently updated or changed the title of a log, feel free to post here so that other members have a good chance of finding your new content.

Custom Beastmen BSB - blackspine

The Muster of Quenelles - Saulot
A Tale of Four Armies - KjellThorngaard

Daemons of Chaos

Dark Elves
Syph's Dark Elves - now with 100% more Dragon! - Syph

My Dwarf Throng- Midge913
The Hold of Karak Sparoc - Sparros

High Elves
My High Elf Army Project - Charandris
High Elves Project Log - forestreverie
Tinkerbell learns to paint (high elves) - Tinkerbell
A Tale of Four Armies - KjellThorngaard
Caledor Warhost- Restoration of the colonies

Starting a Lizardmen Army - Flindo
The Sacred Host of Ibu Shenka - WarlordKaptainGrishnak

Ogre Kingdoms
Fynn trys Fantasy - Fynn

Orcs and Goblins
moo's Gobbos Galore! - moo
Warboss Gazrot Skullsmasha Tribe - Da Blog - Gareth
Saulot's Night Gobbos - Saulot

Skaven Army
Skaven Project Log - Flindo
jumping on the bandwagon - a skaven plog - aquatic_foible

The Empire
The army of Herr Aldor Der Ritter - khrone forever
The Suspense is Kiling Me (Ostermark) - Turnip86
Nordland for the Empire - Hellados
A Tale of Four Armies - KjellThorngaard

Tomb Kings
Nehekara Shall Rise - Tomb Kings of The Wraithlord - Admin Challenge 2008 - The Wraithlord

Vampire Counts
The Ancient Challenge - Ancient Tiel' a fier

Warriors of Chaos
Servants of the Conquering Worm - A Warriors of Chaos Log - Dave T Hobbit
The Sons Of Odin, Warriors Of Chaos - Riandro
Chaos Ascendant - The Corruption of The Wraithlord - The Wraithlord

Wood Elves
A Tale of Four Armies - KjellThorngaard


celia19O5 06-10-10 02:52 AM

They are really interesting. Thanks for sharing :)

WarlordKaptainGrishnak 06-22-10 12:13 PM

This thread seems a bit bare, but I have a Fantasy log starting up, which is linked in my Sig; The Sacred Host of Ibu Shenka


Viscount Vash 10-30-10 08:55 PM

Thanks for that WarlordKaptainGrishnak I have added your plog to the list.

If anyone else has a WHFB Project Log buried in amongst all those plastic spacemen threads on Heresy please post a link to your Fantasy Plog here and a member of staff will add it.

aquatic_foible 10-30-10 11:03 PM

here's a link to my burgeoning Skaven plog *points* link

Added. V.V

Sparros 10-31-10 09:46 AM

Dwarf army plog that will picking up once everyone is based. https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...ad.php?t=74018

Added. Vash.

fynn 10-31-10 11:01 AM

well if anyones intrested, i have a ogre project on the go in the modeling and painting forum (think its time to move it to project logs.
which charts my attempt at a fantasy army
here it is

Moved to Project Logs and added. Vash.

Viscount Vash 10-31-10 01:18 PM

Thanks for those.

Rather than replying to every post I will edit your posts in green to let you know it been added to the list.

I'm off to have a look at fynn's Ogres now so I can steal ideas for when the Army Painting Challenge starts.:read:

Dave T Hobbit 11-01-10 05:57 PM

I have been (mostly) progressing a Warriors of Chaos log.

Added. Vash.

fynn 11-01-10 07:34 PM

steal away vash, i dont mind m8, and i will welcome any ideas/surgestions you have.
still trying to decide if im going to do the gnobblars yet, damm little green bastards.......lol

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