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Culler 05-15-09 08:35 PM

What do you think the most dominant 750 point 40k armies are?
I'm playing in the 750pt 40k tournament at Gencon and wanted to get an idea of what my toughest competition is going to be. It's going to be a RTT but I have no idea what that means (what makes a rogue trader tournament?) What armies will I likely be competing with for the top spot? (If I have the luck to make it that far)

(oh, there's also a 25 point bonus for fielding an imperial army)

rdlb 05-15-09 09:01 PM

Hi Culler,
What are you playing?

I'd say with the new Codex that people will be fielding a lot of IG, especially since there is a bonus for being Imperial.

750 pts is a lot of lasguns and the first rank second rank makes them super dangerous.
Plus the heavy weapons teams and what not. Other than that everyone seems to like Orks at low points levels.

Company Command Squad
Vox Caster
Mortar Team
Regimental Banner

Platoon Command
Vox Caster
Power Weapon
Meltagun x3

Infantry Squad
Vox Caster
Power Weapon

Infantry Squad
Power Weapon

Infantry Squad
Vox Caster
Plasma Gun

Infantry Squad
Plasma Gun

Heavy Weapons Squad
Lascannon x3

Heavy Weapons Squad
Heavy Bolter x3

This is a sample 750 list and it has Creed and some commissars in it. It's actually only 735 Basically the contents of two battle forces without the sentinels. That's a lot of fire power.

I've only played super low Combat Patrol, 400pts, or at least 1000, so here's a grain of salt...

Culler 05-15-09 09:20 PM

I think that's only 1 troops choice but I may be wrong. I'm playing Orks (green tide). I've been trying to refine my list a bit and whomped a guard army with the previous version of my list. He took 60 guardsmen and 2 command squads along with veterans in a valk. The second game we played he retooled specifically to beat me to give me as much challenge as possible and we ended up tying on objectives (though he had nearly wiped me off the map). In the second game he brought 90 guardsmen (2 mobs of 30 and 3 of 10 for assault meat shields) with 3 grenade launchers in the big mobs and flamers in the 10-man squads and commisars in the 30-man mobs and 0 anti-tank except for marbo. 210 lasgun shots in one turn is a lot to deal with. I've since retooled to get some killa kans in my list, likely armed with grotzookas and walking just behind the front rank of a mob with the rest of the mob behind them so that the kans and the mob both get 4+ cover. That way if I encounter someone with lackluster anti-tank I can hose them for it and grotzookas are awesome anti-infantry. I had lootas in the list but they were underperforming. I'll use powerklaws (and the kans in melee) for my anti-tank, it's served me well in the past.

Jackinator 05-15-09 09:48 PM

I can't tell you what will be the most dominant as most armies can be fairly effective at this points level but you shouldn't have to fear Space Marines, not if your taking the green horde to battle with you. A captain, 3 Tac squads and a tank is about the max you can get into 750pts. Watch out though, I might be wrong and you might face one of the few Master Tacticians who play Space Marines(alot of Space Marine players are noobs nowadays, them being GW poster boys and all).

rdlb 05-15-09 10:16 PM

You're right, my mistake on troop choices.

I think the fact that you have been practicing against guard will be a big help.

Culler 05-16-09 01:44 PM

That's good, I'd like to make a good showing at my first tournament. Also signed up for the 1000pt tournament on the next day, so we'll see how that goes. That one gives 50 bonus points for bringing a psyker, so I'm actually going to try out a weirdboy, since otherwise I don't like them much.

Blue Liger 05-16-09 02:15 PM

In a DE army you can fiel quite hard hitting units and an MC worth 100pts that can't be wounded by S3 men or guns so I'd run them if I knew there were to be many guard armies. Orks are great choice and I'd say other than that you may see some very trick crazy Tau

Son of mortarion 05-16-09 06:10 PM

It isn't the lists you will need to worry about, it is the other players. If a player knows their list, and knows the other players lists, it will not matter what they take, since they can deal with what comes up.

A master artisan with poor tools is still a master artisan. A poor artisan with master tools is still a poor artisan.

rdlb 05-16-09 06:42 PM

Yes, but excellent artisans make their own tools and design them to make their jobs easier. So we want to find out what tools would a master artisan make to win at 750pts

Slayer23942 05-17-09 08:22 PM

Personally the most difficult 750 point army I have had to fight was the Tau. I play guardsmen by the way.

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