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zas240 05-11-09 12:11 AM

Imperial Guard Questions
could anyone please tell me what a Vox caster does, as I don't have access to a codex but i would like very much like to know. Thanks

TheKingElessar 05-11-09 12:37 AM

If you have one, and so does the Order issuing squad, you can re-roll the failed LD test of an Order fail.

Hardly that worth knowing, IMO.

Vanchet 05-11-09 06:30 AM

I think it proves vital because in fair chances you could pull off the double 1 and gain a free order-or a fail but it's worth the chances

Inquisitor Einar 05-11-09 08:00 AM

Since guardsmen squads have ld8, and getting orders through helps you a lot when shooting things to little bits, the vox rerol is very usefull. Since a squad can only receive 1 order per turn, you don't want it to fail.
Besides, it's fluffy.. a good imperial guard army has a strong chain of command, that means also good communication between squads and their superiors.

TheKingElessar 05-11-09 11:17 AM

They'd be better if being a PCS Vox Officer didn't prevent you having a proper gun...

Inquisitor Einar 05-11-09 11:31 AM

What's wrong with a lasgun?

TheKingElessar 05-11-09 11:35 AM

:laugh: Nothing, if you don't intend to use it. Or it's dark and you can't see where you're going. In a squad that can have 4 BS4 Meltas, or Plasmas, a lasgun is a waste.

lawrence96 05-11-09 12:48 PM

what squad can have 4 BS4 meltas??

Inquisitor Einar 05-11-09 01:36 PM

HQ squad, they're all veterans, and can be upgraded with neat stuff.
A vox being one of the better options imho, since it means your officer can now issue his orders and expect them to be heard and obeyed.

lawrence96 05-11-09 02:20 PM

ah, me no clever! forgot about command squad, though 4 special weapons in a 5 man squad which is more then vital to the survival of your army is not a good thing. makes it too much of a target, especially when you consider the (roughly) average range of the special weapons is around 12"

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